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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide to Oathsworn Pit Dungeon

Players have adored The Elder Scrolls Online ever since it was released. The game gained rapid popularity due to its compelling gameplay, storyline, and fighting elements. The idea behind The Elder Scrolls Online is simple but grandiose.

Along with Bedlam Veil, Oathsworn Pit is one of the two dungeons that may be accessed with the Scions of Ithelia DLC. The northern portion of the Reach zone is where its actual entrance is located. You will require access to the Scions of Ithelia DLC in order to enter the dungeon, either on foot or through the Group and Activity Finder.

The plot of the dungeon is something like this, The Oathsworn Pit, a training site for the most loyal followers of Malacath, has just been taken over by an enigmatic new gang of Wood Elves. The God of Curses has designated you and your group to act in his name as he wants vengeance for his slain warriors. Pretty cool right? However, compared to the base game Group Dungeons, which typically demand a Character Level of 45 and above to participate in, these DLC-exclusive group dungeons will be significantly harder even at Normal Difficulty. In this guide, we will help you complete this dungeon efficiently with maximum rewards. 

About ESO Oathsworn Pit Dungeon

Oathsworn Pit dungeon entrance is situated north of the Druadach Mountains Wayshrine in the Reach Zone. You must defeat the three main Bosses in order to advance and finish the dungeon. Additionally, there are three hidden bosses that you must fight and eliminate. You can obtain unique buffs that will enable you to finish the dungeon more quickly by defeating the hidden bosses. You will be required to spend gold, the in-game currency of ESO to get these buffs. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Oathsworn Pit Dungeon Main Bosses

In the dungeon, there are three primary bosses, each with special movements and attacks. The Oathsworn Pit Dungeon Bosses are:

  • Packmaster Rethelros and Malthil

  • Anthelmir’s Construct

  • Aradros the Awakened

Each of these bosses is defeated by using different tactics and niche moves. Follow along to learn the effective tips to defeat them. 

ESO Oathsworn Pit Dungeon Guide

Packmaster Rethelros and Malthil

The first boss in the dungeon that you must beat in order to advance is Packmaster Rethelros and Malthil, who’s Rethelros's hound dog and is with him during the fight. It will be a simple battle overall with a couple of strong blows that you might need to watch out for. Malthil is a more mobile boss who will hunt down players whereas Rethelros is a stationary boss who uses his bow to shoot and set traps.

Rethelros lays traps nearby that cause injuries and render players helpless. In addition, he shoots a barrage of arrows that circle a player. Aim to stay clear of the arrows and traps. A straight-line shot is his most lethal attack. As soon as you notice the line leaving him, try to move slightly aside and block its path. Try to Keep Rethelros and Malthil apart at all times, because of her Rage One shot. But she doesn't stay raging for long, so if you can't keep them apart, simply get out of her way and defeat them. 

Anthelmir’s Construct

A really simple battle as well, with the build as your principal enemy. Early in the battle, Anthelmir will be a danger, but after that, your only opponent will be the Construct. Anthelmir will launch projectiles at you while evoking a fire shield.

Additionally, Anthelmir summons Cindermoth, which would want to explode close to the target player. Bring them close to the nearby barrels to cause them to blow up away from you. 

Early in the battle, the construct's primary strike is a massive AOE in front of it that seizes a massive axe. It has the ability to deal a Heavy Attack to a player while it is wielding the axe. Make sure to deflect or block this blow. You will only be fighting the construct going forward. Also, the Construct can now launch an attack akin to a flamethrower. Tank will be useful in turning it away from the players. 

Aradros the Awakened

The final location of Oathsworn Pit is called Lodge of the Forge, and here is where Aradros the Awakened, the Final Boss, awaits you. He frequently employs a heavy attack that is charged and capable of dealing a lot of damage. To live, block or steer clear of this. Aradros is capable of charging a player who deals fire damage. He will also call up Awakened Fire adversaries to launch projectile attacks against you during the battle. He will also force the centre of the room to blow up when he is about 65% health.

As a result, fire damage is dealt to an increasing number of tiles nearby filling them up with lava. When Aradros is at 50% health, he will become invulnerable by summoning an orb of fire while simultaneously opening an adjacent room and crawling with more enemies. Aradros can't join the fight until you defeat the new foes in that room. Additionally, "The Smelter," an incomplete Atronach, is located inside this space. "Stoke" the fire by going to each of the three forges inside the space. After that, go back to the Atronach and "ignite" it. This will finish the conflict and awaken the Atronach, who will help you. Continue defeating the new enemies and then defeat Aradros. 

ESO Oathsworn Pit Dungeon

ESO Oathsworn Pit Dungeon Rewards 

Firstly, you can get several Armour sets inside this dungeon. These are:

  • Anthelmir’s Construct

  • Sluthrug’s Hunger

  • Cinders of Anthelmir

  • Black-Grove Grounding

Also, you’ll get a Memento: Malacath Helm Haunt, new Bloodmarks of Malacath Skin, Artifact-Hunter Amber Dye and a trophy given to you by Aradros when you complete Oathsworn Pit on Normal mode. And doing the same in veteran mode will reward you with a Bust given by Aradros. You also get three new titles at the end of this dungeon Pitmaster, The Vengeful and Oathsworn. 


Oathsworn Pit is not for the weak of heart, to sum up. To overcome its obstacles, you'll need a cohesive team, fast thinking, and a little bit of luck. However, any Elder Scrolls Online adventurer should visit this dungeon because of the rewards and sense of achievement that await you upon completion. May the Divines lead your way as you traverse the Oathsworn Pit and best of luck.

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