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The Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation Guide

Character creation, the first phase on your path to greatness, is crucial to your progress. Selecting the ideal category and avatar will go a long way toward ensuring you enjoy your time playing Elder Scrolls Online. In addition to having the ability to use force against his foes, a real hero must also have legendary good looks.

Name and gender of the character

In the first field, type the name of the character you choose. Once you've finished creating your The Elder Scrolls Online character, you can no longer modify your character's name, so carefully consider your options. The other attributes are the same. You can alter some of these for a cost using "crowns" out from Crown Store, but that's not the best option if you don't want to wind up shelling out a ton of money to reset your character completely. Next, choose whether you prefer your character to be a man or a woman.


Which side your avatar will be on in the Alliance War is determined by Alliance. The alliances you have open to you will vary by race. If your character is either an Orc, Redguard, or a Breton, you can select the Daggerfall Alliance. Your affiliation will also determine the area where you must finish a particular mission. There are currently three players. Unless you have purchased the Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition, certain races will be pre-affiliated with certain factions, and the option to switch won't be available for a while. Everyone should discuss which faction they want in advance if you and a group of friends plan to play together from the start of the game.

Ebonheart Pact

The races that formed this alliance were forced to form it because they hardly ever cooperated. The Argonians, Nords, and Dunmer all battle to keep the Empire out of their respective countries.

Aldmeri Dominion

Established by the Altmer so that, with the aid of the Khajiits and the Bosmer, they could defend the territory. Instead, the Aldmeri Dominion wants to impose its dominion over Tamriel.

Daggerfall Covenant

The Bretons, Orcs, and Redguard make up the Covenant, which the High King Emeric established. Their main objective is to reclaim the Ruby throne and establish law and order.


When creating your Elder Scrolls Online character, this is probably the last feature you want to change. You require your character to appear in the manner you want them to, even though it's not the most crucial aspect. After all, you are playing this character in the ESO universe.

Even though it takes a lot of time, this process is enjoyable, and you should consider it as much as possible. Your character's look can be customized, from body frame and facial shape to additional elements like body marks, jewelry, and hair.

Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation


Your character's most potent strengths are based on which of the ten races you select. For example, if you intend to use essentially magical powers, one race may have a more excellent Magicka rating. In contrast, another race might possess higher maximum stamina, which benefits warrior-type characters.

Additionally, each race possesses distinct racial skills. Furthermore, the Elder Scrolls Online character customization system enables you to combine aspects and acquire talents as you progress, so you are not forced to confine your character to a single race due to these abilities. Therefore, the most helpful thing you might do in the game, coupled with other factors, should be the question you ask yourself before choosing your character's race. For example, would you like to roleplay more and do it casually? Or are you the kind of person who gets incredibly pumped-up during battle and strives to acquire enough experience? 

Some Elder Scrolls Online races are better suited for gamers who like a leisurely pace, while others are for combat experts. However, as has been mentioned repeatedly in this Elder Scrolls Online character customization tutorial, you are ultimately free to select any race and enjoy the games you desire.

Elder Scrolls Online Character Races

Covenant of Daggerfall


Bretons receive benefits to their Magicka, light armor, and spell resistance skills because they were born to be mages.


Orcs are tough, strong warriors who perform well on the battlegrounds and have advantages in their health regeneration, health, and heavy armor.


Redguards are strong DPS characters who excel with the sword and have attributes that augment their proficiency with both and faster stamina recovery.

Aldmeri Dominion


Also referred to as the High Elves, this opulent race of Elves has features that augment their terrifying power and the pace at which they regain Magika. In addition, they are adept at blasting things sky high.


The Wood Elves, as they are more generally referred to, are experts in blending in with their surroundings, giving them advantages in stamina, stealth, and bow skills.


The feline race is fierce and agile, providing them advantages in physical combat and stealth. They have their eyes up and their claws out.

Ebonheart Pact


The racial qualities of the Argonians, who have advantages in healing, sickness resistance, and poison resistance, reflect their origins in the swampy region of the Black Marsh.


Dark elves are native to Morrowind's ashen region, and their abilities reflect this. They have significant boosts in blast damage and high durability, which makes them perfect vampires.


These tough warriors come from Skyrim's icy tundra and have qualities that improve their two-handed skills, health, and tolerance to frost.

The Imperials


The Imperials of Cyrodil are the only race permitted to select one of the three alliances. These individuals are skilled with shields and specialize in using them, which benefits their strength and stamina.

Upgrading the skills and buying upgrades can take a lot of your time or cost you a lot of gold coins. If you falling short of gold coins, you can purchase them for real money.

If you need them, you can buy ESO Gold at our website MMOPixel at an unbeatable price.

The benefits and drawbacks of various character Builds

In gaming jargon, character designs are more frequently referred to as character archetypes. To ask yourself, you should genuinely consider what you desire to get out of the game, similar to the question provided above. For example, are combat prowess and victory more critical to you? Would you instead become more familiar with the lore while playing the game casually?

Elder Scrolls Online Character Builds

Preferred method of combat

Do you prefer to engage in close combat or contact your adversaries as much as possible? In the context of sports, this is frequently referred to as "contact sports" when you are often near your adversaries. In this instance, the optimum character build uses close-range weapons that inflict the most damage. Create a character that utilizes mage weaponry and has a strong Magicka rating if you desire to play cleverly and be capable of hitting from a distance.

Player Modes

What activities most interest you? Are you keener on playing PVE or PVP? Pay close attention to the qualities that benefit you most in these modes.

Additional Customization

You can then dive into greater depth over your character's appearance after selecting your class. Although it may not be as "beautiful" as other MMORPGs available, you still have a good chance of crafting your ideal character, thanks to a broad collection of sliders and presets.

The physique can be altered from lean, muscular, or massive, changing the body's overall size and level of detail.

Similar customization options are available for the head, including altering the face's shape and the size of the different features and adding color and extra decals like makeup, scars, and accessories.

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