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The Elder Scrolls Online Bleakrock Quests Guide

Set on the northeastern coast of Skyrim is Bleakrock, which marks the beginning of the Elder's Scroll Online journey quests. It is a beginner-level quest to get you started and familiarize you with the gameplay. Five major quests are to be done in Bleakrock, with one containing seven chain quests, so there are twelve quests. Here are the walkthrough tips for completing the quest and escaping Bleakrock.

First, you need to talk to Riurk in Davon's Watch and talk to Liezl at the docks to access Bleakrock. Only after reaching Bleakrock Isle, you can access the Bleakrock quests. 

Quest: A Beginning at Bleakrock

Talk to Captain Rana in the main hall to get the first quest. After that, you just need to find and talk to Darj to complete the quest, and you get 85 golds as a reward.

Quest: What Waits Beneath

It starts after the first quest is completed as you keep talking to Darj. Then, finally, you get a quest to summon the Dragon Priest. On the way to the quest, you need to defeat a few Level 4 Skeletons. 

Light up the Brazier, and you can summon the Dragon Priest. Talk to him, and you are tasked to collect 3 runestones: Whale runestone, Snake runestones, and Eagle runestone, to enter the dungeon.

To get each runestone, you need to defeat the Level 4 Skeleton and collect the runestone. After collecting all the runestones and placing them on designated spots, you can enter the Skyshroud Barrow dungeon.

Tip: - In this area, you can find a Skyshroud marked by a beam of light.

Your next task is to Sanctify the Priests body. Then, head to the main chamber and kill the necromancer. The necromancer can continuously summon Level 4 Skeletons at an interval. Based on your defense and gameplay, you could kill summoned skeletons before attacking the necromancer or wholly concentrate on defeating the necromancer while taking some damage.

After all, enemies are defeated, you sanctify the body, and you are tasked to search for evidence. After you find the scroll (pointed with a marker), talk to Darj to complete the quest. You are rewarded with Shield of Darj and 85 gold.

Tip: - Exploring the quest area may help in enhancing your stats little by little.

Quest: The Missing of Bleakrock 

It starts right after the completion of the previous quest. This quest has 7 chain quests before completing the main quest. You can do them in any order.

The main quest is to find the missing villagers with an optional step to talk to Captain Rana and tell her to evacuate.

Tip: - Talk to Captain Rana after completing the chain quest as she gives you the next quest and the rewards when you talk to her.


Heading to the marked location on the map, you encounter bandits as enemies and an NPC Molla; she gives you a wand and your first chain quest. She tasks you with saving her friends who are cursed into becoming Skeevers by a mad mage.

The Elder Scrolls Online Molla

1st skeever is somewhere around the south of the water's side, on the island of the map. 2nd skeever is in the same area but be careful of the roaming spiders. Finally, 3rd skeever is around the southern end of the map.

Rescuing them all, speaking to Molla in the town dock completes the quest, and you are awarded 42 golds.

The Frozen Man 

Around the map's northern side, you find an NPC, Rolunda, who tasks you with rescuing her little brother trapped inside the cave. Inside, you need to find three clues by exploring the area. Find all the clues and talk to the frozen man to start his next game. You need to choose the correct spirit among the three (most commonly the center spirit). You can choose as many times as wrong to progress. Keep talking to him until you see the choice that you will hurt him if he doesn't let Eiman go. Finally, you're able to free Eiman. 

Bringing him to Rolunda completes the quest, and you are rewarded with Bonesplitter 1H Hammer. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Rolunda

Hozzins Folly

On the western part of the map, when reaching Hozzins Folly, you can reach Sergeant Seyne by following the marker. Take the disguise of bandits after talking to her. Remember, do not attack the bandits yet. 

Tip: - You can choose not to disguise and attack the bandits directly, but the progress is faster with a disguise on. 

Go to the enemy camp and investigate the given locations. Be careful of the bandits with torches. If caught, change the disguise by picking from a fallen bandit. After completing the investigations, enter the bandit's cave while remaining in disguise. You need to lie to the gatekeeper to gain entrance. 

Inside, make way to the portal to oblivion, go inside and close it down. Kill all the enemies and destroy the Unspeakable sigil. Talk to Sergeant Seyne outside to complete the quest, and you will be rewarded with Seyne's Bootknife 1H Dagger.

