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Mortal Online 2 Farming - How to Farm Gold?

Mortal Online 2 is Star Vault's long-awaited successor, a popular first-person MMORPG with a sandbox environment. You will have the opportunity to explore a large open sandbox world, but there will be danger around every corner in this full PvP experience.

This article is the right place to go if you are looking for methods for farming gold in Mortal Online 2. You can farm tons of gold in Mortal Online 2 with some of these beginner tips and tricks I'll share with you.

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Method for Farming Gold in Mortal Online 2

A few steps have been added to Mortal Online 2 to make it easier for you to farm tons of gold. By doing so, you'll have fun while also learning something. Learn all the tips and tricks described above to enhance your gaming experience.

Collect Vegetables & Pickables

Gaining gold at the beginning of the game is easy if you collect as many vegetables as possible. You will find many vegetables lying around at the beginning of the tutorial. These are great for earning gold.

Horse & Corpse

In Mortal Online 2, most gold farming methods tend to be boring or relatively engaging with varying returns on investment. By far, the most balanced method is horse and corpse, though it can become a bit monotonous after a while.

An empty bag and a horse are all you need. Once there, start killing the Walking Dead in the graveyard. You can loot their carcasses after killing them, which are worth a lot of money. In one run, you can easily earn over ten gold by filling your horse's bags.

Though this method may seem a bit tedious, it's very safe since you'll be closer to a town, and there will be people with blue tags who will gladly help to protect you if someone tries to ruin your day.

Taming the Horses

It is possible to farm gold with this method if you have some taming skill or are friends with someone who has one. Even though you can tame and sell almost any animal, horses are the most lucrative by far.

It is essential to tame as many horses as possible and then lead them back to town. So, they don't lose their loyalty to you, make sure you feed them along the way.

If you want to sell your horses in the auction house back in town, you can do so. Putting up the wrong price will not help you sell, so check running prices based on their level.

Although this method is time-consuming because you must travel back and forth to your taming spot, it can be quite lucrative if your price is right.

Dungeon Diving & World Bosses

You can get decent gold by killing dungeons and world bosses if you've grown bored with the other methods. You will need a party to work on this type of content as with any other group activity.

Depending on what you do after the hunt, you may not make as much per hour since you'll need to split the spoils, including the gold. Taking down some bosses is a more enjoyable way to earn cash, so don't skip it.

Tindrem Flower Picking

Despite being a bit boring, this method is excellent for beginners. The Tindrem house has a garden area with flowers. By looting and selling the blue flowers, you can earn a fair amount of gold.

If you thought the Walking Dead method was tedious, this one is even more tedious. This method is also the safest since no one will attack you inside the city.


As soon as you begin playing, you have the opportunity to sell your vegetables and earn money, enabling you to purchase other necessities with your gold.

Hunt Pigs Near Spawn

Mortal Online 2's Pig Hunt task is a lot of fun to complete. The pigs provide valuable items such as leather, bones, and more. These pigs won't make you lots of money, but you'll gain a lot of necessities that you can later sell. Just remember that you will have to butcher them first.

Walker Zombie Farming

You can also farm gold by killing zombies in Mortal Online 2. For those who aren't skilled or utterly unprepared for combat, please charge your hit to do a lot of damage.

Moreover, you don't need to loot every item that you get. It would be best if you only looted the head because it pays the most. It would help if you did not loot the carcass until you decided to.

Wood & Stone Farming

Plant as many trees as possible to harvest wood. Farming stones can also benefit your character development because you can sell them for extremely high prices later. Most people don't enjoy Wood and Stone Farming because it takes a lot of time.

Bandit Farming

It is a good type of farming. If you want to do 1v1 with it, you need to use a bow and arrow and aim for bandit farming from a distance because they deal significant damage.

Whenever you go near their ruins, keep in mind that they will attack you, and it won't be easy to farm. Once you have collected all their loot or gifts, you can sell them at high prices.

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