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ESO Unfathomable Darkness Set Build Guide

 In the Clockwork City, there was a Medium Armor Set added known as the Unfathomable Darkness Set. Out of the name alone, many players want to try out this set but can’t do so because of not having less information.

Here we have the Unfathomable Darkness Set Build Guide, where we dive deep into the Set, talk about its special qualities, and benefits and then tell you how to work with this set in ESO. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the main section.

About Unfathomable Darkness Set and Race Selection


As we already mentioned that this set was included in the DLC Clockwork City. You can get this set by opening chests, doing quests, killing bosses, or defeating worlds. But you do require the DLC purchase to do so.

In case you don’t want to do all of this, you can simply head over to the Vendor of Guild and purchase from there. You can also do a trade with other games in ESO (Piece by Piece).
Just like any set that has Effects (Proc), the traits are random here and depend on your farm. One thing about this set is that the number of Enhancements through Jewelry is insane here. Furthermore, it is great for Stamina Builds and acts as a perfect Mid Armor setup.

Equipping this set at the Legendry Quality will give you around 4k damage buff on Physical. It can reach up to 5.6k if you 100 points on the Master at Arms and Mighty. Well, this damage is to a single Crow and you have around 4 crows. The total damage you can deal by utilizing all crows is 22.4k

Race Selection

The best race for the Unfathomable Darkness Set would be the Werewolf because it is also versatile. Chasing the enemies is your best strategy because crows have low range. A werewolf can easily catch up with the enemies and this makes it the best race for this set.

Working with Unfathomable Darkness Set

After meeting the requirement of some sets, an effect appears that further provides you with either a buff, ability, and so on. For this set, you call upon a murder of crows by dealing a certain amount of damage to enemies. The chance is only around 10 percent while there are a total of 4 crows, which you can use and find the closest target.

In case the Crows don’t find anything, they will attack nothing and then go away. The great thing about this Proc is that it doesn’t miss the target if they are found. If you dig deep enough there is a certain downside to this effect.

If you are stunned or something same happens, the next crow doesn’t do anything. But the next crow to that this crow will attack if you are in a normal state. It isn’t like players in PvP can’t dodge the attack, but it is hard to do so.

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Guide for in-game Scenarios


We divided the in-game scenario into PvP and PvE plays. This makes the Guide much easier to follow and understandable for beginners.

PvP Scenario

In the Unfathomable Darkness Set Build Guide we already mentioned that the proc is amongst the best in ESO. So, it works like a charm for PvP scenarios. You need to make a melee build because the range of Crows is low (around 12 meters), but they are the hardest to dodge.

Even if the other player dodges this attack, he is draining out his Stamina and you can attack him afterward. To proc often, you can put a Poison or other DoT on the target like Baiting Jabs, Flurry, and so on.

You will have to pair this set with something versatile like;




PvE Scenarios

This set isn’t the greatest for PvE scenarios because of the Proc. The Effect of this set only works like a charm for a single enemy. But you can use this set in PvE scenarios due to the damage of Set Effect. You can use several things with this set to enhance it for PvE scenarios like;

Arrows Spray


Steel Tornado

The only thing you need to focus on here with this set is Stamina and to make up for it are some sets with Stamina bonuses like;

Quick Serpent

Bone Pirate’s Tatters

Final Verdict for Unfathomable Darkness Set Build Guide

As you can already see that this set shines in the PvP scenario because of that Crow ability. There is one more thing that this set also has, which is Physical Penetration. Being a Set (Medium), it is unique to get something like that here.

You can put the points into the Piercing and for the PvE scenario, you need to check the pattern of your allies. So, no points wasting here because this set requires it the most. Lastly, the simplest strategy is chasing the enemies with your Proc Effect and if the enemy tried to dodge it, you can use it to your advantage.

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