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How to quickly leveling up in The Elder Scrolls Online

The latest chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online has released, letting players delve into more of Skyrim's landmass as well as the accursed Blackreach, and so there's no doubt a wave of new players delving in for the first time in ages, if ever. Leveling in The Elder Scrolls Online is a unique experience when compared to similar MMORPGs. Unlike most other games in the genre, The Elder Scrolls Online makes the world level with the player, offers a huge number of zones to subscribers and as DLC, and has a fully-voiced, intricate narrative that immerses the player in just about all of Tamriel.

The number one thing to remember with leveling in The Elder Scrolls Online is to take your time. The quests are well-written, the zones are detailed and complex, and the game as a whole has a lot more going on than first meets the eye. When it comes to leveling quickly, though, there are a few ways to skip past some of the tedium of getting to max level. So here's what everyone new to the game should know.

1.Speed Through Quest Text, Refer To The Journal Later

In terms of saving real-life time, there's almost nothing faster than to skip all quest text in conversations, except for text where the player must make a decision. In most of these decision points, though, the choices and their outcomes are typically obvious.

While running from objective to objective, check back in the journal to fill in narrative gaps if the game's story is important to you – sometimes, info in the journal helps with puzzles, too.

2.Kill Everything On The Way To Quest Objectives

On the way to quest objectives, provided one doesn't use a Wayshrine, there is a lot more to do than just run in a straight line. Crafting materials, NPCs, and enemies will no doubt show up at some point, after all.

Instead of avoiding enemies, though, take on every single one that you come across. Eventually, it'll become a habit, though your friends might think you a murderous psychopath

3.And Fight More Than One Enemy At A Time

The combat in The Elder Scrolls Online is generally regarded as easy until max level. Most players will have no trouble evading attacks, taking a moment to heal, and striking back against one or two opponents, but the boldest players go for more.

This is especially true when specced into an AoE-focused skill tree. It's a waste to use area attacks on a single opponent, but players who haven't slotted any AoE skills should still be able to take on more than one foe at once.

4.Plan Skill Point Allocation Carefully

The Elder Scrolls Online prides itself on the freedom given to players, and it's surprisingly easy to re-start a character's various skills from scratch. Every major city has a Shrine that will let players spend TESO gold to re-allocate morphs or strict skill points.

It's not terribly expensive, but it can be a burden to travel to the Covenant capital when the player accidentally clicks the wrong skill. Take a second to make sure you've allocated everything correctly before confirming, otherwise you'll make an inevitable trip to the nearest Shrine.

5.Keep Lots Of Gold On Hand For Wayshrine Fees

As long as a player has visited Wayshrines across a given area, traveling between objectives is a breeze. However, if the player isn't actively at a Wayshrine, the traveling can cost a decent amount of money.

Especially early in the game, keep a decent amount of money reserved strictly for Wayshrine costs. The time spent in a loading screen is a lot nicer than time spent wandering the for 10 minutes, after all.

6.Read Books To Acquire Small Skill Ups

Just like in the mainline Elder Scrolls games, there are some books out in the world of Tamriel that grant skill-ups when read. They don't look any different, unfortunately, but their bonuses can be the difference between picking up a passive now or spending time looking for Skyshards.

At max level, it's worth going back through the in-game lore browser to get a handle on the background and history of The Elder Scrolls Online. The quest to get to max level quickly surely robs players of a truly immersive experience – but really it's just an excuse to start up a second character

7.Get A Mount As Soon As Possible

Mounts inThe Elder Scrolls Online are useful for getting around the world a little bit quicker, but they aren't as blindingly fast as those seen in some MMORPGs. There are no flying mounts, and they only travel marginally faster than a player sprinting.

However, mounts are still a great time saver, especially when exploring a completely new zone. Just remember to set a mount for new characters to get riding as soon as the introduction is over.

8.Join A Leveling Group

One of the core parts of any MMORPG is the social element. Playing in a group is always more rewarding in online games like this, and in The Elder Scrolls Online, it's the only way to complete some of the game's hardest content.

Leveling up with a group is usually more effective than going at it solo. Farming monsters is easier, completing hard quests is easier, and group members can share nearby quests that others might have missed.

9.Take On More Than One Quest At A Time.

It might seem obvious to some players, but beelining through quests as they pop up is not an effective way to level quickly in any RPG. It's generally best to pick up a bunch all located in a similar area, go about completing them, then come back to turn them all in at once.

"Quest hubs," where a number of quests are all located in one spot like those seen in World of Warcraft, are not as common in The Elder Scrolls Online. However, arriving in a new city and picking up every available quest at once is equally effective.

10.Hit A Monster Already Engaged In Combat Once For Free XP

The cheapest way to boost the rate of leveling progression is to "tag" enemies while out in the world doing quests. Look for other players in combat and use a ranged attack (or, if you're close enough, a melee attack) to tell the game that you're in combat now too.

When the enemy is killed, whether the player is there to help or not, they will get a bit of XP. Simply hit an enemy once, continue questing, and watch the XP roll in without having to spend hardly any effort.

Leveling up in The Elder Scrolls Online doesn't have to be a long process. These helpful tips should have you getting stronger by the minute.

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