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How to Get Best Rings in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen: Best Rings and How to Get Them

Looking to acquire the finest rings in Lords of the Fallen? In the realm of Souls-like games, rings transcend mere jewelry, playing a pivotal role in Hexwork's latest RPG venture within the genre. These rings offer characters a diverse array of bonuses and ability enhancements, crucial for elevating combat prowess and survivability in the game. 

As we delve into this guide, we'll explore the standout rings in Lords of the Fallen, elucidate their exceptional qualities, and unveil the locations where you can secure them for your own adventuring endeavors.

Let’s get into it!

Best Rings in Lords of the Fallen

In the realm of Lords of the Fallen, certain rings stand out for their exceptional attributes and contributions to gameplay. It's essential to note that this compilation is derived from our experiences during the gameplay for our Lords of the Fallen review. Here are the noteworthy rings:

  1. Mineowner’s Ring

  2. Defiance Ring

  3. Ring of Radiant Preeminence

  4. Charred Root

  5. Ring of Nourishment

  6. Queen Verena II’s Ring

Now, let's delve into the specifics of each ring, discussing the reasons behind their prominence and providing insights on where and how you can obtain these coveted accessories for your own character.

1. The Mineowner’s Ring: Elevating Stamina

Lords of the Fallen - Mineowner's Ring - YouTube

The Mineowner’s Ring proves to be a valuable asset in the arsenal of any Lords of the Fallen player, offering a straightforward yet impactful bonus that centers around stamina enhancement. This ring becomes especially relevant for those who prefer a playstyle characterized by consistent aggression or find themselves facing swift and numerous foes.

Stamina Boost

Equipping the Mineowner’s Ring results in a dual-stamina upgrade. First, it increases your maximum stamina, providing you with a larger pool of energy to execute your combat maneuvers. Second, it enhances your stamina regeneration rate, ensuring a quicker recovery between actions. While these enhancements may not be astronomical, their significance becomes apparent during prolonged engagements and battles against agile adversaries.

Strategic Considerations

What sets the Mineowner’s Ring apart is not just its functional benefits but also its strategic placement within the game. Remarkably, this ring can often be one of the first encountered in your playthrough, presenting an opportunity to integrate its advantages into your gameplay almost from the very beginning. This early accessibility makes it a valuable choice for players looking to establish a strong foundation for their character's capabilities early on.


The versatile nature of the Mineowner’s Ring makes it a favorable choice for various scenarios. Whether you're pursuing a relentless offensive approach or find yourself in situations demanding quick stamina recovery, this ring proves to be a reliable companion. Its adaptability adds to its appeal, making it a go-to option for players seeking a well-rounded enhancement to their combat capabilities.

Locating the Mineowner’s Ring

Lords of the Fallen best rings and where to find them: The location of the Mineowner's Ring.

If you're eager to secure the Mineowner’s Ring early in your Lords of the Fallen adventure, follow these straightforward steps. Begin by navigating the path leading up from the Windmill Vestige. As you ascend, anticipate a stone bridge marking a pivotal location in your journey.

Enemy Encounter

Upon reaching the stone bridge, be prepared for a confrontation with a couple of adversaries. Dispatch them skillfully to clear the immediate area. This strategic maneuver ensures a safe exploration for the coveted Mineowner’s Ring.

Spotting the Corpse

With the enemies vanquished, redirect your attention to the right side of the stone bridge. Here, amidst the ruins of a building, you'll notice a distinctive sight – a corpse hanging from the wall. This seemingly inconspicuous detail holds the key to your sought-after accessory.

Obtaining the Mineowner’s Ring

To claim the Mineowner’s Ring, take aim and shoot or knock the hanging corpse. Once dislodged, the corpse will release the valuable item it carries – the Mineowner’s Ring. Now, you can confidently add this ring to your inventory, ready to empower your character with enhanced stamina for the challenges that lie ahead.

2. Defiance Ring: A Versatile Guardian

5 best rings in Lords of the Fallen

The Defiance Ring embodies the adage of being a jack of all trades, yet excelling where it matters. This ring distinguishes itself by providing augmented resistance against all status effects, making it a reliable companion for the discerning adventurer. While its bonus may not be staggering in scale, the Defiance Ring proves invaluable, particularly in environments rife with diverse damage types or unpredictable challenges.

All-Encompassing Resistance

Much like the Mineowner’s Ring, the Defiance Ring doesn't specialize in a single aspect but, instead, offers a comprehensive solution. Its unique trait lies in bolstering your character's resistance against all conceivable status effects. This inclusive resistance becomes a boon when traversing areas where various forms of damage are prevalent or when facing adversaries with unpredictable attacks.

