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The Elder Scrolls Online Healer Sets Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) features plenty of roles to choose from. One such role is that of healers in this game. Healers are easily an essential part of any team, combined with their ability to heal and provide powerful buffs. All this is fine, but what makes the healers so strong, and is every healer equally powerful and skillful? If you are also wondering about these questions, then worry not; we will be answering them in this The Elder Scrolls Online Healer Sets Guide article. 

This guide article will discuss various Healer sets that make healers powerful and help your team win. If you want to become a healer in TESO, read the complete article to learn about the best healer sets in TESO. Also, suggest reading all the material to understand when you'll require particular sets because they are most frequently utilized in the culmination of ESO.

Please note that the list is not in any particular order from best to worst; rather, you must comprehend the circumstances in which each set is necessary. Always inquire about the equipment your group/raid leader wants you to have; effective communication is essential! 

ESO Healer

Let's start with the popular Ability altering healer sets in The Elder Scrolls Online game.

Ability Altering Sets for Healers

Grand Rejuvenation (Master Resto Staff)

Grand Rejuvenation has two configurations: Grand Rejuvenation and Perfected Grand Rejuvenation, which appear throughout the Dragonstar Arena. The set is quite potent and greatly aids in maintaining your group's total stamina and magicka. Although the Grand Healing skill and its morphs have a longer duration, you can already repeat the skill once the buff has worn off to continue receiving the set's benefits.

Force Overflow

Appearing in the Vateshran Hollows Solo Arena, Force Overflow. This ability-altering healer sets also feature two variations - Force Overflow and Perfected Force Overflow. Regarding the benefit of using this set, Force Overflow lets you cast Force Siphon to create a tether that will target all the enemies within 15 m of range. Players will also get the additional resources to remain inside the tether to receive these benefits.

Timeless Blessing

Timeless Blessing has two variations: Timeless Blessing and Perfected Timeless Blessing. The Asylum Resto Staff is another name for the group. Because the crucial distinctive benefit is the same in both versions, the distinction between the perfected and flawed versions can be disregarded. That implies that obtaining the flawed version is pretty simple. Every healer build uses Combat Prayer; therefore, the set bonus is incredibly simple to activate and will make your sustain godlike since practically everything is 21% less expensive

Monster Sets for Healers in ESO

Some of the best monster healer sets in the Elder Scrolls Online are:

Symphony of Blades

The gear for the head can be found at Veteran Depths of Malatar dungeon, and for the shoulder piece, the location is Urgarlag Chief Bane. Symphony of Blades is good for dealing with magicka and stamina-related issues in ESO.

Sentinal of Rkugamz

The gear for the head can be found at Veteran Darkshade Caverns I, and for the shoulder piece, the location is Maj Al-Ragath. Sentinal of Rkugamz not only helps you as a healer to heal your allies but also restores magicka and stamina. It is decent enough to be used in PvP and PvE gameplay in ESO.

Magma Incarnate 

The gear for the head can be found at The Dread Cellar, and for the shoulder piece, the location is Urgarlag chief Bane. This healing set is used to boost your allies' spell and weapon damage.

There are a lot of other monster sets for healers, which you can discover while playing the game. Some might be good; others might not. But it completely depends upon how you use them on the battlefield.

ESO Healers Guide

Sets mentioned in this article can be tricky to obtain and costly to get otherwise. ESO-Gold is the game's primary currency and can help you buy certain items. 

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Now that we've already covered the Ability Altering and Monster sets let's move on to the best 5-piece sets available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

5-Piece Sets for Healers in ESO

Spell Power Cure

This powerful healer set can be found at White-Gold Tower Dungeon in both the Veteran and Normal versions. Spell Power Cure is one of the best alternatives for an equally good set Olorime which we will discuss in the next point. If you are a beginner, then this set is definitely for you. It lets you overheal your allies. 

Vestments of Olorime

As mentioned, this set is similar to Spell Power Cure and is available at Summerset Cloudrest Trial. This set also comes in the Normal and the Perfected versions. But unlike Spell Power Cure, Olorime takes time to get used to; thus, it is not beginner's friendly. 

The Worm's Raiment

The Worm's Raiment is available at Vaults of Madness dungeon. This set also comes in the Normal and the Perfected versions. Not for solo players. This is mostly for players in magicka group of 4 or a group of 12. Adds 145 magicka recovery.

Pillager's Profit

Located at Dreadsail Reef Trial, this set comes in two versions – Normal and Perfected. This set can significantly increase your team's potential for success, but it calls for strong teamwork. Because the set will be useless if your party already possesses a full set of ultimates, be cautious about planning when to use this with your group.

Healing Mage (Mending Set)

Located at Aetherian Archive Trial and is one of the most powerful sets available in ESO. It helps in reducing the damage from the enemies. However, it is challenging to keep up with the enemies because the set only activates when using an AoE heal and lasts only three seconds. In addition, you have to be within 10 meters of the enemies for it to activate.

Hollowfang Thirst

Hallowfang Thirst can be found at Moongrave Fane Dungeon. Hallowfang Thirst set is also available in two versions – Normal and Veteran mode. It provides decent enough support by assisting with healing and magicka recovery. Hallowfang Thirst is good for PvE and PvP content when used carefully.

ESO Healer Sets

Z'en's Redress

Located at Lair of Maarselok dungeon. This set uses your light strike to grant foes the Touch of Z'en for 20 seconds. Up to 5%, extra damage is dealt to enemies who have the Touch of Z'en for every damage-over-time effect you have on them. This set is strong and features a special damage boost function. However, the set will take up much of your time since you must continue all required opponent damage over time to maintain the overall 5% additional damage.


Located at Banished Cells I and II Dungeons, this set comes in two versions – Normal and Veteran. It is a beginner-friendly Healer set that is decent for PvE content. This set increases the healing that you receive by 12%. Green orbs that hover around your avatar help you identify the set's distinctive motion.

Kagrenac's Hope

You must have 8 traits researched to develop Kagrenac's Hope. It adds 25% more speed to resurrection. If your organization has a high number of fatalities, you should choose this set so that you can revive individuals much more quickly. Technically, you could use this on a character specializing in damage because it also increases your spell damage. When a new trial was launched, this set of progression groups was one of my favorites since it allowed for a much speedier resurrection as individuals generally tend to pass away suddenly.

Jorvuld's Guidance

Located at Scalecaller Peak dungeon, this set comes in two versions – Normal and Veteran. Jorvuld's Guidance is another one of the support sets which is capable of extending the buff duration given to the allies. You can use this set along with Spell Power Cure or Olorime to get better results.

Hiti's Hearth

Hiti's Hearth is available at Icereach Dungeon and is excellent support and healer set that lowers the cost of the sprint, block, and roll dodge while providing an AOE Heal to your whole party; very suitable for PVP builds.

Scorpion's Feast

The Dread Cellar dungeon has a drop for the Scorion's Feast set. When you use a fully charged heavy attack to cause damage, you are imbued with an aura that lasts for 10 seconds and gives you up to three more group members, 307 Magicka, and Stamina Recovery. Once every 20 seconds, this can happen. While the Imbued Aura is active, if you use a fully charged heavy attack to inflict damage once more, you'll consume it and obtain an Overflow Aura for 10 seconds, which will provide you and up to three more group members with 307 weapons and spell damage. When you heavily attack in the last seconds of the initial buff, you may have almost ten seconds to recover before getting a further ten seconds of weapon and spell damage.

This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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