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How to Buy Crowns with Gold in The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online's premium currency is called a crown. After the game's rebranding in 2015, this money was added to the game. The cash may be utilized to purchase various goods from Crown Store.

Crown store

In-game shopping is available in Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited at Crown Store. It's a key component of the new ESO B2P model. You can learn all there is to know about this latest feature from this guide.

As you are aware, ESO was initially released as a subscription-based MMO. However, the creators opted to alter the model and turn the game into B2P. So, on March 17, 2015, ESO for PC and Mac went B2P. Players who choose the buy-to-play model can enjoy it for free without paying a regular monthly charge. But regrettably, there are certain costs associated with Buy to Play MMO games. Yes, you certainly play for free, but you won't have access to all the features and goods.

The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store

What is Crown Store?

The centerpiece of the new Buy-to-Play business is Crown Store. When ESO: Tamriel Unlimited launches, you can browse Crown Store. Within the game, the store can indeed be accessed. There, players can buy unique DLCs, convenience goods, and items for customization (such as pets and mounts). In addition, game packs with optional adventurous content (quests, regions, etc.) added to the game to improve your game-play experience if you desire are known as Downloadable Content (known as DLC).

According to the developers, everything in Crown Store is optional. They are not necessary to play competitively in the game; they merely improve your gameplay experience. It appears that this shop won't carry so-called "Pay-to-Win" goods.

History of Crown Sales and Purchases

In 2018, Community Manager Gina Bruno made the following observation in light of the introduction of Gifting, which allows players to now buy products for their friends on the in-game Crown Store with cash.

This was a clever move on the part of the developers because it allowed players to effectively "sell" or "purchase" ESO gold within the confines of the Terms of Service while applying pressure to unauthorized sellers and buyers of gold outside of those confines. Zenimax Online Studios made money in the interim. It is unclear how significant the increase in bans and the increase of Crown selling/buying had on the formerly very active botters.

With Zenimax Online Studios' approval, the number of Crowns sold and purchased by players on both platforms and servers surged, which led to the development of the Tamriel Crown Exchange, which prominently traded Crowns at regular prices with a reliable broker network over both and PC/NA. Furthermore, with growth in PvE carries, Crown selling and purchasing also rose.

Later, World Crown Trade, Crown Black Market, and Crown Network (the successor to Tamriel Crown Exchange for PC/EU) were created. These four servers eventually took over as the primary exchange Discord servers for Crowns, with a few other smaller servers - including one that spoke Russian - thriving.

The effect on the in-game economics was significant because guilds also turned to crown trading and Crown Store rewards to sustain and raise Guild Trader prices. Rawl'kha Traders experienced successful troll bids for several weeks on PC/NA.

The long-term implications of Crown selling and buying are still a concern, but as of the year 2020, nothing particularly terrible has happened as a result of in-game gold sinks, rates, and economies.

The Elder Scrolls Online Crown

The purchase and sale of crowns

Skyshards are one of the Crown Store's merchandise products that cannot be gifted to other players. However, the Markarth DLC that comes with Update 28 made houses giftable.

Be cautious when transacting in Zone Chat because con artists are there, whether you're buying or selling Crowns. It is recommended that you capture screenshots and make sure that you contact your sellers or buyers in Zone Chat or any other random person zones in the game. Since Customer Support can assist you if you are tricked into giving away your Crowns or ESO cash.

How to purchase crowns in ESO using gold?

Crown Store products can be purchased from other players with gold, but there is no direct way to buy Crowns for use on your account. You can only accomplish this through a person who is prepared to trade a Crown product for an agreed-upon amount of gold, not through an in-game tool.

Every Crown trade has a buyer, a seller, and maybe even a broker. The price of the Crown item will be determined by the Crown seller and buyer using a Crown-to-gold exchange rate that they have agreed upon.

Since gold is a vital part of the game and can even be used to buy crowns, you can buy gold to buy crowns with the gold to reduce the overall spends ultimately.

If you need them, you can buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold at our website MMOPixel at an unbeatable price.

What Does the ESO Crown-to-Gold Rate Mean?

The cost of each Crown in gold is known as the Crown-to-gold rate (also known as the Crown-exchange rate). However, platform-specific rates vary, and they are always changing.

For instance, if the seller is willing to accept a 500:1 exchange ratio, the buyer will need to give 500 gold for every Crown.

Purchaser Send Gold First

The Crown buyer will pay the Crown supplier first when purchasing Crowns with gold because, should the Crown seller decide to cheat them and break the agreement, the Crown purchaser will end up losing some free virtual currency. Whereas should the Crown seller fall victim to fraud, they will lose real money since Crowns must be bought with real money.

Since the Crown seller runs a bigger risk, it's customary to wait until they've gotten their gold before giving any Crown items as gifts. But various people certainly have different perspectives on this issue.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold

Dependable Crown-Exchange Discord servers

Using a Crown buying and selling Discord is the safest way to avoid getting cheated while buying or selling Crowns. On all ESO servers, there are a lot of such Discord servers for people wishing to buy Crowns. Here are some well-liked examples:

Tamriel Crown Exchange (TCE)

The PC NA server is the only one where Tamriel Crown Exchange (TCE) is active. It began operations in 2018, and since then, no scams have been reported. This one is one of the biggest and safest communities to trade gold for Crown Store goods.

Their Discord service is simple to use and navigate. They also have dependable brokers available to assist your Crown sales and purchases, and you may apply for the seller position for TCE through their server.

Through TCE, crowns are bought and sold at a predetermined exchange rate ultimately set by TCE and affected by demand and supply factors. Some social and trading Guilds have partnered with TCE, and as a result, they have a unique code for purchasing Crowns via TCE to get a discount.

Crown Network

Crown Network only works on PC EU. The Crown Network, like TCE, has authorized vendors who have undergone extensive due diligence to guarantee that Crowns are transferred safely. To further safeguard the security of Crown suppliers and buyers, they use brokers for most of their transactions. Additionally, they have a predetermined conversion rate for Crowns that all buyers of Crowns must use.

World Crown Exchange (WCE)

Every ESO server hosts the World Crown Exchange (WCE). The Crown sellers and purchasers are permitted to publish advertisements for buying and selling Crowns with their figures instead of a standard rate set by the server in WCE, which runs on a free-market system contrasting the Crown Network and TCE.

With approximately 14,000 members and thousands upon millions of Crowns sold, WCE is the safest, largest, and oldest free-market society for exchanging Crown Store items and gold.

The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Guide

Frequently asked questions

Are Crowns available in ESO for free?

While obtaining crowns without using real-world money is possible, doing so wouldn't be entirely free since the player would still need to exchange gold for crown-related products from other players.

In ESO, how are crown jewels farmed?

Crown Gems can be harvested by choosing Gem Extraction, choosing the consumables from which to extract the gems, and then choosing Extract.

How can I obtain free ESO Plus?

The player must sign into The Elder Scrolls Online before going to the Crown Store. Then, select the Free Trial option under the ESO Plus tab.

Do crown crates merit the price?

Unless the player has the money to buy them, Crown Crates are generally not worth purchasing with their crates.

Will ESO adopt a pay-to-win model?

According to developers, there won't be any things that significantly increase your strength compared to other players. However, you can still compete without using any products or content from the Crown Store. In any case, it appears that playing without such content will be more challenging. For instance, non-premium users may not be allowed access to the most captivating and rewarding dungeons.


Elder Scrolls Online is a huge MMORPG that accepts Crown as payment. While Crowns are intended to be purchased with real-world money, it is feasible to obtain these without doing so.

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