Strategic Utility

Consider the Defiance Ring as your strategic tool for navigating the unknown. In situations where you lack anticipation of the impending threats or when exploring diverse landscapes, this ring provides a consistent advantage. The modest bonus it bestows in every conceivable situation can be the decisive factor between survival and succumbing to the perils of the game.

Life-Saving Differences

While the scale of the bonus may not be monumental, the Defiance Ring's impact becomes apparent in critical moments. It acts as a lifeline in scenarios where adaptability is paramount, offering a slight but crucial edge that can tip the balance in your favor.

Locating the Defiance Ring

Defaced Ring | Lords of the Fallen Wiki

As you progress through Lords of the Fallen, the Defiance Ring awaits near the conclusion of your exploration along Pilgrim’s Path. This coveted accessory becomes accessible as you venture toward the area housing Gerlinde, the indispensable blacksmith crucial for weapon upgrades.


Gerlinde's Jail Cell: Your primary destination is the jail cell where Gerlinde is being held. This pivotal location not only marks progress in your quest but also sets the stage for acquiring the Defiance Ring. Begin by descending into the area that encompasses Gerlinde's confinement.


Clearing the Area: Before delving into the quest for the Defiance Ring, it's advisable to clear out any adversaries in the vicinity. This strategic move ensures a safer exploration and retrieval of the ring.

Discovering the Blocked Entrance

Upon securing the area, direct your attention to the back of the room, where a blocked entrance catches your eye. This obstruction, adorned with a corpse entwined in a lattice of branches, might be familiar from previous encounters. It signifies the gateway to your sought-after ring.

Umbral Realm Entry

To progress further, you must enter the Umbral Realm. Once within this ethereal dimension, employ the soulflay ability on the hanging corpse. This action magically unblocks the entrance, unveiling the passage to your objective.

The Room Beyond

Stepping through the opened doorway, you'll find yourself in a compact room. Despite its size, this room houses a chest, and within that chest lies the Defiance Ring. Claim your reward, and with the acquisition of the Defiance Ring, you enhance your character's resilience against status effects, standing prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in Lords of the Fallen.

3. Ring of Radiant Preeminence: Catalysts Unleashed

Lords of the Fallen - Ring of Radiant Preeminence - YouTube

The Ring of Radiant Preeminence assumes a more specialized role compared to its counterparts. Despite its niche nature, this ring stands out as one of the paramount utility rings in the game, offering a unique ability that broadens the horizons of magical prowess.

Distinct Utility

The Ring of Radiant Preeminence introduces a distinctive utility by enabling the casting of radiant spells and incantations using a non-radiant catalyst. In simpler terms, it allows the utilization of umbral or infernal catalysts to invoke radiant magic. This distinct functionality adds a layer of versatility to your magical capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for those who wish to diversify their spellcasting without investing in multiple catalysts.

Catalyst Insight

Understanding the significance of the catalyst is crucial to grasping the utility of this ring. A catalyst serves as the conduit for performing magic in the game. With the Ring of Radiant Preeminence, you can now channel both infernal and radiant sorceries through the same catalyst. This strategic advantage translates into resource efficiency, as you can concentrate your efforts on upgrading and enhancing one less catalyst, thereby optimizing your magical arsenal.

Diverse Arsenal Management

The practical implication of this ring is profound. It allows you to maintain a diverse and potent magical arsenal without the need for an extensive investment in multiple catalysts. Casting both infernal and radiant spells with the same catalyst enhances your adaptability in combat, as you seamlessly transition between different magical abilities.

Discovering the Ring of Radiant Preeminence

Ring of Radiant Preeminence | Lords of the Fallen Wiki

Embarking on the quest to acquire the Ring of Radiant Preeminence takes you into the depths of Fitzroy’s Gorge. As you navigate through this intriguing locale, follow the main path leading you into a large cavern where the heart of your quest awaits.

Traversing the Cavern

Within the expansive cavern, a notable encounter awaits. A Trapper, ever vigilant, initiates hostilities by firing at you. Navigate through this challenge by proceeding up the path to your right. This strategic choice keeps you on the route to uncovering the coveted Ring of Radiant Preeminence.

Emergence Effigy

Continue your ascent until you reach a significant landmark in the form of an Emergence Effigy. This serves as a notable indicator that you are on the right track. Take a moment to appreciate the surroundings and prepare for the next crucial step in your journey.

