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Last Epoch Lightless Arbor Dungeon Guide

In the world of Last Epoch, a world shattered by time, brave warriors fight for survival. You are one such warrior, exploring forgotten lands and battling monstrous enemies. As you journey through the Ruined Era, you might stumble upon a shadowy dungeon called the Lightless Arbor in Last Epoch. This place is shrouded in darkness, filled with dangers and powerful foes. But if you're daring enough to face the unknown, the Last Epoch Lightless Arbor offers exciting challenges and valuable rewards. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to conquer this dark dungeon and emerge victorious!

Last Epoch Dungeons Locations

In Last Epoch, dungeons are hidden areas you can explore in different parts of the campaign world. You'll need to find the entrance to a dungeon yourself before you can jump there quickly later. These dungeons can also be used as shortcuts to reach new areas faster, but they're much tougher than the normal parts of the campaign. It's best to wait until you have some strong gear before trying to use dungeons as shortcuts.

Lightless Arbor

The Lightless Arbor is a hidden dungeon in Last Epoch's Ruined Era. To find it, start at the Surface waypoint near the Council Chambers. Head north towards the Cultist Camp until you see the entrance. Once you conquer the dungeon, you'll end up by the Corrupted Lake. There, you can use a special portal to jump all the way to the Risen Lake in a much later area! This shortcut saves time, but remember, the Lightless Arbor is a tough challenge!\

Soulfire Bastion

To find Soulfire Bastion, a secret dungeon between Welryn and Theitma, go north from Risen Lake. First, go to the Risen Lake waypoint. Then, head east to Ruins of Etendell. After that, go north to find the dungeon entrance. But be careful, it's really tough inside! If you manage to beat it, you'll end up in Kolheim Pass, a new area in the Divine Era. It's like finding a shortcut to a whole new adventure! So get ready for a challenge and some cool discoveries!

Temporal Sanctum

Finding Temporal Sanctum in Last Epoch can be tricky! It's hidden in a special place called the Ruined Coast, away from the rest of the Ruined Era. To reach it, first, go to the Shining Cove, but in a different time called the Imperial Era. Then, look for a glowing portal called a Time Rift east of Shining Cove. Click on it to go back in time to the Ruined Coast. Once you defeat this secret dungeon, you'll end up in a brand-new area called the Radiant Dunes, but watch out, Temporal Sanctum is really tough!

Finding the Keys to the Dungeon

In Last Epoch, getting dungeon keys means going to harder places. If you're higher level and in a tougher zone, you're more likely to find a key. Keys often hang out with big bosses in the Monolith Timelines. Usually, your best shot at getting keys is by clearing these Timelines fast. But the Lightless Arbor dungeon doesn't follow the usual rules. Instead, it might give you its own key from a special chest at the end. This means if you're strong enough, you can keep going back for more keys and keep farming the dungeon. It's like a never-ending challenge if you're up for it! So, if you want keys, head to the tough spots and be ready for a fight.

Note: If you die in a Dungeon, you automatically fail the attempt. Therefore, respawning in The End in Time. You will need a new key to reattempt the dungeon!

Last Epoch Lightless Arbor Dungeon

Boss Fights in Last Epoch Dungeons

The Lightless Arbor is dark! Your Burning Amber, like a magical flashlight, helps you see. But be careful! Getting hit by enemies weakens the Amber, making everything blurry and hard to fight. To keep things bright, look for glowing Amber Elementals hiding in the darkness. Defeat them, and your Amber will recharge, letting you see clearly again. Remember to keep refilling your Amber as you explore this dangerous dungeon!

Phase 1 - The Mountain Beneath

The giant boss in the Lightless Arbor, the Mountain Beneath, seems invincible at first. But there's a trick! You'll need to find and destroy two special flaming structures called Burning Pyres. Once they're both gone, the real fight against the Mountain Beneath can begin!

