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How to Retrieve Vigor in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, crafted by HexWorks, stands as the second installment in this acclaimed franchise, garnering predominantly positive reviews. This unique soulslike game boasts a vast arsenal of over 150 weapons and an array of diverse enemies. Navigating intricate mazes and confronting formidable foes form the core challenges for players aspiring to conquer this immersive gaming experience.

Let’s look at how you can retrieve vigor in Lords of the Fallen!

The Dynamic Challenge

As players venture further into the game, they encounter adversaries that not only increase in speed but also grow stronger. The escalating difficulty is not limited to enemy prowess; the overall level of mobs rises, demanding strategic upgrades for characters and the acquisition of new items.

Essential Currency

In the quest for mastery, players discover that Vigor serves as the crucial currency for character upgrades and item purchases. A sufficient reservoir of Vigor becomes indispensable for tackling the evolving challenges and achieving success in the game. As the journey unfolds, the strategic management of Vigor emerges as a key element for players seeking triumph in Lords of the Fallen.

Mastering Vigor Retrieval in Lords of the Fallen

How to Farm Vigor Early - Lords of the Fallen Guide - IGN

In the intricate world of Lords of the Fallen, Vigor stands as the lifeblood currency, enabling players to procure new weapons, armor, and throwing items. Beyond acquisitions, it is pivotal for character upgrades, shaping the trajectory of your in-game journey.

Acquiring Vigor

You can acquire Vigor by triumphing over enemies and strategically deploying Vigor skulls. These essential resources empower your character and open avenues for progression. Once a significant quantity of Vigor is at your disposal, the Vestige points become crucial hubs for enhancing your character's capabilities. If you want to learn more about Vigor, visit here.

Strategic Decision-Making

Players stand at a crossroads when accumulating Vigor: opt for immediate character enhancement at Vestige points or exercise patience, saving up for substantial investments in formidable armor or a powerful new weapon. This strategic decision shapes the dynamics of your gameplay and defines your preparedness for forthcoming challenges.

Losing Vigor upon Death

As with all soulslike games, death in Lords of the Fallen comes at a cost – the loss of accumulated Vigor. A critical aspect of the player's journey is navigating the aftermath of death and recovering the lost currency.

Vigor Retrieval Mechanics

How To Retrieve Vigor In Lords Of The Fallen

Recovering lost Vigor is a straightforward process. Upon meeting demise, players must locate the precise spot of their demise and execute a simple button press – X on PlayStation or A on Xbox – to reclaim the lost Vigor.

Enemies as Vigor Custodians

In some unfortunate instances, your demise may result in an enemy seizing your Vigor. This complicates the retrieval process, particularly when facing formidable foes. The path to recovery involves confronting and defeating the enemy holding your Vigor, identified by a faint purple glow emanating from their body.

Defeating Vigor-Stealing Enemies

Locate the Vigor-holding enemy, approach with caution, and engage in combat. Defeating the adversary causes them to drop the stolen Vigor, awaiting reclamation with a simple press of the X button on PlayStation or A button on Xbox.

Vigor Retrieval is Paramount

In the ever-evolving landscape of Lords of the Fallen, players should etch into their strategy the unyielding importance of Vigor retrieval. Whether at the point of death or when in the clutches of an enemy, the successful reclamation of Vigor becomes the linchpin for continuous progress and triumph in the game.

An Alternative Way

For those seeking a streamlined approach to acquiring Vigor in Lords of the Fallen, an easy solution lies at MMO Pixel. Visit MMO Pixel to conveniently purchase Vigor and bolster your in-game resources. This hassle-free option offers a quick and efficient way to enhance your character's capabilities, ensuring a smoother progression through the challenges that await in the world of Lords of the Fallen.


What is Vigor in Lords of the Fallen?

Vigor serves as the primary in-game currency in Lords of the Fallen, essential for acquiring weapons, armor, and upgrading your character's abilities.

How do I obtain Vigor in the game?

Vigor can be obtained by defeating enemies and utilizing Vigor skulls strategically. Vestige points also play a crucial role in enhancing your character using accumulated Vigor.

What happens if I die in Lords of the Fallen?

Upon death, players lose their accumulated Vigor. However, the retrieval process is straightforward: return to the location of death and press the designated button to reclaim lost Vigor.

Can enemies steal my Vigor in Lords of the Fallen?

Yes, in some instances, enemies may seize your Vigor upon your demise. Identified by a faint purple glow, defeating these enemies is necessary to reclaim your lost Vigor.

Is there an alternative to earning Vigor through gameplay?

Yes, for those seeking a more expedited approach, Vigor can be purchased from MMO Pixel. Visit this buy lords of the fallen vigor for a convenient solution to boost your in-game resources.


Mastering the art of Vigor retrieval in Lords of the Fallen is pivotal for a triumphant gaming experience. From strategically defeating enemies and utilizing Vigor skulls to making critical decisions at Vestige points, players navigate a dynamic landscape where Vigor is the lifeblood of progression. In the face of challenges, recovering lost Vigor upon death is a straightforward yet crucial process, urging players to revisit their death spot. 

Furthermore, the added complexity of enemies stealing Vigor introduces an element of risk, requiring strategic engagement to reclaim the essential currency. Whether opting for in-game strategies or exploring the convenience of purchasing Vigor from MMO Pixel, each approach shapes the player's journey and influences their preparedness for the evolving trials that define Lords of the Fallen. Ultimately, Vigor retrieval emerges as a central theme, weaving together the diverse threads of strategy, risk, and triumph in this soulslike adventure.

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