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Mortal Online 2 Crafting Guide

Crafting has always been essential in the MMO-RPG genre. The feeling of traveling, finding specific materials, and using the skills to make something exciting is unparalleled. Not only do you discover newer things, but rather it is what makes Mortal Online 2 specials for most people, as everything is detailed and in-depth when it comes to Crafting. So, to make things clear for you in Crafting and understanding everything crystal clear, we compiled this Mortal Online 2 Crafting Guide. Without any further delay, let us move on to the main part of the Guide.

Crafting Guide

Steps for Crafting

Just like we mentioned, you will have to pass through specific steps one by one to craft an item. The steps to Crafting are;

  1. Traveling and Finding specific Materials

  2. Carrying these materials to the Town area

  3. In some cases, you will have to Refine these materials right now, or in other cases afterward

  4. Using the Craft Skills to make gear

Best Characters for Crafting

When it comes to Crafting, there are specific character choices that work best. Out of all the complex versatile choices in the game, your best bet is nevertheless Humans, Mages, and Oghmir. But why these?

Why Humans?

Well, Humans come with an extra gift that not only helps you in the crafting skills but rather works as lore. Furthermore, the stat spread of humans is exceptional, which will help you in Crafting more.

Why Oghmir?

Due to the better intelligence stat of Oghmir and their special crafting perk, they are the best choice for Crafting. Due to that intelligence, this character has enough skill points to pump crafting.

Why Mages?

If you don’t favor both Humans and Oghmir, then your best bet is Mage. This character comes with a better intelligence stat which makes them suitable for crafting.

Requirements for Crafting

In Crafting you will need Skills that are related to it like;

  1. Armor Crafting

  2. Extracting

  3. Cooking

  4. Alchemy

  5. Bowyer

  6. Engineering

  7. Shield Crafting

  8. Necromancy

  9. Weapon Crafting

When you enhance the Lore, you will understand that the number of butchering materials will increase. While using the above-mentioned skills can enable you to become a better Crafter. Just like Lore, when you butcher items using that good old Butcher Table, your lore and items will enhance. But, when you butcher that same item again on that table, you have a chance of getting some extra, accelerated lore and that same item again.

When you kill Zombies or animals, they drop something extra, known as carcasses. You can also find them by the name of Walking Dead Carcass and they are exceptionally useful in Crafting. In the base form, you will find this item to be heavy, therefore you will have to butcher it to reduce weight and get new skills.


After you cut down trees, you will get specific items. Simply put them into the Crusher and you can gain certain items out of them yourself. Refinement is based on the percent and depends mainly on the catalysts. It is your job to check which one will yield more when you are refining. To enhance the refinement yield you can get yourself one of that Catalyst too.

Using the Furnace, you can break items to make them usable. It is not for beginners, but rather people who have been playing the game for a while and are into advanced skills. Get yourself a tutor and you can learn this skill.

A more advanced term is Thermal Appliances which can be focused on after Furnace Operation. Learning the Furnace is important when you are slowly going into the depth of the game. Finally, to learn new skills, you will have to travel to the Librarian (Extraction). Only from there, you can learn new Crafting Skills.

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What is Extraction Furnace

An extraction Furnace is associated with Crafting as it brings the materials to their base form after melting them. But, to use Extraction Furnace, you will first have to learn about the Furnace Operations.

Here, the knowledge system works, the more knowledge you have about a specific material, the more you can play with it. If you have less knowledge about material, you won't be able to use it. To enhance your knowledge, you will have to gather lore from those old books after vising and talking to the librarian.

As a beginner, you won’t be able to use that Blood Ore for the first time because you don’t have enough knowledge about it. Travel to the Librarian, talk to her/him and learn about that Mineralogy Material to make use of this item.

Crafting Gear or Items in Mortal Online 2

One thing to keep in mind; all the things in Mortal Online 2 aren’t available for you from the beginning. You will have to constantly visit that famous Librarian to know about Weapon Crafting.

This thing might be fun, but it is more like a grind, especially a weapon craft leveling. To get that level each time you craft, simply start from a lower level/tier to get a higher level/tier without reading books.

Crafting Weaponry

In Mortal Online 2, Crafting is somewhat like in real life. For example, for the sword, hammer, dagger, spear, axe, or dual and one-handed weapon, you will need material like shafts, hilts, head, core, and grip. Each of the categories has a specific crafting requirement. Every part has a specific purpose in Crafting and you will have to experiment to know about them.

Crafting Shields

Making Shield is also similar to the weapons, as you can change the shape and size of the Shield or choose various wood or materials. Each of the materials you choose in Crafting changes the properties of the Crafted Item. It completely depends on you or your customer.

Quality Crafted Items and Others

To craft something that is better quality, you will have to get yourself those Material Lore’s Skills. With better quality, the durability and the power of crafted material increase. Just like weapons, you can make Armor as well.

But in the case of armor, you can change the padding, and the thickness and tailor the pieces of armor according to your liking. Keep in mind that in Mortal Online 2, the more, each part of the armor covers your body to that part specifically. If you are hit on the head, then only Helmet can defend you, not the body part.

Same as that, you can just craft nearly everything else, including bows and those arrows of yours.

Major Unlocks at Levels

  1. As you reach level 50 on skill and lure, you will have the ability to repair weapons, shields, armor, and other items.

  2. When you reach level 70 on skill and lure, you will have the ability to make something that is great in every aspect, but you will still suffer in durability.

  3. After you surpass that mart of level 70, your durability will enhance and every crafted item will be durable.

  4. Finally, when you reach skill level 100, you will have the ability to put your signature on the items you have crafted. Furthermore, the most amazing thing is that you can craft items that are legendary level having exceptional quality and physical look.

Final Verdict

Mortal Online 2 is without a doubt very deep and thoughtful game. In every aspect, you will have to dig deep and learn its mechanism to get a grasp over that part. Crafting is also no exception, as you can make nearly anything in the game, but you do require a skill for that thing. As you proceed further, you will be able to make crazy things with quality and power. Nevertheless, we compiled this Mortal Online 2 Crafting Guide to help you understand the concept of Crafting.

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