Boss: The Mountain Beneath


  • Causes rocks to fall from the sky, dealing damage

  • Summons additional enemies when rocks fall

  • Slams the ground to deal high damage

  • Create root walls that damage and immobilize players

Beating the giant Mountain Beneath boss requires a hit-and-run strategy. First, lure away any smaller enemies that might be bothering you. Then, grab your Burning Amber, which acts like a magical lighter. Use it to ignite two special flaming structures called Burning Pyres. Watch out though, the Mountain Beneath won't like this and will try to stop you with powerful shockwaves and falling rocks. Dodge these attacks and keep lighting the pyres! Once both are burning brightly, the mountain will crumble, revealing the boss's true form and opening the next stage of the fight.

Phase 2 - Destroying the Heart

After destroying the Burning Pyres and weakening the mountain, you'll gain access to its core. This is where the real fight begins! A powerful Stone Titan Heart, the heart of the mountain itself, will awaken and challenge you. Be prepared for a new battle against this rocky foe!

Boss: Stone Titan's Heart


  • Causes rocks to fall from the sky dealing high amount of damage

  • Summons four Titanflesh enemies

  • Fires a beam that creates splits and damages

  • Creates a circling stone that deals damage

  • Send out an energy wave that gives poisons and damage

  • Cover the arena in roots, leaving only a small safe area

  • Fires thorns that gives poison

  • Places explosives that grow in the area until it detonates

The Stone Titan Heart, the mountain's core, is no pushover. It will unleash deadly attacks like lasers and waves of energy. Your main goal here is to dodge these attacks while hitting the Heart as hard as you can. As the Heart weakens, it might get more aggressive, but don't panic! Watch its movements carefully, dodge its attacks, and keep dealing damage. With a bit of patience and skill, you'll eventually bring this rocky enemy down!

Lightless Arbor Dungeon Quest Rewards

After conquering the Stone Titan Heart, a special door called a Vault will appear. This lets you crank up the difficulty for even better rewards! But be warned, the harder you make it, the tougher the challenges you'll face.

  • Helmet (Peak of the Mountain): You can only find these rewards if you beat difficulty level 1 or higher in the Lightless Arbor.

  • Boots (Foot of the Mountain): This reward only drops if you conquer the Lightless Arbor on difficulty level 2 or higher.

  • Shield (Face of the Mountain): To get this reward, you'll need to master the Lightless Arbor on difficulty level 3 or above!

  • Body Armor (Core of the Mountain): This top-tier reward is only available if you can conquer the Lightless Arbor on its hardest difficulty, tier 4!

Beating the Lightless Arbor dungeon is no easy feat, but the rewards are worth it! You can earn valuable crafting materials, powerful exalted items, and more. But there's a catch - the harder you make the dungeon by choosing tougher settings at the Vault, the better the loot you'll get. This guide equips you with the knowledge to face the Lightless Arbor's darkness. With practice and a bit of planning, you'll conquer this challenge and walk away with amazing loot to power up your character for even greater adventures in Last Epoch!

Last Epoch Lightless Arbor Dungeon Rewards

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Knowing the basics is important, but to explore the scary Lightless Arbor, you'll need to do more than that. This place is dangerous, so you'll need to get ready in other ways too. We need a plan and maybe some extra supplies before we even think about going in there.

  • Understanding Modifiers: Before you start a level, carefully check the changes it brings. This way, you can prepare your gear and abilities to deal with the challenges it brings. It's like studying for a test, knowing what's coming helps you get ready to face it!

  • The Value of Movement Speed: In dark places, it's hard to dodge enemy hits fast. But if you wear stuff or use moves that make you faster, it helps a lot. Being quicker lets you dodge hits better and move smartly around the battlefield. So, gear up with speed-boosting stuff and use fast moves to stay ahead of the game.

  • Use of Gold: The in-game currency of Last Epch, Gold plays a huge role in your progress in the game, so make sure you always have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short of the Gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Conquering the darkness of Last Epoch's Lightless Arbor dungeon is a thrilling challenge, but with this guide, you'll be well-prepared. We've covered how to find the dungeon's hidden entrance, explained the mechanics of the Burning Amber that lights your way, and offered strategies to defeat the two-stage boss fight against the Mountain Beneath and the Stone Titan Heart. You'll also learn how difficulty levels and Vault modifiers affect your rewards, giving you the chance to earn top-tier loot. So, gear up, dodge those attacks, and claim your victory in the Lightless Arbor!

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