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Personalize Your Character Using The Best Lost Ark Skins

Having skins is an important part of your gaming experience in any MMORPG. Lost Ark knows this, which is why it brings tons of outfits and skins for the Advanced Class or Base Class, and it will continue releasing more options as the game matures.

You can use your outfits to look cool with some slight – and sometimes considerable – improvements in your character’s appearance. It doesn’t matter if you have the lowest combat level; if your skin makes you look “badass,” you won’t need to worry about enemies messing with you in the future.

However, the benefits of using a skin – whether a full set or for weapons – are here just to make your character look better. There aren’t any bonuses or rewards for wearing one; it’s just for fun and to identify your player from others.

The endgame has never met fashion as it does today because in this short guide, we will explore all the skins you can get in Lost Ark.

Table of Contents

What Are Lost Ark Skins?

How Do Lost Ark Skins Work?

Where To Obtain Lost Ark Skins?

Types of Skins in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Skins: Summary

What Are Lost Ark Skins?

The Lost Ark Skins are accessories that improve your character’s appearance. They are made of a bunch of parts and usually include

  1. Weapons.

  2. Armor.

  3. Helmet.

  4. Face.

  5. Boots.

  6. Gloves.

Skins – or outfits – are character-bound, which means that once you decide to put them on, you can’t trade them. The cosmetic system is quite simple in Lost Ark. You only need to get the skin and apply it in your inventory and look good.

How Do Lost Ark Skins Work?

As we mentioned before, Lost Ark Skins are used only for cosmetic purposes. They don’t enhance your stats or give you improvements of any kind in the game.

What outfits do is that they hide the mismatched equipment of your character. Once you take one skin and apply it, you’ll see how your characters will look. You are putting them up as an extra layer that hides your original equipment.

You now can be more intimidating and authoritative. Other players that don’t have skins will be jealous of how good you look. These are great to use when you are beating enemies up, and you look better than the rest of the players. 

However, you are going to receive, and provoke, the same damage you are already dealing with without your skin.

Where To Obtain Lost Ark Skins?

The Lost Ark Skins are only available in the in-game shop. You have to purchase them using Crystals or Royal Crystals – the currency of the game used to get this special content. 

Browse the outfit you want in the store and unlock it before the time limit runs out. Lost Ark changes outfits with every season, and sometimes some classes receive more outfits than others. The good thing is that Lost Ark gets you covered in the next season with new skins, just in case you think your class doesn’t have enough outfits.

You can also start completing time-limited events or searching for certain bosses and get special skins. A boss may deliver a piece of the entire skin set, so you must battle him several times if you want to get all the pieces.

If you have different characters from the same class in your account, you can swap skins between them. The skin glamour can be shared among them!

Types of Skins in Lost Ark

There are different skins in the Lost Ark in-game store that you can get according to your class. Below you can see some of the best Lost Ark Skins so far.

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Warrior Class Outfits

The Warrior class in Lost Ark – Just like in WoW and other MMOs – is the tank/damage character that we all know. Depending on their advanced class, they can withstand and deal tons of damage with a single weapon and tap into an incredible source of power.

When you play with a Warrior class – because of its destructive powers – you tend to forget the basic elements of Lost Ark to continue your course of gameplay.

These characters use outfits that reveal themselves against the enemy, with silver and gold details, so that enemies are drawn to them.

The advanced classes you can select are Berserker, Gunlancer, and Paladin. Their outfits follow the same color principle but change a bit based on the subclass.

Martial Artist Outfits

The Martial Artist is one of the best DPS in Lost Ark. They have 3 advanced classes: the Wardancer, the Soulfist, and the Glaivier (which came with the April update.) 

This is a fast, fierce, and strong female character that uses power and speed to launch incredibly strong attacks.

As such, they use extravagant outfits with red, black, or white colors. Since they are DPS, they need to hide from the enemy and take them by surprise, and these colors help with that.

When you choose a subclass, new skins appear to match the abilities of the advanced class.

Gunner Outfits

The Gunner class is one of the ranged classes in Lost Ark. This character uses a great number of guns and a variety of items to deal heavy damage to foes and support its party. You can equip your character with snipers, shotguns, or pistols to do their job.

It has two subclasses that can be considered as AAA, the Sharpshooter, and the Deadeye. Both of them use long-range weapons but with some slight differences.

Generally, this class uses simple yet elegant outfits, such as a full tuxedo, a sailor's clothes, or a gangster-like suit. However, the Sharpshooter goes for a more extravagant look with white, blue, red, and gold colors. The skin includes a metallic wing, which gives it a surrealistic characteristic.

The Deadeye uses similar colors, but instead of a wing, it simply goes for an eye protector.

Mage Outfits

The mage is a female character that focuses on ranged attacks and uses buffs to benefit the whole party. This class has “gifts” that lets players dive into more power, add an extra layer of defense points, and increase survivability during important games.

They also can deal area damage or cancel foes' magical attacks. You can do all these things depending on how you build up your skills.

Mages are fragile, so they need to stay behind in battles. This is the reason why their outfits use dark colors and are quite simple. Other options include ornaments, wings, and a giant skirt, but in general, they try to pass low-profile.

Assassin Outfits

Assassins are the cannon powder of Lost Ark. But even though they can deal burst damage and seriously injure opponents, they are squishy. That’s why they have much mobility compared to other characters.

When playing this class, you can choose either the ShadowHunter or the DeathBlade as advanced classes. 

Both of them use fast attacks and top tiers skills to maintain their enemies in check. They can also use stealth abilities.

Their outfits are reserved, without showing a lot of their body. The assassins and both subclasses use black and white colors.

Animal Skins

The Lost Ark animal skin was a gift you could find in the Gratitude pack due to the released occidental server.

A variety of animals are included, such as cats, dogs, penguins, and more.

Free Lost Ark Skins

The March update gave free items to players that were able to claim a chest. They explained that the award was going to be special animal skin.

This is the only way known to get free skins.

New Lost Ark Skins

The April update brought a new skin set called the Gracious Monkey Skin Set. You can get it in the store using Royal Crystals or Crystals.

If you use the first one, you’ll get to use the set with all your characters, and it will be exchangeable. On the contrary, if you only use Crystals to get it, you won’t be able to trade it even if it's removed from your character.

Lost Ark Skins: Summary

Lost Ark Skins are a great way to personalize your characters. You can find different options in the store’s browser and get the one you like the most. 

A skin will help you look better and earn respect in the game. Other players will think twice before attacking you in PvP if you wear deadly skin that makes you look like a devious god.

Since they only give you cosmetic value – and we hope this serves as game tips for you – you don’t need to hurry while picking one. If there’s not even one set you like, you can always wait until the season finishes so Lost Ark changes the skins.

If you want to access this feature and more others, make sure you level up your character fast using this guide of ours.

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