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How to Level up Fast with Job in Final Fantasy XI

Beginners are most likely to suffer when starting out in Final Fantasy XI and the most disturbing fact is that nearly all other players are already leveled up to a certain degree, while you only find one way to grind your way to the top. Well, that is actually not the case because there are certain Jobs that you can accommodate in FFXI to help you level up fast and make the early game easier. For this specific reason, we have here a guide on jobs to level up fast in Final Fantasy XI. So, stick with us till the end to figure out what it's all about.

Final Fantasy XI Jobs

Jobs are the main paths that a character has to choose in Final Fantasy XI. The selection of a Job depends on what you want to become and what you are capable of handling? That’s why there are two types of Jobs here;

Support Job

Also referred to as the sub job, the support job deals with half of the main job levels. The support job handles your job abilities and job traits, besides some exceptions based on the restriction levels.

Standard Job

These are the jobs that are either unlocked from the beginning or you can unlock as you proceed further, referred to as the Extra Jobs. You will have to do some quests and complete them, to unlock the extra jobs. 

Once you reach level 30, there are opportunities for you to unlock extra jobs like Dark knight, Bard, Paladin, Beast master, Samurai, Dragoon, Ranger, etc. 

Because we are only dealing with the guide to help beginners level up fast, we are going to discuss the standard jobs that are available to you at the start of the game. The six starting jobs are;

Warrior: they are protectors

Monk: they have more attack power

Black Mage: using magical spells, they destroy in the field of combat

White Mage: ensure the survival of the team using healing/recovery spells

Red Mage: a combination of both black and white mage

Thief: act as a controller on the battlefield

Best Jobs for Leveling Ranked

This image represents all the jobs in FFXI

First of all, the FFXI journey is all about how you want to pave the path to your journey? You can pick anything from a monk to a thief and even realize that it was better to be a white mage. Leveling is not the problem when you are actually enjoying what you are doing in Final Fantasy XI.

Still, if you are that much interested in quick leveling for some purpose, some jobs can make your work easier. Below, we have all the jobs sorted out that work flawlessly for your leveling journey.


Not to forget, the black mage requires spells to become strong and survive, giving you a push with leveling. But, how can you purchase spells, when you don’t even have any gils at the start of the game?

Same as white mage, to level up quickly and make things easy black mage isn’t the best choice, instead they are incredibly powerful for the late game or mid-game.

       1 Warrior 

This image in artwork of Warrior Class in FFXI

For leveling, the warrior job is definitely the best. Not only does this job have everything to make the early game leveling easier, but it also has incredible sub-jobs to do well in the mid to late game.

Warriors have provoke, which are without a doubt the best job abilities in the whole game. It is amongst the most valuable tanking abilities you need to have. Not to forget, the Warriors are as versatile as red mages. You can pick any path and dominate it in comparison to other jobs.

At 15 you get berserk, that will teach you about attacking, defending, and the ratio between the two. All in one, you simply can’t go wrong with the warrior job.

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       2 Red Mage

This image in an artwork of Red Mage in FFXI

Red mage, just like other mages, depends upon their spells but this mage is more like a double-edged sword. You can start with Dia, get a number of free spells, and have the luxury of choosing which way you want to go. 

There isn’t any limitation with the red mage, you can cure yourself in the early game, cast elemental magic, and survive using paralyze. With red mage, you get to enjoy both sides of the game, damage, and defense. 

Being a versatile job, you can pretty much level without having to worry about changing your path later on in the game. It works flawlessly with the early and late game as well.

The only issue with this starting job is that it's complex and requires your time to learn or utilize the arsenal of spells. That is why it is in second place for our FFXI leveling job guide.

       3 Monk

This image is an artwork of Monk Job in FFXI

Monk might sound like the easiest job to pick at the beginning of the game because you get much about everything here at the start of the game to make things easier and especially level up fast. 

You also get the white belt free of cost, there is incredible resistance with monks, there are boosts, and much more that you are getting with monks. So, why does it rank in the center?

Well, all of the things monks come with are only decent, not the greatest. Beginners who want to quickly level their character can go to level 18 maximum. Past that threshold, the monk will start to become useless, making it difficult to utilize in the late game.

       4 Black Mage

This image is an artwork of Black Mage in FFXI

No doubt black mage is incredibly powerful, but it doesn’t matter for the initial leveling, because you run out of MP quickly. This leaves you vulnerable to the enemy attack and you can’t make things easier for the initial game.

The main source of damage with black mages are spells that relate to stones, water, and so on. Being a job with only spells as the main source of power, when you run out of MP, the only thing that remains is your staff to attack.

       5 White Mage

This image is an artwork of White Mage in FFXI

At the bottom of the list, we have here the white mage. White mages are surely great because you get to travel the FFXI world completely free and also have a great number of quest lines. But the issue with them is their initial leveling. You will require sub jobs to level up from one to ten with white mages.

Initially, you only have a few spells and a wand with you to survive. It is really difficult and you will have to make some FFXI Gil and use it to purchase the equipment for the white mage to work the spells.

If somehow you make it past level 10, the white mages are exceptionally powerful. Still, here we are talking about the absolute beginners that want to level up fast at the beginning without any issue.

       6 Thief

This image is an artwork of Thief Job in FFXI

The starting point of the thief is around level 15 with the sneak attack. But before level 15, you are stuck with a somewhat useless job. Thieves come with a dagger as their main weapon, but the game itself doesn’t recommend the use of a dagger because of how underpowered it is.

You can’t even utilize the sub-jobs to make hand-to-hand combat stronger with thieves and therefore, making it the worst job to quick level in the game. For this reason, we have the thief job as the worst for leveling in the Final Fantasy XI.

Final Verdict

If you are considering leveling up fast and making things easier for you in the early game, the mages and thief jobs are not the best choices. Your main jobs are monk and warrior jobs or even that red mage to some extent. Still, it is a matter of personal preference and the journey you want to take. It is always recommended to go with the one you truly understand and love to play with, rather than focusing more on leveling than the journey ahead. To give you a better perspective, we have here a guide to tell you which is the best job for leveling and which is the worst one.

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