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FIFA 23 Best Formation & Starting 11 for Barcelona

Barcelona still has some of the leading competitors in La Liga as well as the top young athletes in all of the game, notwithstanding the club's present financial difficulties. Given this, it's quite simple to understand why a lot of FIFA 23 players enjoy competing as the Catalan club, albeit the ideal configuration for Barcelona isn't entirely evident. It is quite difficult to start with every one of the club's finest offensive players, especially when playing the standard 4-3-3 Holding shape. The optimal formation and opening 11 for Barcelona can be found by the players by doing a bit of tinkering and some trial and error, though.

FIFA 23's best formation for Barcelona

Finding the ideal unique tactics is key to creating a winning FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, especially if you want to advance in Division Rivals and FUT Champions. For your upcoming FUT match, try these top FIFA 23 custom strategies and player instructions. Getting the most out of your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team roster might help you reach new heights. While adding more costly promo players can appear to boost the team, FUT Champions and Division Rivals can only be won by employing the proper strategies.

Depending on each player's chosen playing style and the greatest configuration for Barcelona in FIFA 23, some variations in the best formation are probably inevitable. Nonetheless, the uncommon 4-2-4 shape is a good fit here since it can accommodate both a quick striker and a big aim man up top. Barcelona's top-tier playmakers are among a relatively tiny number that can pull off a two-man midfield, albeit not every side in FIFA 23 can use this extremely offensive configuration.

FIFA 23 Barcelona Formation

The formation is necessary to achieve the desired results but you also need players that can follow such fast paced game. It is vital that you have a strong suit of players to create chances and follow through the defence properly. You can obtain new players through FIFA cards that are bought using FIFA coins.

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Barcelona's best-starting lineup in FIFA 23

Lewandowski, one of FIFA 23's best strikers, can be used up top when playing with two strikers, along with Depay. Busquets is unfortunate because of how immobile he is, giving Franck Kessié the right decision to accompany De Jong in the pitch's central position. Gamers may elect to change out the aforementioned for Pedri, although Kessié's stronger defensive abilities will probably give him the advantage in most players' views. Raphina and Dembélé complete the assault.

Alba and Koundé are essentially self-evident choices for the fullbacks, though it's less clear where gamers should position the latter. Putting him at right-back would free up Pique's stature and experience in the middle, but the seasoned Spaniard's lack of speed ends up being a hindrance in this formation. Given that Christensen isn't exactly a mobile player, it may be wise to start Bellerin on the outside and pair Koundé and Araujo inside the middle. Luckily, Ter Stegen is a simple choice beneath the sticks because he's among the top goalkeepers in FIFA 23.

Instructions and Tactics

Players should choose to press after losing the ball and attempt to use a quick build-up play to push the ball ahead and into the offensive positions as soon as possible as it relates to defense style. Possession ought to serve as the basis for creating chances, and players should make sure to set the offensive width of the squad between 70 and 80 to avoid a crowded center of the field as the team enters the final third.

When it comes to directions, both wingers should be told to stay wide so they don't block the strikers' path. Players would need both of them to playback and line up when necessary. Lewandowski and Depay should both remain in the center, but Lewandowski should be instructed to sprint in behind while Depay should play the usual target man role. Lastly, Kessie should be made to feel uncomfortable moving forward during strikes to prevent overly weakening the defense.

FIFA 23 Barcelona Lineup


You need your teammates to press the opposition as soon as they lose control because the system depends on hoarding the football for as much time as possible. The instant you lose control of the ball, just before the other team can determine how to handle it, is frequently when you have the best opportunity of getting it back.

The players in the area where the ball is lost will attempt to regain it within a few moments if the "press following possession loss" option is set. As the defense line rises, maintain the width at a level equal to bring your fullbacks nearer to the game during the offensive stages of the game. This implies you’ll have to monitor and release offside traps amid counter-attack possibilities for the rival, so it needs a lot of focus and awareness.


The AI will attempt to imitate the "triangular passing zones" that the Barcelona team was famous for in earlier games if the "possession" option is chosen. The player who is in the ball's possession always has at least 2 opponents pressuring him or her, frequently forming a triangle in the process. The guy in the center is trying to follow the ball down, giving the impression of playing a rondo game on the practice field.

It's a good way to maintain the ball's possession and end up making the opposing team's players expend more energy while advancing the ball. Likewise, maintain the width balanced here too. Arrange four players to go into the box for cross passes since this system demands as many individuals as feasible in the build-up action before you reach the 18-yard area.

If too many individuals are running into the box, it could be harder to generate those triangle passing areas when you still building the attack. When four players are chosen, the LW, LCM, ST, and RW are frequently available options for passing or trying to cross the cross into the box.

Transfer Market

  • Initiating budget: £140 million

Who should go?

It is a vast team at Barca, featuring 34 available players, to you, and then another 8 stars out on loan. Selling the auxiliary players who lack the potential to join your first team of A-listers is the greatest place to start. Your transfer budget should increase by about £15 million from the selling of these six players. You could also trade Sergi Roberto (Overall rating 80) & Inaki Pena (Overall rating 72), which will generate an additional £20 million or more.


In an effort to hasten their development, You could send three youngsters out on loan to play regular first-team games. In your debut season as coach, Spanish Midfielder Pablo Torre (Overall rating 69) is not likely to see much first-team soccer but is capable of reaching 86 Overall rating. Fabio Blanco (Overall rating 62) and Ilias (Overall rating 67), two young attackers, will gain from a loan assignment as well.

Who should you sign?

You possess Robert Lewandowski for the next three years because of his contract, which runs through 2025. At the beginning of the current season, he would be 34, which means his abilities will start to deteriorate. Keeping this in view, your goal should be to find a superstar, either present or potential, to replace them permanently.

The natural options are Kylian Mbappe (Overall rating 91) & Erling Haaland (Overall rating 88), but they might be too expensive. Dusan Vlahovic (Overall rating 84) and Lautaro Martinez (Overall rating 86) provide immediate fixes, while Charles De Ketelaere (Overall rating 78) might prove to be a wise acquisition.

FIFA 23 Barcelona

Expectations of the Board

Both domestic and international success are crucial board priorities. This implies that you will be anticipated to win in every contest you enter. The board's expectations also place a high focus on brand exposure, which entails bringing in top talent and maintaining a successful home record. Youth Development seems to be a top priority, which is not surprising given Barca's renowned academy. A moderate priority For the Barca board, who recently forgot about any budgetary limitations, financial seems about right.


Barca's effectiveness both on and off the field can be mainly due to the plethora of acquisitions they made throughout the summer. Some of the most well-known football stars in Europe, like Franck Kessie, Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, and Jules Kounde who are all outstanding players in FIFA 23, have signed contracts with the Catalans. Players have to establish their squad as efficiently as they can to play to the abilities of this amazing Barca roster, though, in order to get everything that it has to offer.

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