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Last Epoch Guide to Fighting Bosses: How to Defeat Them

Is playing Last Epoch difficult? Are you simply forced to confront those merciless opponents known as "Bosses" at this point? It is indisputable, nevertheless, that Last Epoch presents players with difficult mechanics and bosses who are well-versed in their abilities and have excellent health, making it difficult for players to defeat them. But don't worry, this guide will help you understand how you fight and beat the bosses in the Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: The Deadly Bosses

The boss battles are extremely difficult to win and excessively exciting. But after you succeed in the Bossfights, the legendary treasure horde makes the struggle worthwhile. The following is a list of the main bosses in the Last Epoch, which you must learn about.

  • Chronomancer Julra Boss

  • Rahyeh - The Black Sun Boss

  • Shade of Orobyss Boss

  • The Mountain Beneath Boss

  • Lagon Boss

  • Majasa Boss

How to Defeat the Bosses in the Last Epoch?

Most people find challenging the bosses in the Last Epoch to be one of the difficult tasks, and they often struggle to do so. As a result, we'll share our insider knowledge here on how to take down the bosses in the Last Epoch and win the game in one go. Before proceeding with the boss fights, make sure you have enough stock of the gold, so you can spend it as and when required and conquer bosses. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Chronomancer Julra Boss

Julra is a powerful enemy that players will encounter in the Temporal Sanctum - Tier 4. In terms of treasure tables, defeating Julra is rather rewarding, but battling her is difficult because it is difficult to avoid her spells. Understanding her kit and preventing yourself from being wiped out is the key to defeating her. Just remember a few things. 

  • To tackle Julra's Void damage, cold, and lightning attacks, equip yourself with elemental resistances and maximize your build including Armor, Endurance, Ward, and Dodge.

  • Julra's mechanics are all about the Temporal shift feature, where traveling from the Ruined era to the Divine era using "D" is quite common. Hence, do not spam the time change and try understanding the mechanics beforehand.

  • Prefer using the telegraphs and signs to know about upcoming attacks from Julra which include attacks such as Pillars, Temporal speed, Shocking impact, Healing fountain, dimension tear, etc.

  • Do not drag the fight and try to survive more rather than using the DPS.

  • To tackle Julra's catastrophic Implosion, use the timeline-swapping feature.

Last Epoch Chronomancer Julra Boss

Rahyeh - The Black Sun Boss

Rahyeh - the black sun, located at runi of Solarium level 66 monolith the black sun timeline, is one of the last features of the last epoch's endgame. The mechanics of Rahyeh are single-phase fights with multiple mechanics. Rahyeh can be defeated with ease if you grasp the fundamentals; otherwise, you risk dying in one or two hits. 

Talking about Rahyeh Mechanics, void damage, void swirl, void rain, charge, and pattern are the abilities that can destroy you in seconds. 

The greatest strategy for surviving Rahyeh's attacks is to avoid getting hit once. Moving more quickly is necessary for this, and staying near the boss will also be beneficial. Hence, to defeat Rahyeh, the simple strategy is to dodge the attacks rather than tank the boss.

Shade of Orobyss Boss

The final boss in the endgame, Shade of Orobyss, deepens Monolith's corruption and grants special prizes only to those who defeat him. The Monolith of Fate's Echo of the World node is home to the Shade of Orobyss. In terms of skills, the Shade of Orobyss may unleash three void attacks, frozen orbs, lightning laser attacks, fire breaths in broad cones, melee swipes, and poison breaths in wide cones.

Charge yourself with 75% cap resistance to take on the ultimate boss. Although the boss has many powers, void damage is the most potent. Try not to get struck by this. 

  • Focus on dodging the Blood orbs before they end up exploding on their own.

  • Whenever Orobyss uses the fire spells, check for the black line to stay out of the radius of the fire cone and simply avoid the attacks.

  • On the other hand, the cold spells come at you randomly, and your dodging becomes difficult. But you need to stay alert and survive.

