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Mortal Online 2 City Maps Guide - All Locations

If you're playing Mortal Online 2 and want a city map guide, then this is for you. It will help you find towns, creatures, and dungeons. Chat with other players, track PvP battles, and browse trading lists. Create private maps, check out game weather, and watch online streams.

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Mortal Online 2 Map

Main features:

·         Location of resource cities, creatures, dungeons, and more

·         Manage your PvP battles, create challenges, and list trade items

·         while engaging in live chat with other players and commenting on markers

·         You can also create your custom map in which you can place your markers and paths

·         as well as see how changes are made in real-time with others

·         and see screenshots of landmarks to make navigation easier

·         Keeping track of the time in-game and getting sunrise/sunset alerts

·         Being notified of streamers going live and battles being reported

·         The ability to view detailed town maps that include vendor locations

·         You can report discoveries that you find to help the public map grow


The city of Bakti, located in the south of Myrland, is a Khurite settlement. Bakti is a small trading town in the jungle. The players are required to accomplish some important tasks in this area.

Among them are Pick up parcels from Jungle Camp, Moh Ki, Vadda. Gain Clade points by delivering the Parcel Task to Bakti or join the Khurite Allied Tribes nation.

Bakti is where parcels need to be delivered to Jungle Camp, Moh Ki, and Vadda. Many resources are found in the nearby areas of Bakti. You can find a range of resources here, including Amanita Muscaria, Granum, etc


 In the northern section of Myrland, there is a town named Fabernum. The road leading here can be taken and followed from Tindrem's Main Gate for quite some time.

A forest surrounds the location, making it an excellent starting point for Woodcutters. As a task, you will need to bring a parcel back from Cave Camp in Hyllspeia.

To earn points or stand with the nation of Tindremic Provinces, deliver Parcel Task to Fabernum. You can pick up parcels for delivery to Hyllspeia, Tindrem, and Cave Camp from Fabernum.


The coastal port town of Meduli is located at Myrland's western tip. Meduli, known for its fishing culture and trade, is a comfortable oasis amid parched and rocky surroundings. To the west of Myrland is the town of Meduli.

Pick up the Parcel Task from Tindrem, Vaddam, and Moh Ki. Defend Tindremic provinces or earn clade points by delivering the parcel to Meduli. You can pick up Parcel Tasks from Meduli for delivery to Tindrem, Vadda, and Moh Ki.


There are three Khurite settlements located in the south, including MohKi, the easternmost. Pick up parcels from Bakti, Morin Khur, and Fabernum.

Earn Clade Points by delivering the parcel to Moh Ki, a Khurite Allied Tribes nation member. Several parcel delivery services are available from Moh Ki to Bakti, Morin Khur, and Fabernum.


The Khurite village of Vadda is located in the center of Myrland. Earn points by delivering the parcel to Vadda of the Khurite Allied Tribal Nation.

It is possible to collect parcel tasks from Vadda and deliver them to Bakti, Meduli, and Moh Ki. Some Other Places Involve In Parcel Tasks Delivery

  Gaul Kor  

The Tindremic Provinces nation will reward you with clade points or standing when you complete Gaul Kor's Parcel Task. Toxai, Kranesh, Cave Camp, and Kranesh are all places to collect Parcel Tasks from Gaul Kor.


Defend the nation of Hyllspeia by delivering the parcels to Hyllspeia to earn clade points or stand with the Republic of Nordveld. It is possible to pick up packages at Hyllspeia and deliver them to Fabernum, Kranesh, or Cave Camp.

  Jungle Camp

Jungle Camp also includes tasks like picking up parcels from Bakti, Toxai. The Khurite Allied Tribes nation will reward you with clade points if you deliver the Parcel Task to Jungle Camp.


Pick up a parcel task from Gaul Kor in Hyllspeia. By delivering the parcel task to Kranesh, you can gain standing within the Khurite Allied Tribes nation. Kranesh offers Parcel Tasks for delivery to Cave Camp, Gaul Kor, Hyllspeia.

Quests are not available in Mortal Online 2. All you can do is deliver packages to nearby cities. By accepting the task, you will receive the item in your inventory.

There is no weight to the item since it is a deed (a piece of paper). After you arrive in the destination city, you should report to the vendor to execute the deed. You can select a reward from the list.

Hints for Mortal Online 2 Completing Tasks

        The task deeds that you accept can be done simultaneously.

        You don't lose the deed when you /drop loot, so it stays in your inventory.

        The tasks and achievements do not disappear when you die. The Task Vendor in the departure city needs to accept them again as if they have reset.

        If you complete a task at a specific destination, you will gain a reputation.

        It is not possible to guarantee your standing reward in its entirety. You certainly receive one unit of standing.

        The role of the dice determines the remaining units. When you get a reward of 10 standings, it will be random between 1 and 10.

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