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The Dark Crusader Class in Lords of the Fallen: How to Unlock?

Lords of the Fallen: How to Unlock the Dark Crusader Class

Lords of the Fallen, an action RPG featuring Soulslike elements, immerses players in the battle against dark forces across the realms of the living and the dead within the dark fantasy world of Mournstead. For those contemplating the various editions of the game, a closer look at one of its unlockable starting classes, the Dark Crusader, becomes essential. 

Today, we will delve into the intricacies of unlocking the Dark Crusader and provides a comprehensive overview of its starting build, equipment, and stats. Players faced with the decision of which edition to choose will find valuable insights into the benefits offered by this formidable class within the game.

Let’s find out!

Introduction to the Dark Crusader Class

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In the expansive realm of Lords of the Fallen, the Dark Crusader stands out as a formidable starting class, capturing players' attention through trailer content and lore. This article delves into the intricacies of this particular class, shedding light on its unique attributes and offerings.

Recognition and Availability

The Dark Crusader is not just a fleeting glimpse in the game's trailer; it is one of the ten initial starting classes, adding depth and diversity to the player's choices. Beyond these ten, the game also unveils three secret classes that can be unlocked during gameplay, contributing to the richness of the gaming experience.

Lore and Background

Delving into the lore, the Dark Crusaders are portrayed as an elite military order within the game's narrative. Understanding their background adds a layer of context to the gameplay, providing players with a deeper connection to the character they choose to embody.

Class Attributes

Here are the class attributes of the Dark Crusader:

  1. Strength-Focused Paladin

The Dark Crusader distinguishes itself as a strength-focused Paladin, emphasizing a playstyle centered around the use of long swords and the harnessing of Radiance. This unique approach to combat sets the class apart, offering players a distinctive experience in their journey through Mournstead.

  1. Stats Specification

The class's stats specification revolves around Strength and Vitality, aligning with its focus on physical prowess and endurance. This deliberate allocation of stats enhances the character's resilience and effectiveness in the face of the dark forces that lurk in the game.

  1. Arsenal of Weapons, Armor, and Items

To complement its strength-focused approach, the Dark Crusader comes equipped with a curated selection of weapons, armor, and quick-access items. Understanding this arsenal is crucial for players seeking to optimize their gameplay and make the most of the advantages offered by the Dark Crusader class.

Unlocking the Dark Crusader Class

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Don’t know how to unlock the Dark Crusader class? Worry not, as there are 3 methods through which you can unlock it:

1. Deluxe Edition Instant Access

For players seeking swift entry into the ranks of the Dark Crusaders, acquiring the Deluxe Edition of Lords of the Fallen is the most expedient route. This premium edition grants immediate access to the Dark Crusader class, allowing players to embark on their journey with its formidable strengths right from the start.

2. Standard Edition Access

Fear not if the Deluxe Edition isn't in your arsenal. Players with the standard edition can still unlock the Dark Crusader, albeit as a late-game achievement. While not available right from the beginning, perseverance and progression through the game will unveil the Dark Crusader class as a formidable option.

3. Late-Game Unlock Steps

To unlock the Dark Crusader in-game without the Deluxe upgrade, players must navigate through a series of steps, primarily tied to the Isaac story quest line. The late-game activity involves completing Lords of the Fallen during the first playthrough and accomplishing specific tasks. Key items such as the Flayed Skin and four Umbral Stigmas play a pivotal role in retrieving the complete armor set, marking the triumphant unlocking of the Dark Crusader class.

Dark Crusader Starting Stats

In the realm of Lords of the Fallen, the Dark Crusader emerges with distinct starting stats tailored for resilience and combat efficacy. Here's a brief overview of the Dark Crusader's foundational attributes:

  • Strength: 12

  • Agility: 8

  • Endurance: 14

  • Vitality: 14

  • Radiance: 11

  • Inferno: 8

Highlighted by heightened Vitality, the Dark Crusader excels in endurance, crucial for overcoming formidable adversaries. While not the most agile, the class maintains nimble maneuverability, even under the weight of its robust equipment.

Dark Crusader Weapons

The Dark Crusader class in Lords of the Fallen boasts a distinctive arsenal of weapons, each contributing to the class's strength-focused and Paladin-inspired playstyle. Let’s explore the formidable weaponry that defines the combat prowess of the Dark Crusader:

1. Paladin Isaac's Sword

Paladin Isaac's Sword stands as a testament to the Dark Crusaders' legacy, once wielded by the esteemed Paladin Isaac himself. This Long Sword serves as the primary melee weapon for the class, delivering powerful blows and embodying the martial prowess of its former owner.

