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ESO Templar Build - The Universal Templar Build Guide (Beginner Guide)

 In the versatile world of ESO, most of the time beginners suffer the most because of not knowing which path to take in their character development. Templar being amongst the best beginner classes to start with can be altered in a bit to anything.

Here in this Universal Templar Build Guide, we made a beginner-friendly build that you can change to anything like Heal, Tank, and even DPS or whatsoever. There are no boundaries here because you specifically don’t know which way is best as a beginner.

Keep in mind, that to achieve a specific path, you need to have Champion Points, abilities, and attributes picked in a particular way. The difference between roles is due to these things, while most all others can be effortlessly altered. With that being said, let’s get started with our Build Guide.

Background for the Universal Templar Build

The concept for this Universal Templar isn’t that complex because everyone wants to swap their equipment and pick a certain playstyle for the period. Yes, it isn’t that effective for late-game or players who are well known to the game and can pick a style from the beginning. But it is great for players wanting to learn about different character aspects.

Out of all the things, your main concern here should be the Champion Points that need to be versatile and nearly spread to give you a middle state. Most of the time you are in a mixed state between damage, healing, tank, and so on.

Setup for Universal Templar Build

So, there are a lot of things to cover in this build, as you can go anywhere you want to. Mostly, the build is around the Tank setup, but ways are open for the DPS and Healer Setup as well. Below, we have them separately discussed for you to have an easy tryout of a bunch.

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Universal Templar Tank Build


For the Tank build, you need to go the Stamina way because of how much the attacks and the equipment will cost it. Using the food that has Stamina and Health can even furnish the attributes more, while you will have to use the equipment that boosts your health.

Race Selection


For the Tank Setup, your Race is also very important. Our recommendation is;

High Elf: This Race is mainly Spell and Magicka based allowing you to further enhance your character’s Spell power by investing in Magicka.

You can also use any other Race that gives a bonus to Stamina because it is a Universal Templar Build.

Front bar and Back bar

On the Front bar, you will have the Orbs and Shards which give you Stamina. While, on the Back bar, you will have the Magicka but if you have less stamina in comparison to the Magicka on the Front bar you will most likely suffer the most.

When you will Block and tank the damage from enemies, you will need Stamina. In case you are out of Stamina, then it's wide open for enemies to attack you at your lowest.


To control the number of attributes you need Buffs from Glyphs. Further, you can top up the enhancements with Jewelry. You just need to have Magicka at best because it's not that expensive and your DPS or Healing is associated with it, rather than other Attributes.



For the Armor used in this Tank setup, you will have to use the Heavy armor in seven pieces and top it all with Health Enhancement. You can use the enhancements for shield play on the Necklace and Rings.

Battalion Defender


Crest of Cyrodill


Your best bet is going with Stamina and taking care of it the most.

Due to the Constitution Skill, using heavy armor will get you more than 100 stamina/Magicka after getting hit. With better heavy armor, this amount is increased.

To get the Stamina back in this build, you will have to use the Repentance skill that helps you regain some after an enemy dies in a certain radius.

For openings, use the Heavy Attacks because it will also get you some Stamina back.

Restoring Focus can get you some stamina after a second in its active state.

You can use Channeled Focus to get back some Magicka as well, but it isn’t that well off for Tank Build

Radiant Ward usage will get you in a better spot as you are dealing damage while blocking with your shield.

Universal Templar DPS and Healer Build


The Tank Build is considered the best for beginners but you can go for the DPS and Healer build immediately because of their simplicity. You need to focus most on your Magicka Attribute because both your DPS and Healings are based on it.


The Armor you can use in these builds is divided into two sections;

DPS Build

Bright Throats boast

Law of Julianos

Mother’s Sorrow

False God’s Devotion

Monster Set (Zaan/Grothdarr/Valkym Skoria)

Healer Build

Vestments of Olorime with Worm Cult

Monster Set (Earthgore)

DPS Build Tips

To get the optimal DPS, you need to spam the Blazing Spear at all times.

Stack the first one with a Wall of Element AOE attack to get multiple enemies

Enhance the first two attacks with Burning Light to get the best results

For Bosses, you need to use the Purifying Light and also the Vampire’s Bane as the first one provides healing and the second one enhances critical.

The best pick skill is Radiant Oppression because it does not dodgeable and it is best used for scenarios when the enemies are in low health.

Healing Build Tips

Spam the Mutagen and Healing Spring Abilities the most

To provide yourself with some stamina, you can use the Spear Shards

Get some DPS from the Necrotic Orb

For Magicka Recovery after spells, you need to keep the Channeled Focus Channeled at all times. Keep inside the boundary to get more resistive

In case you need Magicka, you can use the Restoration Staff Heavy Attack to regain some.

If something goes wrong in the process, you can use the Breath of Life to get the players out of danger.

For a bit of extensive healing, you can use the Extended Ritual

For PvE situations, you can change the Extensive Healing for Ritual of Retribution.

Final Verdict for Universal Templar Build

This Build allows you to enjoy the most out of ESO Content as a beginner. You don’t have to worry about going deep into the Equipment as there is no need for Trails (Veteran) here and there is a mix of all strategies here.

You can become a Healer, a Tank, and DPS based on the stats and the playstyle you choose. The only downside to this build is the Stamina which isn’t focused on. Stamina Builds are mostly for the advanced players and also not Beginner-friendly so the Universal Templar Build Guide Lacks that.

Except for this, you can make anything with this Build as long as you know what you are doing. In this article, we covered the possibly beginner-friendly build.


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