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Fast Travel in Lords of the Fallen: A Guide to Quick Navigation

Lords of the Fallen: How to Fast Travel - Level Push

Fast travel is a fundamental feature frequently utilized by players in Lords of the Fallen. In contrast to typical souls like games, where checkpoints serve as the primary means of travel, Lords of the Fallen introduces an additional mechanic that significantly streamlines exploration.

Within the game, players encounter Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings, both of which serve as fast travel locations in Lords of the Fallen. The key distinction lies in their usage, as the former can be employed repeatedly, while the latter necessitates specific conditions. 

Let’s figure out how to fast travel in Lords of the Fallen!

Mastering Vestige-Based Fast Travel 

Lords of the Fallen: How to Fast Travel

Fast travel within the challenging realm of Lords of the Fallen is a pivotal skill that every player must grasp to navigate the intricate landscapes effectively. Let’s take an in-depth look at how to employ Vestiges for seamless and efficient fast travel throughout the game.

Activation of Vestiges: Creating Permanent Checkpoints

To initiate fast travel using Vestiges, players must first activate a Vestige, which essentially functions as a permanent checkpoint. These Vestiges are none other than the fallen lampbearers, and their activation requires the Umbral Lamp, a vital item in the game. Once a Vestige is activated, players can revisit it at any time, effectively returning to Axiom, the land of the living.

The Umbral Lamp: A Key to Fast Travel

Understanding the role of the Umbral Lamp is pivotal for unlocking the potential of Vestige-based fast travel. This item, when used, sets a checkpoint that can be revisited, enabling seamless exploration of the game world. However, it's essential to use the Umbral Lamp at every discovered Vestige to ensure it becomes a viable point for fast travel.

Utilizing Vestiges for Travel: Warp to Vestige

With a Vestige activated, lampbearers acquire the ability to travel from their current location to another activated Vestige. This is achieved by selecting the "Warp to Vestige" option, a feature that streamlines navigation within the world of Lords of the Fallen. It's crucial to keep in mind that failing to interact with a Vestige lamp upon discovery will render it unavailable as a fast travel point.

Unlocking Additional Features: Vigor and Multiplayer

Vestiges offer more than just fast travel; they provide the opportunity to enhance the player's character through the use of earned Vigor. This upgrade system allows players to boost their skills and capabilities, further contributing to their effectiveness in the game.

The multiplayer feature also becomes accessible through Vestiges. Players can engage in a variety of multiplayer activities, including inviting unknown lampbearers for cooperation, connecting with friends for joint ventures, visiting other worlds to aid friends, or embracing the challenge of invading other players' realms.

Rest at Vestige: Replenishing Health and Sanguinarix

One of the most critical functions of the Vestige is the "Rest" option. When chosen, it not only replenishes the player's health but also resets the Sanguinarix, allowing for a fresh start. However, it's important to note that resting at a Vestige comes with a trade-off – the world will reset as well. This means that every defeated enemy, with the exception of slain bosses, will reappear, presenting a renewed set of challenges and opportunities for the player.

Unlocking Vestige Seedling Fast Travel

While the first method of fast travel using Vestiges offers permanent checkpoints, players can also leverage Vestige Seedlings, which serve as a secondary approach to expedient travel within the challenging world of Lords of the Fallen. Now, we will delve into the details of using Vestige Seedlings for fast travel, shedding light on their unique mechanics and implications.

Discovery of Vestige of Marco the Axe

As players progress through the game's world, their journey will eventually lead them to the Redcopse Windmill, a significant location in Lords of the Fallen. Here, they'll have the opportunity to activate the Vestige of Marco the Axe, a crucial step in unlocking the Vestige Seedling fast travel system.

Utilizing the Umbral Flowerbed

Upon further exploration of the area surrounding the Redcopse Windmill, players will discover an Umbral flowerbed. This flowerbed serves as the key to unlocking the Vestige Seedling system, allowing lampbearers to interact with it and initiate the planting process.

Planting a Vestige Seed: Creating a Temporary Checkpoint

The Umbral flowerbed provides the means to plant a Vestige Seed, establishing a temporary checkpoint with functionalities similar to those of a regular Vestige. This temporary checkpoint allows players to rest, request backup, or upgrade their skills as needed. However, it's essential to be aware of a significant limitation of Vestige Seedlings: when players encounter another Umbral flowerbed and plant a different Vestige Seed, the previous Seedling will disappear and become unavailable for further use.

Acquiring the First Vestige Seed

Obtaining the first Vestige Seed is a crucial step in utilizing this fast travel method. The initial Vestige Seed can be acquired from The Iron Wayfarer, a character encountered for the second time within a small shack just before the Pieta boss fight. This Seed represents the entry point into the Vestige Seedling system and offers players the opportunity to experiment with this alternative form of fast travel.

