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How to Exploit Glitches in Lords of the Fallen to Acquire Vigor?

The best Lords of the Fallen farm spot for vigor

Within the realms of Lords of the Fallen, Vigor serves a dual role as both experience and currency, offering players a versatile resource. The accumulation of Vigor stems from conquering adversaries, completing quests, and unveiling concealed treasures.

This invaluable resource empowers players to elevate their character level, procure new weapons and armor, and refine existing equipment. However, a notable concern has surfaced, as certain players have encountered a glitch that leads to the unintended loss or reset of their accumulated Vigor. Delve into this article as we explore the intricate dynamics of Vigor and shed light on the Vigor glitch within the world of Lords of the Fallen.

Unveiling the Significance of Vigor in Lords of the Fallen

Best Ways to Farm Vigor in Lords of the Fallen

In the intricate realm of Lords of the Fallen, Vigor stands as the principal currency, playing a pivotal role in this challenging action role-playing game. Understanding the multifaceted nature of Vigor is essential for navigating the game's complexities and maximizing your character's potential.

Attributes Empowered by Vigor

Vigor serves as the lifeblood for enhancing your character's attributes, including but not limited to health, stamina, energy, strength, agility, and faith. Each attribute contributes to shaping a formidable character capable of overcoming the diverse challenges that await.

Transactional Power of Vigor

Beyond attribute enhancements, Vigor extends its influence into the realm of commerce. Players can leverage this valuable resource to procure a variety of items from merchants, ranging from potions and runes to spells and armor. The strategic allocation of Vigor becomes crucial for acquiring the tools necessary to confront the game's formidable adversaries.

Weapon Mastery Through Vigor

The blacksmith's forge becomes a realm of transformation with Vigor at your disposal. This currency enables players to upgrade their weapons, turning ordinary tools of war into formidable instruments of destruction. The blacksmith's expertise can be harnessed to unleash the true potential of your arsenal, provided you possess the required Vigor.

Vigor's Role in NPC Services

NPCs scattered throughout the game offer an array of services, and Vigor serves as the key to unlocking them. Whether it's paying for valuable information, gaining access to hidden areas, or availing yourself of unique services, Vigor becomes the universal currency facilitating transactions with these diverse characters.

A Game-Defining Resource

Lords of the Fallen Vigor Farming Guide Offers Over 220K an Hour - MP1st

Vigor is not only just a resource but it defines Lords of the Fallen. Let’s look at how:

Integral Progression Element

Vigor emerges as a vital resource, intricately woven into the fabric of progression within Lords of the Fallen. Your journey through the game is intricately tied to the accumulation and strategic utilization of Vigor.

Strategic Vigor Collection

As players traverse the expansive world and engage in battles with formidable enemies, the strategic collection of Vigor becomes paramount. The more Vigor you amass, the greater your capacity to shape a character capable of withstanding the trials and tribulations strewn across the game's landscape.

Unveiling the Vigor Glitch

Lords of the Fallen: How To Use Umbral Lamp (& How To Upgrade It)

Delving into the mysterious Umbral Realm in Lords of the Fallen unveils a lucrative glitch allowing players to exploit the system and amass Vigor. Here's your guide to executing the Vigor Glitch seamlessly within the Umbral Realm.

1. Obtain the Umbral Key

Your journey begins by securing the Umbral Key, a crucial artifact dropped by the boss residing in the Vestage of Blind Agatha. This key will be your ticket to accessing the Umbral Realm, where the glitch unfolds.

2. Access the Umbral Realm

Utilize the acquired Umbral Key to open the gateway to the Umbral Realm. As the portal unfolds, step into a realm filled with opportunities to manipulate the game mechanics.

3. Navigate to the Vestage of the Rhogar Merchants

Once within the Umbral Realm, set your course towards the Vestage of the Rhogar Merchants. This location harbors a spiky-headed enemy, the key element in executing the Vigor Glitch.

4. Rest at the Checkpoint

Before initiating the glitch, ensure you rest at the checkpoint within the Vestage of the Rhogar Merchants. This checkpoint will serve as your safety net as you proceed with the glitch.

5. Execute the Glitch

Now comes the crucial part. Swiftly navigate past the spiky-headed enemy, causing them to unintentionally plummet off the cliff to their demise. This action triggers a Vigor reward of 500.

6. Rinse and Repeat

To maximize your Vigor gains, repeat steps 4-5 as frequently as desired. The glitch allows for a continuous vigor farming, offering an advantageous resource for character development and acquisitions.

Note of Caution

While exploiting the Umbral Realm for the Vigor Glitch, exercise caution to prevent your character's demise. Stay vigilant, as the Umbral Realm poses its own set of challenges, and miscalculations may lead to unintended consequences.

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Navigating the Vigor Pathway in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Review - Gamereactor - Lords of the Fallen (2014) -  Gamereactor

Vigor is the game-changer in Lords of the Fallen, serving as the go-to currency for character growth and snagging those coveted items. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of how to build up your Vigor stash and level up your character seamlessly.

  1. Conquer in Combat

The bread and butter of Vigor acquisition lies in combat victories. Beating down enemies and formidable bosses fills up your Vigor meter. It's a win-win situation, but here's the kicker – the longer you stay undefeated without dying or taking a breather at a checkpoint, the more Vigor you rake in. Just be wary, losing your life or hitting pause means saying goodbye to that hard-earned Vigor. You can salvage it from your fallen self or the last checkpoint, though.

  1. Barter with Merchants

Got some excess gear lying around? Time to turn it into Vigor gold. Merchants scattered across key spots like the Citadel, the Catacombs, and the Rhogar Realm are itching for your unwanted treasures. Weapons, armor, potions, runes, and spells – they'll take it all off your hands in exchange for that sweet, sweet Vigor.

  1. Quest Your Way to Riches

Quests aren't just side missions; they're your ticket to a Vigor jackpot. NPCs are your quest givers, and they aren't holding back. Some quests are essential for the main story, while others are tucked away waiting to be stumbled upon. Strike up conversations, explore every nook and cranny, and keep an eye out for those subtle hints – they could lead you to some serious Vigor rewards.

  1. Master the Vigor Balancing Act

Knowing when to spend and when to save is the name of the game in Lords of the Fallen. Vigor management isn't just a skill; it's an art. Take a moment to strategize, considering the various avenues for earning Vigor. Your success hinges on this delicate balancing act.


What is Vigor, and why is it important in Lords of the Fallen? 

Vigor serves as the primary currency for character development and item purchases in Lords of the Fallen. It is crucial for leveling up your character, acquiring weapons and armor, and progressing through the game.

How can I access the Umbral Realm in Lords of the Fallen? 

Obtain the Umbral Key by defeating the boss in the Vestage of Blind Agatha. Use this key to unlock the portal to the Umbral Realm.

Can I farm Vigor continuously using the glitch? 

Yes, the glitch allows players to repeatedly execute the process (steps 4-5) to farm Vigor as much as desired.

Is there a risk of character death while performing the glitch? 

Yes, there is a risk. Exercise caution in the Umbral Realm to avoid unintended consequences, as the glitch involves navigating past enemies and cliffs.


While Vigor remains a pivotal resource for character advancement in Lords of the Fallen, the discovered glitch offers a shortcut to accumulating it in abundance. Keep in mind, though, that game developers may address or fix this exploit in future updates or versions. Proceed with caution and make the most of this advantageous quirk while it lasts.

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