  • For the lightning spells, face tank the attacks but you need to check that with time the damaging power goes on increasing, while for the poison keep enough movement speed. Go for the circling movement for effective dodging.

Last Epoch Shade of Orobyss Boss

Mountain Beneath Boss

Once you enter the dark arbor dungeon, you will find the boss beneath the Mountain. Without understanding the one-shot and near-one-shot attack mechanics, the boss is more difficult to defeat. Knocking the mountain beneath will open a passage to proceed towards the stone titan's heart. There are two phases involved: the mountain beneath and the stone titan's heart. Take these easy methods to kill the two:

  • In the first phase save yourself from the shockwave by heading towards the right Pyre on the right side of the arena.

  • Destructing the root wall and placing your burning amber toward the center of the arena will prove effective.

  • The first shockwave is damaging and while you wait for it, focus on killing the Titanspawn and Mountain's roots.

  • Destructing the pyres makes the mountain beneath topple and you get to move forward to the Stone of Titan's heart. 

  • Reaching the stone of heart, attacking must be your strategy to defeat and end the fight.

  • Be alert with the Spore beam and work on your positioning, while Titanflesh can be dealt with sometimes.

Additionally, simply clear the energy wave and attempt to escape the damage if you come across one that is dealing a lot of poison damage.

Lagon Boss

You will encounter the Lagon Boss in the Last Epoch in chapter 7, The Might of the Gods. This boss will be your first challenging encounter when you reach about level 50.

Regarding the unique characteristics of Lagon Boss, there are three phases: the first, the second, and the third. Lagon Boss's main attacks are physical and cold damage, for which you need to have a high degree of Cold Resistance on your equipment.

  • The first stage Lagon bossfight comes with laser, claw slam, and claw grab mechanics. To defeat the boss in this stage focus on damaging the tentacles around you rather than defeating the boss directly because you really can't do that.

  • The second stage is all about survival until teleported back, where you must focus on getting a one-shot knockout. Just survive and avoid the tentacle and wave damage simultaneously.

  • Coming to the third stage, the attacking number multiplies as in the first stage and you are expected to survive those claws, lasers, and slams. 

The ultimate strategy to defeat the Lagon boss is long-term survival.

Last Epoch Lagon Boss

Majasa Boss

You should participate in this boss fight if you enjoy thrills. The boss of Majasa is the strongest, fiercest, and most powerful of them all. A solid plan is needed to beat Majasa, the last boss of the Last Epoch, and it consists of the following:

  • Equip yourself with high-valued physical resistance.

  • Majasa boss fight is to be fought in two completely different stages. Where in the first stage, you would be fined with attacks like stone vision, falling meteors, totem summon, and the dark pool.

  • Beware of the Totem summon which could be fire, lightning, and even earth, at every drop of health level to 66 and 33 percent for the boss.

The second phase then starts, during which Majasa gets closer and makes it harder to flee the strikes. She intends to fully utilize the healing, blood explosion, and stone vision this time. Simply keep your ears cleaned, pay attention to auditory clues, and acknowledge yourself with the next strike to take down this terrifying boss.

The important thing is to survive, and the next attacks are indicated by the signals that follow.

  • "Dark pool and blade slash" are called "vile insects".

  • The "Meteor crash" heading is called "Be Gone".

  • The "Totem summoning," it's called "This is your doom".

  • While for "stone vision" the cue is "Hissing".

Keep a good balance with using the health potions to keep yourself safe and prefer destroying the Totems. Then comes the difficult stage, phase two. Lesser attacks, in fact only one cue is played for blood explosion with the name, "Blood, more blood." This cue means the area around Majasa is about to explode and it's time to run. The ultimate strategy to defeat Majasa is to drop her healing phase to 0 and for that, your survival must be long-term.


So gamers, this is all about the main bosses of the Last Epoch and the ways to defeat them. We hope this will help you fight the deadly bosses and win the exclusive and unique rewards to progress.

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