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How to Upgrade Gear in Lords of the Fallen

In the unforgiving realm of Lords of the Fallen, where every step forward is a conquest and every foe is a formidable adversary, the path to triumph is paved with challenges that test the mettle of even the most seasoned players. Much akin to its soulslike counterparts, this game demands not only strategic prowess but an unwavering resolve to face the trials that lie ahead.

Weapons, shields, armor—these artifacts become your allies in the battle against the rising tide of formidable enemies and imposing bosses. Yet, in the relentless march of adversaries, merely acquiring gear is not enough.

As you delve deeper into the treacherous landscapes and confront adversaries whose strength surpasses imagination, the need to elevate your own capabilities becomes glaringly apparent. The solution? Gear upgrades. Today, we will delve into the intricate world of upgrading equipment in Lords of the Fallen, unraveling the diverse avenues available to fortify your arsenal and stand resilient against the escalating challenges that await. 

Melee and Ranged Weapon Upgrade

How to Upgrade Weapons in Lords of the Fallen? - TGS

In the intricate tapestry of Lords of the Fallen, your journey is defined not only by your skill but by the arsenal you wield. From the swift dance of swords to the unyielding might of hammers, and the precision of bows to the arcane mastery of catalysts—your choices are vast. Each weapon serves as a conduit between survival and defeat, a distinction felt keenly as you traverse the challenging landscapes of this unforgiving realm.

Unlocking the Forge

Before the symphony of metal and might can resonate through your weapons, you must first unlock the services of Gerlinde, the blacksmith. Found initially imprisoned in the desolate confines of Pilgrim's Perch, your first quest is one of liberation. Freeing her from her cell transforms her into an indispensable ally on your perilous journey.

Once liberated, Gerlinde establishes her forge in Skyrest, claiming a room on the right side of the Vestige. This room becomes a haven for those seeking to fortify their arsenal against the encroaching darkness. Gerlinde, now your trusted companion in arms, stands ready to breathe new life into your gear.

Vigor and Deralium

To embark on the path of upgrades, one must understand the currency that fuels this transformation. Vigor, the lifeblood of progress in Lords of the Fallen, is acquired through the hard-fought victories against adversaries that stand in your way. However, it's not the sole requirement; a peculiar substance known as Deralium is the catalyst for transformation.

Deralium: The Alchemical Key

Deralium, the mystical upgrade material, holds the key to unlocking the latent potential within your weapons. Each upgrade demands a specific amount of Vigor and a quantity of Deralium, with the cost escalating as you ascend the tiers of improvement.

  1. Small Deralium (Up to +2): The Starting Point

Initiating your journey into enhancement, Small Deralium is the foundation for the early stages of weapon improvement.

  1. Regular Deralium (Up to +5): Stepping Up

As challenges intensify, Regular Deralium becomes the linchpin for elevating your weapons to a level where they can confront the mounting threats.

  1. Large Deralium (Up to +9): The Crucial Phase

Forging into the heart of adversity, Large Deralium is a necessity as you strive to match the increasing potency of your adversaries.

  1. Chunk Deralium (+10): The Apex

Ascending to the pinnacle of weapon mastery, Chunk Deralium is the final piece of the puzzle, unlocking the ultimate potential of your chosen weapon.

The Anatomy of Enhancement

The upgrades bestowed upon your weapons are not mere embellishments. They intricately influence the very essence of your arsenal:

  • Base Damage: A fundamental enhancement, boosting the raw power of your weapon.

  • Scaling Capabilities: Elevating the weapon's effectiveness as it aligns with your character's attributes.

  • Rune Slots: Creating avenues for additional customization, empowering your weapon with enchanted runes that augment its abilities.

Navigating the Forge: Upgrading Process

With the knowledge of the upgrading alchemy at your disposal, the process is navigated effortlessly. Approach Gerlinde, interact with her, and choose the "Upgrade Equipment" option. A comprehensive list unveils itself, encompassing melee weapons, ranged counterparts, catalysts, and shields.

Beneath each gear icon, a meticulous breakdown awaits, detailing the requisite Vigor and the precise quantity of Deralium needed for the impending enhancement. Armed with this information, you stand poised to forge your weapons into instruments of triumph against the relentless adversaries that await.

The Power of Runes

All Runes in Lords of the Fallen - Runes - Equipment | Lords of the Fallen  (2023) | Gamer Guides®

In the ever-evolving dance of blades and sorcery within Lords of the Fallen, mastery extends beyond the physical form of your weapons. Runes, ethereal symbols of power and mystique, serve as the conduits through which your arsenal transcends its mundane limitations. In this arcane realm, Gerlinde once again emerges as the keeper of secrets, the artisan who breathes life into the latent potential of your gear.

