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The Elder Scrolls Online Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is probably one of, if not the most important skill in the game. It is used to craft heavy Armor and weapons, which can be done provided you have the required level and materials. It is recommended to level up this skill as fast as possible to gain access to some high-tier craftable sets.


Similar to provisioning and alchemy, blacksmithing requires you to have materials ready to make your preferred gear sets. These materials are typically ores found in various ore veins spread throughout the map. Once you have the desired ores, you need to approach a Blacksmithing station, where you can make the set, provided you have the prerequisites.

Where do I get materials from?

Materials can be procured from either mining from mining ores, which are pretty common and spread out throughout Tamriel. The ores are as follows – Iron, High Iron, Orichalcum, Dwarven, Ebony, Calcinium, Galatite, Quicksilver, Voidstone, and Rubedite ores. Refining them to ingots makes heavy Armor as well as melee weapons.

Another way to get materials is by destroying/deconstructing extra sets and getting ingots from them. While this technique is reliable and helps you get rid of junk, it's advisable to be careful in disposing of items. For example, you wouldn't want to destroy your favorite sword accidentally, wouldn't you?

Additional Materials

In addition to ingots, there are special items called Tempers. These are – Honing Stone (Green), Dwarven Oil (Blue), Grain Solvent (Purple), and Tempering Alloy (Golden). 

These items help upgrade rarity and also help in the creation of diagrams for furnishings. Apart from tempers, there are items called gems. These gems provide unique traits to weapons/Armor, such as – increased healing (Chrysolite), increased damage (Potent Nirncrux), and increased Armor enchantment effect (Bloodstone), etc.

Crafting stones are another item, usually bought by the player. They help in determining the racial style. Initially, you are limited by the style of the race you use, but you can later learn different styles through Racial Motif Books.

Using these items smartly is essential and helps you make your 'ideal' build.

The Elder Scrolls Online Rubedite Ore

Passive skills

Like many other skills, blacksmithing has its perks and skill trees. Upgrading them helps in various aspects of the game, and they are as follows:

  • Metalworking: This skill allows you to use various ingots; the higher you go, the more ores you can mine. Remember, to mine Rubedite; you need to have max rank in Metalworking.

  • Keen Eye - Ore: This skill makes it easier to locate ores when you are near one.

  • Metallurgy: This skill reduces research time. It can be upgraded 3 times. It also allows you to research more items.

  • Miner Hireling: Similar to Provisioning hireling, this unlocks a person who mines ores for you, even when you're AFK! Can be upgraded for higher rarity ores

  • Temper Expertise: This skill increases your chance of improving items with tempers.

  • Metal Extraction: This skill increases the chances of extracting blacksmithing ingredients and helps refine powerful tempers.

Now that you have the materials, it's time to get your desired gear set. Next, we will explore the 4 tasks you can perform at a blacksmithing station: Creation, Improvement, Extraction, and Research. Let's explore them one at a time.


To craft your desired set, you first need to find a blacksmith workstation, and from there, you can open a specialized menu. This menu includes everything required to craft sets. If the menu is too cluttered, you can check the 'Have items' and 'Have knowledge' tab to see what you can and cannot craft. The selection menu is as follows, left to right:

  • Type Section: In this section, you choose whether you want to create an Armor set or a weapon. Distinct sets can be created provided you have invested enough in this skill.

  • Material Section: In this section, you can choose how strong your items can be. Higher investment in ingots can lead to stronger gears and vice versa. It's also important to note that different sets/items will require a different base quantity of materials.

  • Style Section: Using a crafting stone, you can change the style to look more race specific. They are usually bought from near crafting stations.

  • Trait Section: This section allows the player to add a certain buff to the set they are using; this can be done with gems, as mentioned previously in the materials section. Traits are usually locked and need research to be unlocked, so that needs to be considered.


To upgrade your gear, you have to access the Improvement tab. Using the features in this tab, you can make your gear stronger, at the risk of having them destroyed forever. It's a high-risk, high-reward gamble, so make sure you make the right decision. 

You can use a varying number of tempers; the higher the amount, the lower the risk of destruction of your item. Therefore, if you are improving your favorite sword, invest enough tempers. Tempers can be acquired using trade, from your hireling, or stealing from people.

What if you don't have the money to create the cool sets you want to buy properly? You may have dreams of owning them. Don't forget to save enough cash so you can compete effectively.

But it costs a significant amount of ESO Gold to make sets. The game's currency is ESO gold, which is obtained by focusing on various game mechanics. For some people, this could be rather annoying. The good news is that buying ESO Gold with real money is a simple way to do it.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Blacksmithing


Extraction is probably the most important aspect of blacksmithing. Without it, you aren't able to extract ingots from the ores you collected and thus cannot craft your sets. You get no set amount from each ore; it is quite randomized. It is also possible to get nothing too. However, it's quite rare and unfortunate. This extraction is also an irreversible action; however, it is always profitable to extract ores.


Research refers to identifying buffs, which you can then put in your desired gear sets. It is usually very time-consuming, so it's better to plan this aspect carefully. This is why you are expected to research the more useful traits first. The first trait takes 6 hours, while the 9th trait can take as long as 64 days! Choosing the wrong trait can cost you DAYS! Traits are also very specific, usually to a single armor or weapon, which makes choosing which trait you want a very important decision.

It is also important to note that researching an item WILL destroy it, so make sure you don't dump in an OP sword. You can also research multiple items by upgrading metallurgy to save time and make your time more efficient.

Hopefully, this guide gave you an idea of how to use blacksmithing to its maximum potential. It is advisable to start crafting from Day 1 itself and get yourself to level 50 as fast as you can. Happy smithing!

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