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The Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary Celebration Details

Elder Scrolls Online is a cool game you might like, turns 10 this year! To celebrate, there's a big birthday party in the game starting April 4th. It lasts for 3 weeks, all the way to April 23rd! Here's the best part: leveling up (getting stronger) is super easy during the party – you earn double XP (points to level up)! No need to find a special cake! Get ready for 3 weeks of fun adventures in Tamriel (the game world) to become a stronger hero. It's a great time to play with friends! Don't miss this awesome party! Join ESO and have a blast!

Participating in the ESO Jubilee Event

ESO is throwing a big party for its 10th birthday with a special event that helps you level up really fast in the game. To join the fun, look for a quest called "For Cake's Sake." You can find it by talking to Apprentice Mogh, a friendly Khajiit chef, near the docks in Vulkhel Guard, Davon's Watch, or Daggerfall. You can also get a free version of the quest from the ESO store (Crown Store) under "Quest Starters."

When you finish this quest, you'll get a special birthday cake! The great news? You don't have to eat the cake to level up faster this year. During the event, you'll automatically get double XP, so you'll become stronger in the game much faster. But who doesn't love cake? You can still have a slice each day to earn special tickets. You can collect up to 60 tickets in total, so get ready to trade them for awesome rewards later! So, get your gear, gather your friends, and prepare for three weeks of exciting adventures and birthday fun in ESO!

What else gets updated?

This year, there are even more ways to get special loot boxes in the ESO birthday event! The first box you earn each day will be a super cool gold one called a Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box. This fancy box has awesome rewards inside, no matter where you get it from. The rest of the boxes you earn will be regular Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes, but don't worry, they still have great stuff like the gold boxes from last year!

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Gift Boxes can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Tales of Tribute reward mails

  • Worthy reward mail's Rewards

  • Finish any of the Incursion events of your choice

  • Looting and Killing World Boss character

  • Looting and Killing Trial Boss character

  • Looting and Killing Boss character of Dungeons

  • Daily in-game Quests such as Daily Heist and Sacrament, Daily Dungeon and Trial, Daily Alliance War and Battlegrounds, Incursion event, World Boss, Daily Delve, and Daily crafting writs quests.

ESO's birthday bash lets you score loot boxes in more ways! Play Tales of Tribute, the in-game card game, and win reward mail containing a Jubilee Gift Box. These boxes hold goodies like crafting materials, cool character customizations, and even a chance at new anniversary items like the Jubilee Steed mount or a special outfit! It's like getting surprise presents for playing – have fun and see what loot awaits!

  • Rewards from 2024 Anniversary Jubilee

  • Desecrated Grave Soil

  • Transmute Crystals anything Between 1 to 10

  • A segment for the recently introduced Jubilee Steed            mount

  • An exchangeable page for the Earthbone Ayleid armor-style Outfit

  • A section on motifs, furnishing recipes, or stylistic items

  • Materials for crafting

Snagg that shiny gold Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box, Awesome! But the fun doesn't stop there. Keep playing and you'll earn more regular Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes. Don't let the lack of gold fool you – these boxes are still packed with goodies just as exciting as the gold ones from last year's birthday event. Think crafting materials to build powerful gear, cool character customizations, and maybe even a surprise or two! So keep adventuring, and see what epic loot awaits in these special gift boxes!

  • Desecrated Grave Soil

  • Transmute Crystals anything Between 1 to 10

  • An exchangeable page for the Bonemold armor style outfit of last year

  • A section on stylistic items, motifs, or furnishing recipes

  • Materials for crafting

  • An exchangeable page for any of the Worm Cult outfit styles, Saberkeel styles, or Bonemold styles

ESO 10th Anniversary Celebration

Cool New Looks for your Character

The event also offers a chance to grab some special cosmetic items that weren't available before. These might look familiar to some players who remember past ESO adventures.

  • Fishing for a fiery blade: While fishing anywhere in Tamriel, there's a tiny chance you might snag a surprise – a style page to make a replica of the Trueflame Sword!

  • Staff of Worms's surprise: Opening any Dolmen reward chest might give you a style page to create a replica of the Staff of Worms. Not the best reminder, but a cool item nonetheless!

