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The Elder Scrolls Online Classes Guide

Millions of people worldwide play Elder Scrolls Online, a multiplayer online role-playing game. Many new players come to try it out in addition to the experienced fans of previous Elder Scrolls games. But one of the most challenging decisions any new player must make is which character to use to begin their quest.

We'll list the characters in the ESO game and then give our recommendations for which one you should play according to your preferences. 

Which alliance should be picked?

Elder Scrolls Online pre-orderers can select any race and alliance, while latecomers are limited to the pre-determined factions. Only in the PVP does the choice matter, aside from access to the beginning area. If you're gaming with buddies, you should continue playing in the matching alliance. Otherwise, you can switch allegiances later on in the game.

Which race should be picked?

Each race possesses unique racial talents. Although these talents are available right away, they do nothing for your character beyond the first skill unless you use skill points to acquire and enhance them. Each talent that is unlockable has three levels. For example, the wonderful Gift of Magnus latent skill is useless if you choose a Breton and never invest any skill points in it. This means that while a race can aid in the development of a certain character build, it is not the be-all and end-all. Here is a list of the available races, their unique skills, and which classes can use them.

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Races available

You must select a lore-friendly class in Elder Scrolls Online before you can start customizing your character. Each character has mythology associated with their history, and you can read a character's biography before choosing one. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Races Available

These ESO characters are available:


The Nightblade class is intended to be an assassin, and they employ stealth to launch sneak attacks that deal more damage. In addition, they frequently use magic to damage their adversaries or even strengthen themselves. Nightblades are a typical "rogue" archetype that can be pretty effective in melees and ranged combat in comparable games. They are vital in precision strike DPS but somewhat lacking in AoE damage. They can also be excellent healers and tanks thanks to their strong self-sustaining skills.

The Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade

Skill lines

Assassination: As implied by the name, your character transforms into a true assassin with high damage, anti-heal (reduces foes' healing), the ability to teleport, and the ability to critically strike enemies.

Shadow: With the help of this skill, you can harm nearby adversaries and blind, frighten, and snare them.

Siphoning: Build a path where your character deals harm gradually while also healing and buffing your teammates.


These are ESO's mages. The might of Flame, Frost, and Shock are utilized by sorcerers and sorceresses more effectively than by any other class, and its skill lines are focused on destructive Magicka spells, buffs, and summons.

They are also skilled at casting defensive spells like crowd control or magical shields that reduce incoming damage.

The finest ranged attack dealers within the game are sorcerers, who can also function admirably as healers when necessary.

They can easily handle solo play and PvE dungeons, but survival requires patience, kiting skills, and potions. However, since they can deal out a tonne of burst damage while shielding themselves to Oblivion, they are remarkably versatile in PvP.

The Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer

Skill lines

Daedric Summoning: This talent offers crowd management and damage per second. With their pets, sorcerers can harm, interrupt, and stun adversaries.

Storm Calling: This is an area of effect skill damage per the second line.

Dark Magic: You will obtain a support class character if you follow this build route; this character negates enemy effects and grants allies life, Magicka, and the buffs that improve teammates' abilities. Enemies can also be stunned and defeated by it.


The Warden class offers a flexible, support-focused choice if you wish to complete a specific job while helping others. 

The Warden is the class for you if you're looking for a class that makes use of Tamriel's wilderness to heal, defend, or inflict damage (simultaneously)

The Warden, like nature itself, is an unstoppable, chaotic force in the conflict, capable of conjuring ferocious beasts, causing the earth to erupt with healing plants, or encasing themselves as well as others in shields of ice.

The Elder Scrolls Online Warden

Skill lines

Green Balance: It is an ability that gives your character excellent support because, as the name implies, green represents life.

Winter's Embrace : Choosing ice allows you to gradually deal damage while slowing down your opponents' mobility.

Animal Companions: You can summon various animals to fight for you; each animal deals a different kind of harm.


Dragonknights can be referred to as the ESO version of the "Dragonborn" class. If it makes sense, it's the most "Skyrim-like" experience. They undoubtedly have high health, and their abilities are modeled on the MMO class archetype of the "Warrior."

The Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight

Skill lines

Ardent Flame: This skill set is useful if you wish to daze your opponents and inflict damage gradually.

Earthen Heart: Payers choose this one to deflect enemy damage, debuffs, and immobility. The class's tankiest build route.

Draconic Power: You can use this skill if you wish to harm nearby adversaries while also immobilizing them. If you prefer a juggernaut-style build, it also offers additional health.


The Templar class specializes in dealing combat damage while also wielding the abilities of light to harm, afflict, or heal allies and adversaries. Their popularity in other MMORPGs has led to comparisons to "paladins," a well-known archetype. If constructed properly, they may even develop into powerful tanks.

Templars are ideal if you want to tank or heal because they can deal less damage than other classes.

The Elder Scrolls Online Templar

Skill lines

Dawn's Wrath: As stated in the skill's name, you will fire damage to foes while giving your teammates debuffs and boosts. Assaulting the support line.

Restoring Light: A simple backup line where you play an adamant character who heals your teammates. Rely primarily on passive abilities.

Aedric Spear: This one is dangerous because it allows you to stun and interrupt adversaries and gradually damage them.


Necromancers are experts in the dark arts and the undead. Their injury-inflicting skill line, Grave Lord, conjures up undead henchmen to aid in battle.

Necromancers can be used for more than just punishment. The Bone Tyrant skill tree works effectively with various tanking skill trees and tries to defend the user and teammates. The Living Death talent tree enables them to refresh themselves or their friends by taking life from their opponents.

The Elder Scrolls Online Nexromancer

Skill Lines

Grave Lord (Elementalist): The dead are given natural elements like Fire, Frost, and Lightning by your necromancer, who then uses them to strike foes.

Living Dead (Soul Mending): You can revive your fallen teammates and give them new life. Real backing for this class.

Bone Tyrant (Bone Armor): When you summon the dead, you can destroy them, create shields and barriers, and your life will also be extended.


As was already noted, several skill lines from which you can select spells and abilities depend on your chosen class. Because class-specific skill lines aren't available elsewhere, we advise you to research each class and determine your preferred play style properly.

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