At Frosts Edge

You find a note on one of the bandits you killed in Hozzins Folly that gives you this quest. If you follow the objective marker of the quest, you find a burnable box. The main objective of this quest is to free a prisoner who is the missing person of Bleakrock. Kill the guards, burn the box and free the prisoner named Bjorynolf. Freeing Bjorynolf will mark the end of the quest. This quest rewards you with 42 golds. 

Lost on Bleakrock

Head southwest on the map and find the NPC Halmaera. She tasks you with finding her dog and her husband. She gives you a whistle. Take the whistle and go to the marked spot and blow it. The dog will come running; he will lead you to the husband. Talk to him and return him home to get 42 golds as a reward. 

Tracking the Game

East of the town, interact with a wounded NPC named Haknir to get the task of getting rid of Deathclaw. Go to the objective area, which is the Deathclaw's lair, by following the trail left by Hoknir. Attract the Deathclaw using dead animal meat, kill it, and collect its talon. They are level 4 creatures and may require blocking and stunning to stay alive until you defeat them. Afterward, talk to Hoknir and complete the quest getting rewarded 42 golds. 

Dangerous Webs

In the north-western area, find and talk to Bura-Natoo. Be careful of the spiders running around the area. You are tasked with rescuing his friends from the spiders.

You just need to head to marked areas, fight level 4 spiders, free everyone, and return to Bura-Natoo. Completing the quest rewards you with 42 Golds. Gold is the in-game currency of Elder Scrolls Online, and it can be used in upgrading equipment and give you an upper hand in the fights. You can get ESO Gold for real money.

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After completing all the quests, inform Rana. You will be awarded Blackrock Garrison Plate, 85 Golds, and are given the next quest. 

Quest: Sparking the Flame

You get this quest from Captain Rana after the completion of 'The Missing of Bleakrock' quest. You are tasked to go into the tower and light the signal fire. Go to the tower that is filled with covenant soldiers. Kill them to reach the top of the tower and light the fire. You can return to the town now.

Speak to Tillrani Snow-Bourne just outside the village entrance. You are tasked with collecting buckets of water, extinguishing the houses on fire, and saving the NPCs in those houses. After completing these tasks, return to Captain Rana to get rewarded for the quest completion. You get 85 golds. 

Quest: Escape from Bleakrock 

Starts right after the completion of the previous quest. Talk to Captain Rana outside the temple, where she informs you that she wishes to evacuate the residents to the Last Rest. 

Talk to Captain Rana once you are inside; she tells you she will coordinate with you to flip the two switches simultaneously. Wait for the refugees to pass. Next, you are tasked with unlocking the door deep inside the tomb for Captain Rana. Find the door by exploring the area while killing the enemies. Unlock the door, and talk to Captain Rana. You must flip the switch again and open the door for her. Talk to Captain Rana again and wait for another 30 secs for the refugees to pass.

Talk to Captain Rana once you are ready to leave the Bleakrock area. After you have sailed successfully to the next area, talk to her again to end the Bleakrock quests. You are rewarded with 93 golds for finishing the 'Escape from Bleakrock' quest.

A table displaying the quest, reward and the sub-quests are listed below:



Starting Point


A Beginning at Bleakrock 


Riurk in Davon’s Watch

85 golds

What Waits Beneath


Darj the Hunter

Darj’s Shield, 85 golds

The Missing of Bleakrock 


As soon as you finish What Waits Beneath

Bleakrock Garrison Plate, 85 golds




42 golds


The Frozen Man

Rolunda, island to the north

Bonesplitter 1H Hammer


Hozzins Folly

Sergeant Seyne

Seyne’s Bootknife 1H Dagger


At Frosts Edge

From bandit note found during Hozzins Folly

42 golds


Lost on Bleakrock 

Halmaera, southwest to village

42 golds


Tracking the Game

Hoknir, East of the Village

42 golds


Dangerous Webs

Bura-Natoo, Northwest 

42 golds

Sparking the Flame


Captain Rana after completing the Missing of Bleakrock

85 golds

Escape from Bleakrock


Immediately after Sparking the Flame

93 golds

Tip: - Remember to collect the 3 Skyshards on the Bleakrock Isle before going to the next location, as while completing this location quests, you are bound to come across these. Skyshards are important items because for every 3 Skyshard, a character gains 1 extra skill point to spend; they are at the following locations:

The Elder Scrolls Online Bleakrock Quest

  1. Skyshroud Barrow- outside the Skyshroud Barrow Dungeon 
  2. Orkey's Hollow- outside the Frozen Man Cave.
  3.  Hozzins Folly- inside the Bandit cave.
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