The Rune Market

Gerlinde, your trusted blacksmith, not only reforges the physical form of your weapons but also delves into the realm of enchantments. Initially, your foray into the arcane arts starts modestly—basic runes can be purchased from her. These initial runes, while fundamental, lay the groundwork for the intricate web of enhancements that await.

As your journey unfolds, so too does the availability of more potent runes. The progression of challenges brings with it an array of runes that unlock unparalleled abilities, propelling your weapons into realms of power previously unattainable. Yet, in the nascent stages of your adventure, the runes offered by Gerlinde become your companions, augmenting your weapons with the modest enchantments they provide.

Unlocking the Rune Forge

Before the symphony of runes can resonate through your weapons, a prerequisite must be met. Only a weapon that has undergone at least one upgrade, elevating it to a +1 status, can be a canvas for the mystical script of runes. This elevates the role of Gerlinde, not only as a blacksmith but as a conduit between the mundane and the arcane.

Matching Runes to Weapons

Runes, akin to the snowflakes in a winter storm, come in various shapes, each resonating with a unique essence. However, the artistry of runes extends beyond their shape; each weapon possesses specific slots, intricately designed to accommodate only certain runes. This marriage of form and function elevates the customization process, ensuring that the runes you choose harmonize seamlessly with your weapon of choice.

Socketing Runes

Armed with a weapon elevated through the crucible of upgrades, and a pocketful of runes brimming with arcane potential, you stand at the precipice of enchantment. The ritual begins as you, once more, engage with Gerlinde. Choose the "Socket Runes" option, unlocking a portal to the hidden potential within your arsenal.

The menu unfolds, presenting a tantalizing array of weapons eligible for this arcane enhancement. Select the weapon of your choosing, and a submenu reveals itself, showcasing the available runes tailored for that specific weapon slot. Here, the alchemy of choice comes alive—each rune a promise of augmented power, a whisper of new abilities bestowed upon your weapon.

Upgrading the Umbral Lamp

Lords of the Fallen Umbral traversal guide: Best way to farm vigor, upgrade  materials, and more

In the shadow-laden corridors of Lords of the Fallen, the Umbral Lamp stands as a beacon of both solace and empowerment. A multifaceted tool, it serves as your guide through the Umbral realm, a key to surmounting obstacles, and a catalyst for gaining an edge in the relentless dance of combat. However, what many may not realize is that this essential tool is not static; it can be enhanced and evolved to further augment your journey.

Molhu and Umbral Lamp Upgrades

The clandestine art of Umbral Lamp upgrades is an exclusive affair, overseen by Molhu, the enigmatic guardian found in a secluded room on the left side of the Vestige at Skyrest. Yet, here lies a twist—the interaction with Molhu unfolds exclusively within the ethereal confines of the Umbral realm.

Upgrade Process

Engaging with Molhu initiates a unique opportunity—the "Upgrade Umbral Lamp" option materializes, opening a portal to the enhancement of your crucial tool. However, the pathway to progress is not without its trials. A specific material, the elusive Antediluvian Chisel, acts as the key to unlock the latent potential within the Umbral Lamp.

Quest for the Antediluvian Chisel

As of the current chronicle, the exact location of the Antediluvian Chisel remains veiled in uncertainty. Yet, the speculation arises that this mysterious material may lie concealed within the Umbral realm, waiting to be unearthed during the course of your perilous expedition. A treasure hidden amidst shadows, the Chisel becomes not just a tool for enhancement but a quest, an enigma yet to be unraveled.

Rewards of Umbral Lamp Enhancement

The enhancements bestowed upon your Umbral Lamp ripple through its essence, bringing forth tangible improvements to aid your odyssey:

  1. Soulflay Charges: The lifeblood of your Umbral Lamp, an increase in charges expands your strategic options within the Umbral realm.

  2. Dread Resistance: An augmented resistance that directly impacts the duration you can spend in the Umbral realm, fortifying your resolve against its haunting perils.

  3. Secondary Umbral Eye Socket: The crowning jewel of enhancement, unlocking a new socket unveils a realm of possibilities. The intricacies of the Secondary Umbral Eye Socket beckon exploration, promising new facets to your Umbral Lamp's capabilities.

Secondary Umbral Eye Socket

Delving deeper into the enhancements, the Secondary Umbral Eye Socket emerges as a tantalizing prospect. A realm of possibilities, this socket invites the integration of additional components, enriching your Umbral Lamp with supplementary powers. The specifics of these enhancements, however, remain an enigma, inviting intrepid adventurers to uncover the secrets held within this newly unlocked dimension.

