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The Elder Scrolls Online :Greymoor Review

Along with a cool pint in a beer garden on a summer’s day, or plunging into an icy shower after a jaunt in a sauna, There's nothing more exciting than a new game journey. The Elder Scrolls Online is once again casting a spell of nostalgia on its fanbase through its new Greymoor expansion. And make no mistake, Greymoor is one heck of a looker when you first set foot upon its frigid Nordic lands.

Greymoor tells us about a nefarious threat that threatens to destroy the entire western region of Skyrim. Congregations of sorcerers, packs of wolf men and elusive vampires are haunting the lands north of Tamriel and on their way, they only leave death, destruction, and creatures – humans, once – aggressive and senseless. The high king of the city of Solitude (a settlement that already appeared in the fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls), however, refuses to face the threat, preferring instead to strengthen the eastern borders in view of an attack by Jorunn, his bitter rival.

Greymoor's adventures take place in two distinct but related places. The lands west of Skyrim, which include swampy regions (Hjaalmarch) or cold and snowy peaks (Karthald), and the underground caves of Blackreach, a place where small mining companies do business and where threats are hiding ready to forcefully attack the surface.

There’s a lot to love about being a vampire in Greymoor, but it happens to be an alternative lifestyle that is more fraught with peril than it needs to be at this stage in the game. But if you’re coming back for one big new feature, Greymoor has something that’ll be enticing to veterans beyond its roughly 15ish hour story, half-dozen world bosses, and a new trial. Called Antiquities, this collection of mini-games focuses on scrying for artifacts, getting your hands dirty and uncovering new gear along the way.

The Elder Scrolls Online PC Analyzed Version Greymoor is an expansion in line with the others that preceded it. As usual, it enjoys a well-kept and pleasant setting to explore, in addition, it brings to mind the memories of Skyrim and enriches them with the underground caves of Blackreach, expanded and revisited compared to The Elder Scrolls V. As usual, moreover, characters and main story struggle to take off, and the structure of many activities and missions do not lend itself adequately to online group play. But those who have already come to terms with these limits, or do not perceive them as such, will be able to appreciate Greymoor like any other chapter published so far.

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