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How to Play Solo in The Elder Scrolls Online

Like other MMORPGs, the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) features both Single Player and Multiplayer gaming experiences. The Elder Scrolls Online is a rather popular game, seeing a surge of new players joining the adventure in recent times. Apart from the new players just beginning their journey, some have levelled up and understood the game better. Completing the quests or just wandering around to explore the dungeons for times seems a tad bit easier when you have company. But any beginner would probably start their The Elder Scrolls Online journey solo. 

So, if you are one of these players and wondering if it's possible to play solo in The Elder Scrolls Online, this article is for you. Playing solo is not a bad option considering the amount of experience you will have when you join others. So, read along to find out about How to Play Solo in The Elder Scrolls Online game. 

ESO Solo Play Boss Fight

Playing Solo

It is entirely possible to play The Elder Scrolls Online solo. You can begin your journey on your own and move from one place to another to find challenges that suit you and help you level up. One of the game's most exciting features is its ability to scale with your level. That means it doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing; it will level up and present you with challenges that suit your current level. The Elder Scrolls Online world is vast, so don't be disheartened if you don't have the company to complete some challenges, as there is more than enough material in the game to enjoy a solo trip. 

A wide variety of healing potions and other helpful potions would be ideal for carrying when completing the game independently. As you might not constantly have a healer class character to aid you, it'll also guarantee that you can constantly restore a lot of health whenever you require it. Additionally, you can still form groups with other online players for dungeons and other activities thanks to matching, so going alone is still an option. You'll probably make many friends throughout the game, and you may acquire and bring along NPC companions. The Solo Journey can be exciting and, at the same time, costly. As mentioned earlier, if you play alone, it's better to have some necessary potions with you. ESO-Gold is the game's primary currency and can help you buy certain items. 

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Nevertheless, a few pointers can ease the solo player's transition to The Elder Scrolls Online a little bit easier. So, here are a few methods for doing so as soon as feasible. Let's look at them so that you can better understand what to do when going solo.

Choose the Builds Carefully

Although The Elder Scrolls Online provides players with many possibilities to collaborate and work together, some players choose to explore the vast realm of Tamriel alone. Players who want to explore alone should carefully consider their class selection to utilize their abilities properly. The single players' most significant class choices are self-healing, damage reduction, and resource sustenance, while other classes should be avoided.

ESO Solo Builds

Stamina Sorcerer is one of the finest builds in The Elder Scrolls Online for those that want to play alone. This class has one of the most acceptable self-healing abilities because of the Critical Surge talent, which will simplify soloing monster fights. Players who use this talent can heal after doing critical damage. This build offers good protection, an area of effect damage radius, and remarkable speed with the Hurricane Skill. This combination combines the ultimate ability of Greater Storm Atronach with the damaging skills of Crystal Weapon and Bound Armaments.

Magicka Sorcerer is a strong alternative for those who are playing alone. This is one of The Elder Scrolls Online's top classes, regardless of the player's level of experience. The build includes pets like Greater Storm Atronach and Volatile Familiar, which let players concentrate on survivability, whereas the pets inflict damage. The Magicka Sorcerer build also provides some of the finest passive healing. In addition, the build's Critical Surge skill for damage and Hardened Ward for protection will be useful to players.

Carefully choose the content which can be Played solo

The Elder Scrolls Online has a plethora of quests to choose from. But since you've decided to play solo, you won't have access to everything or let's say you can't do them. For instance, the 12 Player Trial Zones are scattered throughout the game, but as you might have guessed by the name that it's a team activity requiring high-level players to complete it. The Boss fights you will find here are well above the level of a solo player, making it challenging to complete these parts of the game alone. If you are wondering what you can enjoy. In that case, you can play Story content, Solo Arenas, PVP including Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds, Delves and Public Dungeons, Group Dungeons if your build is strong enough, and Overland Zones. 

Your enjoyment of the fantastic plot and all of the voice-acted missions is the primary goal of ESO. Unfortunately, the ESO storyline and quests are designed for lone players, and if you want to go through everything, it will take you several hundred hours.

ESO Solo Gameplay

Keep an eye out for content and quests with big rewards

Completing the Quests and the story content is one of the most rewarding parts of the TESO game. As a beginner, you will soon discover that the game has been scaled to your level. This will make grinding the latest content easier. Although the game is related to the previous versions, we advise you to play the older content to understand the game better. There are many different quests and stories to do, such as:

  • Daily Missions

  • Side Quests

  • Chapter Quests, including Greymoor, Elsweyr, Morrowind, and so on

  • DLC Quests

  • Main Faction Quests, one for each of the three ESO factions

  • The Main Story Quest

Most of the quests you will encounter will feature a hefty reward you will get once you complete them. Rewards for finishing them include a sizable amount of Experience, some Gold, and even Set Pieces or other sellable things.

Get Experience with Solo Arenas

Solo Arenas are a perfect way to gain experience and earn rewards while on a Solo journey. Solo Arenas will let you test your skills by featuring Normal and Veteran modes, which will scale the difficulty of these parts accordingly. The Elder Scrolls Online currently features two challenges with Maelstorm Arena and Veteshran Hollow Arena. Choose the mode you want to compete in, from Normal or Veteran. As their name suggests, Normal mode is for everyone, new and experienced alike, as it features challenges that can be dealt with basic builds available to beginners. 

Meanwhile, Veteran mode is for experienced players only. Beginners can try it and might succeed, but that will take a lot of grinding and a heavy build. Talking about the rewards, you can expect various armor-related items and some of the finest Ability Altering Weapons, such as the Maelstorm Staff. One of the most sought-after items in the game is the Maelstrom Staff, which boosts your Light and Heavy attack damage against adversaries standing inside your Wall Of Elements skill.

What does Overland Zones offer?

The majority of the game's explorable content, including sections of Skyrim, Morrowind, Grahtwood, Summerset, and other unique locales, may be found in The Elder Scrolls Online's Overland Zones. In addition, numerous explorable towns, cities, delves, bosses, and landmarks are hidden in each overland zone. So whether you choose to chase World Bosses, kill monsters, find treasure boxes and skyshards, or complete sidequests, there is always something to do here. Generally speaking, the Overland Zones in ESO are among the game's most effortless content to explore and complete with any basic build, regardless of level.

There are also more challenging encounters in the Overland zones created expressly for groups of players to conquer, like World Bosses, Dolmens, Harrowstorms, and even Dragons, so keep in mind that although most basic builds may explore everything and everything in the Overland zones. These encounters may, however, be finished along with the appropriate build, enough Champion Points, and player experience. Doing so can be a great way to push yourself as a player.

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