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Last Epoch Guide to Gear System 

Last Epoch offers unique gameplay with the introduction of gears, which is fairly new to most players. Last Epoch offers a lot of gears - there are around 41 slots in total - similar to the "blessings" other games offer. The game offers gear slots, where the gears are placed and become a coherent part of the character. Gear slots are also where you can avail yourself of the benefits of a gear that you gain. The Last Epoch gears can be categorised into 3 main categories, which are : 

  • Traditional Gear: As the name suggests, the traditional Gear includes the basic arms that a player needs, for example - helmets, boots, weapons or jewellery.

  • Idols: These are specific items that have specific/different slots and are combined in different ways. 

  • Blessings: These are the upgrades that are provided in the game by the drop from the bosses in the monolith of fate. Each boss carries their own box of blessings and so every character has a slot for blessing too of each boss which fit into those particular slots.

Gears and their base items

In the gear system of the Last Epoch, every gear is attached to a base item; except the blessings. The idols and the traditional gears have base items determined by the class from which you belong. There can be more than one base item for a gear slot, and there is an implicit for each base, which differs from one another. For example, if we mention two base items for boots - outcast boots and solarum greaves are the two base items. Both of them come with their own benefits, which are specific to both. Hence, looking for the base items for the gear slots is important. 

If we talk about outcast boots, we get implicits for dodge rating, armour, movement speed, etc., while in solarum greaves, the implicits we get are higher armour, fire resistance, etc, but no dodge. The base items are specific to classes and are not common for all. Sentinels have specific base items like augury helm, which you do not get in any other class. Similarly, acolytes have fiend cowl, which cannot be found in other classes. There are a few other specific items, too, for the respective classes. 

Last Epoch Gears

The base items determine how the item will change shape and look later in the game. Hence, you need to be aware of the base items that you pick. Once you've picked the base items after determining theirit's implicits, you have to look for the affixes. 

Traditional Gear System 

To provide a deeper insight into the traditional gear system in the Last Epoch, it offers a total of 11 slots of the following: 

  • Weapon 

  • Off hand weapon 

  • Body armour 

  • Helmet 

  • Belts

  • Gloves 

  • Amulet

  • 2 ring slots 

  • Relic 

  • Boots

Each gear will only fit into their particular slots. For example - the relic slot will only hold relics like tome of elements or spirit catcher etc. Although only in the office hand gear slot, it can fit multiple gears. Both can fit into the off-hand gear slot like the shield or catalyst. 


If you're well versed in Diablo 2's gameplay and charm system, then you'll understand that the gears in the idol work in the same way. The major difference between the two is that while the charms take up space in the inventory, the idols have slots of their own that should be filled to activate them. There are a total of 20 slots in the idol that should be filled and have separate roles. 

Last Epoch Idols are provided in different shapes and sizes. Some are larger, while some are smaller. Some shapes are compatible with each other while others are incompatible, and you have to decide which shapes to choose so that they are both compatible and useful. The shapes and sizes, thus, also pose a limitation. If we group the idols into particular size slots, we see the following : 

  • Idols of size 1×1 : Small lagonian idol and small eterran idol

  • Idols of size 1×2 : stout lagonian idol 

  • Idols of size 2×1 : humble eterran idol 

  • Idols of size 1×3 : large rahyeh idol 

  • Idols of size 3×1 : grand majasan idol 

  • Idols of size 1×4 : huge arcane idol

  • Idols of size 4×1 : ornate heorot idol 

  • Idols of size 2×2 : adorned immortal idol

Few of these sizes are specific to the class, while some sizes, like 1×1 or 1×2, are common and can be found in any class. However, each class has an idol of a different size that can be worn by that class.

Last Epoch Idols


In the Las Epoch, blessings are the kind of "gear" unique to the gameplay. It is also only found in the end game system, a monolith of fate. The monolith offers a number of different timelines and each timeline has their own boss. To complete the timeline you've to kill the boss. If a player is successful in completing the timeline and killing the boss, then they're rewarded with what is called as "blessings". They're really helpful throughout the gameplay as they're permanent and universal. They can be used anywhere in the game, in any activity, not just the monolith. They're varied and blessings can be anything from improved drop rates to increased power. 

You will be required to spend Gold, the in-game currency of Last Epoch to get your preferred gears. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Each base item has an affix in the Last Epoch gear system. Please note here that each affix has a prefix and a suffix attached to it; it is called an explicit affix. All the slots of the gear system have their number of suffixes and prefixes attached to it on the basis of the base items. Explicit affixes are what distinguishes one item from the other. You must look for the right affix before picking the item for the specific activity. Again, affixes are divided based on the item's rarity, i.e., common, exalted, legendary, etc. 

Last Epoch offers a crafting system, so the affixes mentioned can be crafted, too. However, some rarities cannot be crafted. Apart from the above-mentioned gear system guide, you can also just collect the drops and see how the gear slots get filled and learn along with the gameplay the base items that you require since base items differ with the class. 

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