Impaled Corpse Discovery

Adjacent to the Emergence Effigy, your attention is drawn to an impaled corpse. This lifeless form conceals the Ring of Radiant Preeminence, offering a powerful magical artifact to those brave enough to claim it. Approach the impaled corpse with caution, as it holds the key to unlocking the unique spellcasting capabilities that the ring bestows.

Claiming the Ring

With careful consideration, retrieve the Ring of Radiant Preeminence from the impaled corpse. As you secure this ring, you not only add a potent accessory to your collection but also gain the ability to cast radiant spells using a non-radiant catalyst, elevating your magical prowess in Lords of the Fallen.

4. Charred Root: Embracing the Pyromantic Affinity

Lords of the Fallen - List of all boss remembrance weapons and items

In the magical tapestry of Lords of the Fallen, the Charred Root emerges as a counterpart to the Ring of Radiant Preeminence, offering a straightforward but potent ability. This ring, a sibling to its radiant counterpart, opens the door to the realm of infernal sorceries, allowing for their casting through any non-infernal catalyst.

Sibling Dynamics

Much like a sibling complementing its counterpart, the Charred Root is designed to cater to those who favor the fiery embrace of pyromancies over the holy magic associated with radiant spells. Its simplicity is its strength, providing a direct avenue for spellcasters to channel infernal powers through a versatile range of catalysts.

Infernal Sorceries Unleashed

The primary function of the Charred Root is to enable the casting of infernal sorceries using catalysts that are not inherently infernal. This grants spellcasters the freedom to wield a diverse selection of catalysts while still harnessing the destructive power of infernal magic. This versatility becomes a strategic asset for those who seek to specialize in the pyromantic arts.

Preference for Pyromancies

For individuals with a penchant for the incendiary and a preference for pyromancies over other magical disciplines, the Charred Root becomes an indispensable accessory. By wearing this ring, you align yourself with the forces of infernal magic, unleashing its power through the catalyst of your choice.

Finding the Charred Root

Spurned Progeny | Lords of the Fallen Wiki

In the pursuit of the Charred Root, a unique approach is required, setting it apart from the more traditional ring-finding methods. Unlike its counterparts, this particular accessory cannot be stumbled upon in the game world. Instead, a series of strategic steps must be taken to claim the Charred Root as your own.

Vanquishing the Spurned Progeny

The first pivotal step on this quest involves facing and defeating the formidable Spurned Progeny in Lower Calrath. This boss battle is not only a test of skill but also the key to unlocking the pathway to the coveted Charred Root.

Securing the Boss’s Remembrance

Following a triumphant victory over the Spurned Progeny, your reward is not the ring itself but rather the boss’s Remembrance. This unique item becomes the linchpin in the acquisition of the Charred Root, signifying your conquest over the formidable adversary.

Meeting Molhu, the Catalyst Merchant

With the Spurned Progeny's Remembrance in hand, the next crucial step involves seeking out Molhu, a catalyst merchant within the game. Molhu, intrigued by your accomplishment, becomes the conduit through which you can obtain the Charred Root.

Transaction through Remembrance Menu 

Engage Molhu in conversation and access the Remembrance menu. Here, the Charred Root is available for purchase, requiring the exchange of the Spurned Progeny's Remembrance. This transaction solidifies your claim to the ring, unlocking its infernal potential for your magical endeavors.

5. Ring of Nourishment: Sustaining Health through Combat

The Ring of Nourishment, despite its apparent simplicity, emerges as a valuable asset accessible to any character build within the world of Lords of the Fallen. This unassuming yet effective ring transforms the act of defeating foes into a source of sustenance, providing a practical and universally applicable advantage.

Universal Applicability

One of the notable strengths of the Ring of Nourishment lies in its versatility. This ring is tailored to benefit any character build, irrespective of specialization. Its straightforward mechanism ensures that every player, regardless of their chosen path, can harness its advantages.

Health Regeneration on Kills

The central functionality of the Ring of Nourishment revolves around health regeneration upon defeating enemies. With this ring equipped, each successful kill prompts a modest but crucial replenishment of the player's health. This feature becomes particularly invaluable in situations where upgrading the Sanguinarix is a rare occurrence.

Strategic Advantage 

The strategic brilliance of the Ring of Nourishment becomes evident in its ability to counterbalance the scarcity of opportunities to upgrade the Sanguinarix. The health replenishment per kill, though seemingly minuscule, gains significance due to the frequency of encounters and the density of adversaries in the expansive realms of Lords of the Fallen.