2. Radiantburst Parchment

Radiantburst Parchment introduces a unique and mystical element to the Dark Crusader's arsenal. This scripture-adorned parchment serves as throwable ammunition, exploding upon impact with a dual effect. It inflicts holy damage upon adversaries while simultaneously providing healing to allies within its vicinity. This strategic tool requires 3 ammunition to deploy and boasts an impressive 115 attack power.

3. Throwing Hand

The Dark Crusader's versatility extends to the Throwing Hand, a specialized capability that allows them to equip ranged and throwable items. This opens up a range of tactical possibilities, enabling Dark Crusaders to engage in both close-quarters combat with their Long Sword and strategic, ranged attacks using various throwable items.

Dark Crusader Armor

As the Dark Crusader ventures through the treacherous realms of Mournstead, their armor becomes a crucial aspect of their survival. Let’s get into the details of the armor:

1. Paladin Leggings

The Paladin Leggings, constituting the Heavy Legs armor, form an integral part of the Dark Crusader's defense. Designed for the lower body, these leggings not only offer substantial protection but also contribute to the class's focus on Radiance, ensuring a balanced approach to offense and defense.

2. Paladin Armor

The Heavy Torso Paladin Armor serves as the core of the Dark Crusader's defensive ensemble. Engineered for durability and resilience, this armor piece not only shields against formidable attacks but also amplifies the class's Radiance capabilities. The synergy between protection and Radiance creates a harmonious balance in the Dark Crusader's combat strategy.

3. Paladin Gauntlets

Providing reinforced arm protection, the Paladin Gauntlets are the designated Heavy Arm wearables for the Dark Crusader. With a focus on durability and strength, these gauntlets contribute to the overall defensive stance of the class while maintaining the thematic essence of the Paladin's heavy gear.

4. Helm of the Paladin

The Heavy headpiece, known as the Helm of the Paladin, crowns the Dark Crusader's armor set. Crafted to withstand formidable blows to the head, this helmet not only ensures the safety of the Dark Crusader but also enhances their Radiance capabilities, aligning with the class's unique strengths.

5. Paladin's Pendant

The final piece of the Dark Crusader's armor ensemble is the Paladin's Pendant. This accessory not only adds a touch of aesthetic finesse but also plays a crucial role in enhancing the class's Strength and Endurance attributes. It serves as a symbol of the Dark Crusader's commitment to strength and resilience in the face of the dark forces that threaten Mournstead.

Dark Crusader Quick-Access Items

In the perilous journey through Mournstead, the Dark Crusader is equipped not only with formidable weapons and armor but also with a set of quick-access items designed to enhance their survivability and strategic prowess. Explore the unique tools at the Dark Crusader's disposal.

1. Umbral Lamp

Similar to other starting classes, the Dark Crusader possesses the Umbral Lamp, a mystical artifact that facilitates seamless travel between the realms of the living (Axiom) and the dead (Umbral). Beyond its teleportation capabilities, the Umbral Lamp also serves as a vessel for resurrection upon death, providing the Dark Crusader with a vital lifeline in the face of adversity.

2. Sanguinarix

Exclusive to Dark Crusaders, the Lords of the Fallen bestows upon them the upgradeable Sanguinarix. This quick-access item plays a pivotal role in the Dark Crusader's survival strategy, allowing them to administer Pieta's healing blood. As an upgradeable consumable, Sanguinarix serves as the primary means for the Dark Crusader to store and replenish their health, ensuring they can endure the relentless challenges that await.

3. Lampbearer's Rosary

Provided by the esteemed Exacter Dunmire of the Dark Crusaders, the Lampbearer's Rosary is a significant quick-access item for the Dark Crusader. This symbolic artifact not only carries sentimental value but may also hold hidden powers that aid the Dark Crusader on their quest. Its role and significance become apparent as the Dark Crusader progresses through the intricate narrative of Mournstead.


For players inclined towards a more gradual Soulslike experience, unlocking the Dark Crusader class in-game presents a strategic choice. This option is especially enticing for those planning multiple playthroughs. Diving into the game as the Dark Crusader offers distinct advantages, including elevated Vitality, a long sword for controlled engagements, and the allure of formidable tank-like armor. So, unlock this class and slay the monsters that lie within this gothic game. 


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