Umbral Eye Socket 

5 Best Umbral Eyes in Lords of the Fallen | The Nerd Stash

In the mystical tapestry of Lords of the Fallen, where shadows intertwine with the tangible, the Umbral Lamp stands not only as a guide through the obscure Umbral realm but as a vessel for augmentation. Much like the enchantment of weapons with runes, the Umbral Lamp harbors the capacity to be adorned with Umbral Eyes, imbuing your journey with additional facets of power and mystique.

Portals to Augmentation

Umbral Eyes, akin to arcane gems, bring forth supplemental bonuses to your character, intricately entwined with the nuances of the Umbral realm and the functions of your lamp. These eyes, when slotted into the Umbral Lamp, weave a tapestry of enhancements related to Soulflay, Dread, and other enigmatic aspects.

Main and Secondary Sockets

Each Umbral Eye carries a duality of effects, unfolding its power in both the Main Socket and the elusive Secondary Socket. The Main Socket, inherent in your lamp from the start, becomes a canvas for initial augmentation. However, as you embark on the journey of upgrades, the Secondary Socket reveals itself—a dormant reservoir waiting to be unlocked, amplifying the potential for enhancement.

Maximizing Benefits

The decision to slot Umbral Eyes into your lamp is not a mere formality; it's a strategic choice that requires careful consideration. Before committing to a specific Umbral Eye, delve into the intricacies of its effects for both the Main and Secondary Sockets. Understanding the symbiosis between these effects ensures that each choice maximizes the benefits bestowed upon your character.

Discovery of Umbral Eyes

In the cryptic expanses of the Umbral realm, Umbral Eyes lie shrouded in mystery, waiting to be uncovered by the intrepid seeker. These gems, concealed with precision, beckon those willing to explore the game's ethereal dimensions thoroughly. To acquire these potent enhancements, one must be prepared to unravel the secrets woven into the very fabric of the Umbral realm.

Upgrades and Umbral Eye Exploration

As you progress in your journey, the Umbral Lamp evolves, mirroring your ascent to mastery within the Umbral realm. Upgrades not only unlock the Secondary Socket but also serve as milestones, expanding the canvas for Umbral Eyes to be integrated.

Upgrading the Sanguinarix

Lords Of The Fallen Flask Upgrades - Saintly Quintessence Guide - GameSpot

In the perilous journey through Lords of the Fallen, where every step may be a brush with mortality, the Sanguinarix emerges as a lifeline—a conduit to restore vitality amidst the chaos. Much like the weapons and tools that define your arsenal, the Sanguinarix is not exempt from the transformative touch of enhancement. Pieta, a custodian of healing prowess, awaits to usher your Sanguinarix into new realms of potency.

Pieta and Sanguinarix Upgrades

Amidst the shadows and echoes, Pieta stands as the harbinger of rejuvenation, positioned on the left side next to the Skyrest Vestige. Her specialization lies in the delicate art of Sanguinarix upgrades. This crucial tool, the wellspring of healing, is entrusted to her capable hands, ensuring that your salvation becomes a journey of continual empowerment.

Saintly Quintessence

The key to unlocking the latent potential within your Sanguinarix goes by the name of Saintly Quintessence. An ethereal substance, it serves as the catalyst for elevating the effectiveness of your healing and expanding the reservoir of charges within your Sanguinarix.

Upgrade Levels and Quintessence

As you embark on the pilgrimage of upgrades for your Sanguinarix, Saintly Quintessence becomes the currency of progress. Each level of enhancement demands one or more units of this sacred substance, a testament to the sacred alchemy transpiring between Pieta and the healing conduit.

  1. Healing Effectiveness: With each upgrade, the potency of the healing bestowed upon you by the Sanguinarix reaches new heights, a beacon of resilience in the face of adversity.

  2. Charge Capacity: The Sanguinarix evolves not only in its healing prowess but in its endurance, allowing it to cradle more charges within its sacred confines.

Unveiling Saintly Quintessence

The path to acquiring Saintly Quintessence mirrors the mysterious journey through the Umbral realm. Concealed within the hidden recesses, these sacred items beckon those who dare to traverse the ethereal landscapes. Our experience hints that after employing Soulflay on specific Umbral Bellies, the elusive Saintly Quintessence reveals itself—a reward for those who seek healing even amidst the shadows.


In the challenging world of Lords of the Fallen, upgrading your gear is like adding superpowers to your hero. Each upgrade takes you a step closer to victory. Remember, runes, Umbral Eyes, and Saintly Quintessence are the magical ingredients that make your gear awesome. 

So, explore every nook, defeat tough enemies, and don't be shy to peek into the Umbral realm for hidden treasures.

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