Locating the Ring of Nourishment

The quest for the Ring of Nourishment takes you through the intricate landscapes of Lower Carlath. As you traverse this region, be prepared for challenges and strategic exploration, for the reward is a ring that enhances your resilience through the sustenance drawn from vanquishing foes.

Navigating the Stone Bridge

Progress through Lower Carlath until you ascend to a prominent stone bridge, a key landmark in your journey. Positioned atop this bridge, take a moment to survey the surroundings and prepare for the next phase of your quest.

Strategic Orientation

Standing on the stone bridge, face towards the upcoming path. Now, turn left and observe the arrangement of houses. Your objective lies amidst these structures, but reaching it requires a keen sense of direction.

Alleyway Discovery

Identify a gap in the houses, creating an alleyway beckoning exploration. Descend through this alleyway, carefully navigating the twists and turns. As you proceed, be vigilant for potential challenges that may emerge in this less-traveled path.

Corpse by the Burning House

Upon reaching the end of the alleyway, turn right to unveil a scene of a burning house. Against the back of this fiery structure, you'll find a slumped corpse—an unassuming yet significant marker. Approach this fallen figure and discover the Ring of Nourishment, a reward for your perseverance and strategic exploration.

Claiming the Ring

With careful consideration, collect the Ring of Nourishment from the corpse. This unassuming accessory is now yours, and its potential to regenerate health with each victorious encounter is a valuable asset for the challenges that lie ahead in Lords of the Fallen.

6. Queen Verena II’s Ring: A Regal Respite

Lords of the Fallen - Queen Verena II's Ring - Passive Health Regen -  YouTube

In the realm of Lords of the Fallen, Queen Verena II’s Ring emerges as a regal support item, akin to the Ring of Nourishment, offering a nuanced means of health replenishment. This ring becomes a valuable companion for those facing challenges in maintaining their health, providing a subtle yet persistent source of regeneration.

Support for Struggling Health

Designed as a support item, Queen Verena II’s Ring proves especially beneficial for individuals grappling with the need to sustain their health. Unlike the Ring of Nourishment, this ring takes a different approach, offering a gradual and continuous health replenishment over time, contributing to the resilience of the wearer.

Limited Combat Impact

It's essential to manage expectations regarding the ring's impact during combat situations. Queen Verena II’s Ring, much like the Ring of Nourishment, excels in supporting health outside of battle. The rate of health replenishment during combat is minimal, making it less effective in the heat of action.

Exploration and Patience

Where this ring truly shines is during exploration phases. Patience becomes a virtue as you navigate the expansive landscapes outside the realm of combat. The slow but steady health regeneration becomes a boon, offering an alternative to conventional healing methods, such as the Sanguinarix or consumables.

Acquiring Queen Verena II’s Ring

Queen Verena II's Ring | Lords of the Fallen Wiki

The quest for Queen Verena II’s Ring beckons you to the final section of Upper Calrath, a significant journey from the Forgotten Guardian Vestige. Prepare for the challenges ahead as you ascend into this critical section.

Sloped Street and Pyromancer Rooftop

As you navigate the winding paths of Upper Calrath, be vigilant for the sloped street ahead. On the left, a pyromancer occupies a rooftop, setting the stage for your next move. This is the pivotal location where your Umbral Realm journey begins.

Entering the Umbral Realm

Approach the sloped street with caution, and when you're ready, enter the Umbral Realm. The decision to deal with nearby enemies prior to this shift is at your discretion, setting the tone for the upcoming sequence.

Ladder to the Rooftop

Upon entering the Umbral Realm, a ladder materializes, leading up to the pyromancer's rooftop. Ascend the ladder and find yourself on the elevated vantage point, ready to uncover the hidden secrets of this realm.

Wooden Platform and Stone Hand

Turn around once on the rooftop, and you'll encounter a small wooden platform and a stone hand jutting out from the wall. This serves as your guide to the elusive Queen Verena II’s Ring. The next steps involve a careful leap to the other side.

Ashen Remains and the Ring

After successfully navigating the gap, you'll discover a poignant scene – a group of ashen remains kneeling before an item of significance. This item, draped in mystery and anticipation, is none other than Queen Verena II’s Ring. Claim your reward, and let the regal enchantment of the ring accompany you on your continued journey through the perils of Lords of the Fallen.


With these insights, we conclude our exploration of the top picks for the best rings in Lords of the Fallen. Each ring brings a unique dimension to gameplay, offering strategic advantages that cater to diverse playstyles. As you embark on your journey through the challenging realms of the game, consider these rings as valuable companions, enhancing your character's capabilities and resilience.


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