Purchasing Vestige Seeds from Molhu

Subsequently, players have the option to purchase Vestige Seeds from a special vendor named Molhu once they reach the Skyrest Bridge. Molhu's presence and inventory offer lampbearers the convenience of acquiring additional Vestige Seeds, allowing for greater flexibility in planning their journeys and strategic use of temporary checkpoints.

Comparing the Two Fast Travel Methods

Master the Art of Swift Travel in Lords of the Fallen

Now, that we have covered both of the fast travel methods, let’s compare them. Each method offers unique advantages and limitations, catering to different aspects of gameplay. 

  1. Permanent vs. Temporary Checkpoints

The most apparent difference between Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings is the permanence of the checkpoints they create. Vestiges establish permanent checkpoints, allowing players to revisit them at any time, providing consistency in travel. On the other hand, Vestige Seedlings offer temporary checkpoints, which vanish when a different Seedling is planted. Choosing between permanence and convenience depends on your preferred playstyle and needs.

  1. Flexibility and Versatility

Vestiges offer greater flexibility, as they serve as reusable checkpoints, accommodating various gameplay styles and exploration patterns. Players can rely on Vestiges for strategic resting, skill upgrades, and character development. Vestige Seedlings, while temporary, are more versatile for players who want quick, one-time travel options, especially when backtracking or exploring new areas.

  1. Strategic Resting and Regeneration

One of the primary functions of both Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings is resting, which replenishes health and Sanguinarix charges. Vestiges, being permanent, offer the advantage of consistent access to a resting point. Vestige Seedlings, while offering the same function, require careful consideration of when and where to plant them due to their temporary nature.

  1. World Reset Implications

Resting at either Vestige or Vestige Seedling resets the player's character but also resets the world, causing all defeated enemies to respawn. This is a crucial aspect of both fast travel methods, impacting the overall difficulty and pace of gameplay. Players should weigh the benefits of resetting enemies with the need for character regeneration when deciding which method to use.

  1. Earning and Managing Resources

Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings play a role in the management of resources. Vestiges can be revisited for character upgrades and backup requests, offering a consistent resource management strategy. Vestige Seedlings, although offering temporary advantages, require careful planning and management, as they are consumable and disappear upon replacement.

  1. Multiplayer Considerations

Both Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings open the door to multiplayer interactions, allowing players to invite others, provide assistance, or challenge opponents. When choosing between the two methods, consider how your decision may impact your multiplayer experience and the interactions you seek.

The Impact of Fast Travel on Gameplay: A Critical Consideration

Lords of the Fallen – Where do you buy seeds? | PlayStationTrophies.org

Fast travel is a pivotal mechanic in Lords of the Fallen, and the choice between Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings profoundly influences the overall gaming experience. Let’s explore how the decision to use one or the other method can impact various aspects of gameplay, ultimately affecting your progression and the challenges you face in the game:

Challenge Level and Enemy Reset

One of the most significant impacts of fast travel in Lords of the Fallen is the reset of the game world when resting at either Vestiges or Vestige Seedlings. This reset results in all defeated enemies, except for slain bosses, respawning. For players looking to maintain a consistent challenge level and keep enemies defeated for strategic reasons, this reset can be a double-edged sword. The decision to use fast travel should align with your desired level of challenge.

Exploration and Backtracking

The choice between Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings can significantly affect how you explore and backtrack in the game. Vestiges provide permanent checkpoints, making them ideal for revisiting areas, ensuring safe passage through previously conquered regions, and facilitating exploration of new ones. Vestige Seedlings, on the other hand, offer convenient one-time travel options for short-term objectives and rapid backtracking.

Overall Pace and Efficiency

The choice of fast travel method contributes to the overall pace and efficiency of your gameplay. Vestiges provide consistency and reliability, ensuring a steady progression through the game world. Vestige Seedlings offer quick and convenient travel options but may require more strategic planning for efficient use.


Fast travel in Lords of the Fallen is not just a convenience; it's a strategic tool that can profoundly impact your gameplay experience. Choosing between Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings, the two distinct methods of fast travel, is a decision that goes beyond mere convenience. It influences the challenge you face, the pace of your exploration, the management of resources, and the nature of your multiplayer interactions.

Vestiges offer permanence and consistency, creating stable checkpoints for revisiting areas, resting, and upgrading skills. They provide a steady, methodical progression through the game's unforgiving world. On the other hand, Vestige Seedlings offer quick, one-time travel options, allowing for rapid backtracking and strategic exploration. Their convenience is balanced by their temporary nature and resource management considerations.

Understanding the impact of fast travel on gameplay is essential to tailoring your experience in Lords of the Fallen. The dynamic interplay between Vestiges and Vestige Seedlings adds depth and versatility to the game, allowing each player to craft their own unique journey through the dark and perilous world of Lords of the Fallen.

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