  • Vvardenfell boss loot: Defeating World Bosses in Vvardenfell has a small chance of rewarding you with a style page for either the Sunna'rah Replica or the Barbas Helmet Replica, bringing back memories of that zone's story.

  • Summerset geyser surprise: Exploring the geysers in Summerset might lead you to a style page for the Ul'vor Staff, another cool memento from that Chapter's storyline.

The Event Tickets for ESO Anniversary 10th Celebration

Earned a ton of tickets during ESO's birthday event you can spend them at the Impresario vendor in any big Tamriel city. Want a creepy pet? Get parts for a Molag Bal Illusion Imp (5 tickets each). Show off your brains with the Master of Schemes personality (first pieces cost 10 tickets each). Look awesome in Earthbone Ayleid armor (style pages are just 5 tickets each). Spruce up your house with cool Anniversary Cake furniture (3 tickets) or slices (1 ticket each piece). Get fragments for the Jubilee Steed mount (3 tickets each).

  • Cool Pet: Want a spooky Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet? Each piece (Effigy of the Dominator, Dark Anchor Pinion, and Anchor Chain Fragment) costs 5 tickets.

  • New Personality: Show off your scheming ways with the Master of Schemes personality. The first two pieces (Grim Iron Mask, Cold Iron Gauntlet) cost 10 tickets each.

  • Stylish Armor: Look fierce in Earthbone Ayleid armor! Each style page costs 5 tickets.

  • Decorate Your Home: Spruce up your place with Anniversary Cake furniture (3 tickets each) or slices (1 ticket each).

  • Epic Mount: Want to ride the Jubilee Steed? Each fragment costs 3 tickets.

  • Surprise Goodies: Grab a Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear for 2 tickets and see what fun stuff you get from past events!

  • Other Helpful Items: You can also get Group Repair Kits and Companion Guild Commendations with your tickets.

Philius Dormier isn't selling anything this time around, but he's always there to help during ESO events! In past years, he'd sell fragments for special items alongside the main event vendor. So while he might not have anything for the birthday bash, keep an eye on him during future ESO events – he might just have something cool you can snag with your tickets!

  • Fragments for the Scorcher Skin in the Deadlands: Ten Event Tickets per Fragments

  • Fragments for Morpholith pets: Five Event Tickets per Fragments

Looking to ride a special mount or add a unique pet to your ESO adventures? Look for Nenuluare, the Indrik Vendor, in Belkarth, Craglorn! During the birthday event, she'll be offering a variety of Indriks – cool mounts and cute pets – that were previously event rewards.

  • Shimmering Indrik pet: 10 Event Tokens Each

  • Rimedusk Indrik pet: 10 Event Ticket Each

  • Sets of all four berries for the Luminous Indrik mount: 10 Event Ticket Each

  • Sets of all four berries for the Icebreath Indrik mount: 10 Event Ticket Each

  • Sets of all four berries for the Nascent Indrik mount: 5 Event Ticket Each

ESO 10th Anniversary

Level Up Fast and Secure the Loot

  • ESO's turning 10 and it's party time! Level up super-fast during the event – you'll get double XP, which means your character becomes stronger much quicker. New players can catch up easily, and veterans can get even more powerful.

  • There's a fun quest called "For Cake's Sake" to get a special birthday cake (don't worry, you don't need to eat it!). Plus, eating cake slices each day gives you tickets (up to 60!). Use these tickets to trade for cool stuff from a special vendor in big cities. So grab your gear, join the celebration, and watch your character become a leveling legend!


ESO's 10th birthday event is a blast for players of all levels! For three weeks, you'll earn double XP to level up your character extra fast. Plus, there are special quests and activities that give you awesome loot boxes filled with crafting materials, character customizations, and even a chance at new mounts and outfits. You can even fish up a replica of a famous sword or snag a style page for a cool staff by exploring specific areas of the game world. If you collect enough event tickets, you can trade them in for a spooky pet, a new personality, stylish armor, furniture for your home, or even an epic mount! With so much to do and earn, ESO's 10th birthday event is the perfect time to jump into the game (or jump back in if you haven't played in a while) and celebrate a decade of ESO adventures!

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