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The Elder Scrolls Online Dragon Knight Builds Guide

Of the various classes ESO provides, one class that seems to stand out is the Dragonknight class. The great thing about Dragonknight class is that with the correct builds, you can dishing the biggest numbers in PvE and become one of the strongest beings. In addition, the community loves Dragon Knights as the class is part of the base game. So how do you be a great Dragonknight? Let’s find out.


The Dragonknight class has 3 class-focused skill lines, namely the Ardent Flame, Earthen Heart, and last but not least, Draconic Power.

Ardent Flame: This skill tree deals with mainly dealing flame damage to your enemies and applying various status effects. Most skills mainly help with your DPS, except for your passives. 

Earthen Heart: This skill tree deals with support abilities, whether to you or your allies. The passive in this skill tree has one of the best passives, Battle Roar, which helps you manage your stats and ensure they don’t run out.

Draconic Power: This skill tree helps you inherit the characteristics of a tank while also helping with crowd control. The iron skin passive is one to look out for, as it can be strong.

Dragon knights are amazing, if not top tier, for both PvE and PvP. They are beginner friendly and easy to understand. Stamina DK is considered META in the eyes of some, which will help you clear most content in this game.

Some builds that can help you succeed are:

Magicka DK: A great class that specializes in AoE damage. The fire and poison damage can pull up some great numbers. However, there are some issues with resource management and sustainability.

Stamina DK: DKs that love close-range combat and love to deal single target damage. However, I feel like sustainability can be hard here too.

Healer DK: A rather weird class, which, instead of providing your team with heath, provides tanky shields. In my opinion, it is the weakest DK class; however, it has its unique applications. 

Now let’s talk about some specialized DK classes.

Note - DKs are short form for DragonKnight.

Build #1 - Magicka DK

The build deals great damage but can be taken down very easily. Hence, it is advised to play this class in a group and not as a solo. These builds also assume you have CP 160 gear. 

5 pieces of Perfected Bahsei’s Mania give you 129 weapon and spell damage and increases damage in a PvE environment based on missing magicka. You’ll be doing more damage the more spells you dish out, which makes you deal bigger numbers the longer you are on-field.

Kjalnar’s set also deals huge magicka damage while also stunning them

Law of Julianos as a weapon and 3 more pieces (4 pieces) gives an additional 657 Crit Chance.

Finally, for your weapon 2, you can either use another Law of Julianos for 300 weapon and spell damage, or a better option would be to use a crushing wall, which deals more damage to your wall of elements but is harder to attain.

Please note that some of the gear sets require you to purchase the DLC.

As for the race, High Elf is a great choice due to its magicka passive abilities.

There is quite a lot of liberty for your skill slots. However, we recommend some skills such as Burning Embers, Molten whip, unstable wall of elements, and Standard of Might. These skills deal high damage blows, while the last one (your ultimate) makes you deal more damage in general.

As for the passives, Iron Skin, Battle Roar, and Combustion are must-haves, as the first one helps with some survivability, while the other two help in resource management, returning resources whenever certain conditions are met.

If Magicka doesn’t suit your needs, maybe the next build will.

Sample Stats for an average Magicka DK

Build #2 - Stamina DK Build

Stamina DKs require a great deal of skill in resource management. However, due to their amazing passives (Battle Roar, Combustion), such classes are possible while dealing great damage simultaneously. This build works well as a solo player and plays with randoms.

The build we will be focusing on is a 2 handed sword and a bow build. In addition, 5-piece Tzogvin’s Warband helps with critical, and 3-piece Briarheart increases stamina. If you are starting, Dragonguard is a great set for your weapons, although Thunderous Volley and a briarheart do the trick, provided you have progressed in the game.

Skills, again, can be left to player discretion. However, you can never go wrong with the Standard of Might. Having a damage and defense boost is just great. Noxious breath can be spammed, as it deals great damage and debuffs the enemy at the same time.

Volatile Armor and Cauterize help in survivability, as since you will be running solo, you need to prioritize staying alive. Running an orc as your race helps with this build, as orcs provide stamina passives.

Last but not least, we will discuss the class passives. Again, Battle Roar and Combustion help with resource management. However, for more damage, World in Ruin helps with poison damage. Another important thing to note is this build works well in PvP too.

So many set requirements that it is really hard to craft them all. You need an abundant amount of ESO Gold, and getting that much in-game currency can be a pain. Luckily, you can get ESO Gold for real money, making your in-game experience a lot better and easier.

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Build #3 - Tank DK Build

DK tanks are exceptionally powerful, clearing most, if not all, content in the game. However, these tanks are meant for PvE and have very little potency in PvP.

A 5-piece Yolnahkriin set gives the wearer good health, while the engine guardian monster set helps in resource management by summoning a dwemer. Lastly, a 5-piece Powerful Assault set gives great all-around stats. Since Powerful Assault can be difficult to get, Torug can be a great replacement until you progress further.

Overall, judging by the sets, you can also provide great support to your party by raising their stats. 

As for your skills, some must-haves are Magma shell for resource management, Balance for using your magicka for emergency heals, and as for the ultimate, Reviving Barrier is a great option.

As for your passives, Battle Roar and Helping Hands help a great deal for stamina management. Using an Argonian as your race helps too because of the racial passive.

What if these builds don’t fit your playstyle? Well, you can always experiment with new sets for your optimal damage. Realizing what sets interest you and successfully using them as part of your kit makes gameplay especially riveting!

This concludes the most efficient builds for our Dragonknight class. Personally, the Stamina DK helps us deal so much damage, no wonder most of the community loves it. Hopefully, this guide helped you in your playthrough!

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