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Everything we know about The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood DLC

Elder Scrolls Online Heralds Release Of Blackwood DLC With New Gates Of Oblivion Cinematic. The gates of oblivion are open once more, as shown in the latest cinematic for The Elder Scrolls Online, released to celebrate the arrival of the game's latest expansion, Blackwood. Oblivion portals will be appearing throughout Tamriel in the form of public events, and as depicted in the trailer, it will be up to brave adventurers to "close shut the jaws of Oblivion" and foil the plot of the daedric prince Mehrunes Dagon.

Get ready for a hellish new adventure that needs enough ESO gold, because The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, the game's latest expansion that kicks off the larger Gates of Oblivion storyline, is out now on PC. As the name implies, this expansion adds the swampy Blackwood area The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as well as some pretty major features including the ability to recruit NPC companions, and the new Oblivion Portals world event.

A New Storyline
The first step to start the Blackwood Chapter will be to ensure you have access to it by purchasing it on Steam, or any other launcher that you use to play the game. Existing characters can get to Blackwood by teleport there directly from the Leyawiin Outskirts Wayshrine. Open your map, select the Blackwood zone, and then select the Leyawiin Outskirts Wayshine icon.

In the Blackwood Chapter, you must uncover the truth behind the emerging Daedric threat and its connection to the Longhouse Emperors. In this tale of Imperial and Daedric ambitions, what you discover in your adventures in Blackwood will have dire consequences for the people of Tamriel and set up the story for the rest of the year-long Gates of Oblivion saga.

Blackwood Zone
In this new Chapter, you can explore the region of Blackwood, nestled among the swamps of the Black Marsh, the warm sands of Elsweyr, and the rolling hills of Cyrodiil. With a local population made up of Imperials, Argonians, and Khajiit, Blackwood is a unique melting pot of different cultures and peoples. Beyond the high walls of the cities of Leyawiin and Gideon, you'll experience an untamed wilderness filled with ancient sites of long-forgotten empires, dangerous and diverse local creatures, and the rising Daedric threat from realms beyond.

Companions System
With the new Companions system, you'll never have to explore Tamriel alone again. Recruit, equip, and fight with one of two new Companions available with this Chapter and take them to almost every corner of Tamriel. As you battle beside your new Companions, they'll level up and gain new unique skills. In addition, you can increase (or lower) your rapport with your Companions by engaging with them and performing certain actions, allowing you to unlock unique quests and other rewards.

Rockgrove Trial
Gather your allies for a new 12-player Trial and defend Rockgrove against the invading Daedric cultists. Contend with the empowered devotees of Mehrunes Dagon and battle your way through the city and into the Deadlands itself. New gear, Achievements, and collectibles await those willing to stand against the forces of the Prince of Destruction!

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