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The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle - Tales of Tribute Guide

Tales of Tribute is a card game launched with the High Isle Chapter in Elder's Scroll Online. This guide deals with some basic gameplay of the game and a few other playing tips. This is a two-player card game where you strategically collect and upgrade the cards used in combination to win the game. There are ample rewards for the players challenging and participating in the matches. Tales of Tribute has its leaderboard for ranked matches. 

Note: High Isle Chapter is necessary for playing the Tales of Tribute card game, without which you can collect and upgrade the cards but cannot use them for games. 

To start playing the game, you must first complete the associated quests. Next, visit Gonfalon Gaming Hall in Gonfalon Bay; there, you need to find Bragas, a wood elf, outside the gaming hall to start the Tales of Tribute quest. Here you play a quick tutorial game after following the quest instructions. Your first opponent is Bragas, who teaches you the basics of the game. 

After defeating your opponents and handing in the completed quest, you can now do the two different daily tasks of the Tales of Tribute game in the Gonfalon Gaming Hall. The daily quests you get are:

  1. Defeat three NPCs from Kishka, the Broker and 

  2. Defeat three Players from Marunji, the Broker.   

Though the quest can be completed after just one victory, winning all three matches before submitting the quest gives you the highest rewards.

Note: The Tales of Tribute game progression is shared between all the characters in your account; hence, once any character completes the tutorial, you can do the quests using any character, even using other characters to complete the daily quests.

How to Play?

In a match, each player can have two decks of cards (Patrons). The first player chooses the decks at the first and fourth turns, whereas the second player chooses the decks at the second and third turns. After the process is done, the four decks are combined and set in the middle of the table, creating the "Tavern."

Three resources can be used to defeat the opponents, they are:

Coins: They are used to buy cards from the Tavern or favors from the Patrons on the right side of the game board. Coins are acquired from card effects and can be a useful resource to make the powerful Patrons move in favor of you. It should be noted that any unused coin after the end of the player's turn will be discarded and will go to waste, so plan ahead of time to use the coins efficiently. Also, while playing, keep an eye on the price and the favors the Patrons sell as they can help defeat the opponent. 

Power: You can use this resource to attack the opponent's card directly by clicking on the agent card you wish to attack. The value of power is subtracted from the health of the card you attacked. The unused Power value is converted into Prestige, which is required to win the match, so you can use or not use power based on your strategy. Using power to attack the agents could be very useful as too many agents on the opponent's team can be hard to tackle.

Prestige: This can be said to be each player's score, and the player with higher scores is the one in the lead. Prestige needs to be amassed, this can be done either by converting power into Prestige, or some cards can directly increase the Prestige. Once a player reaches the Prestige value of 40, the game enters a "sudden death situation" where the opponent has one chance to turn the situation around and beat him, which automatically loses the game.

Early in the game, choosing the chest icon card using two gold can be beneficial to the player in the long run as this can change one of your cards into a Writ of Coin card. This gives you two coins when the card is activated so that they can be used to buy more powerful cards from the Tavern later on.

Cards are the main element of the Tales of Tribute card game, and having a strong card makes more chances of winning against the opponent. The best way to get powerful cards is buying them for Gold. You can get ESO Gold easily for real money.

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Tavern, Cooldown, and Draw pile:

  1. Tavern: You can buy cards from here using the coins.

  2. Cooldown pile: Cards played previously or recently bought cards are placed in this pile for a few turns until their cooldown periods are refreshed.

  3. Draw pile: This is a deck of currently playable card pile. You draw five cards from this pile at the start of the turn. A few cards allow additional cards to be drawn from the pile. When the draw pile gets exhausted, the cooldown pile is shuffled and used in the draw pile for usual draw and usage.

Types of Cards:

There are four types of cards:

  1. Action Cards

  2. Agents Cards

  3. Contract Action Cards

  4. Contract Agents Cards

Action Cards: They simply perform the associated action, after which they go into a cooldown period in the cooldown pile. If and when an Action Card is bought from the Tavern, they are placed immediately in the cooldown pile for a few turns until their cooldown duration runs out.

Agents Cards: These cards remain on the field until their health runs out or until they are wiped out due to some action or skill of the opponent's card. Opponents can directly attack the health of Agents using the Power value. Agent cards have both single-play effects and combo play effects. Single play effects are activated easily by clicking on every player's turn. Combo play effects are activated by clicking on the different cards in your hand when it is your turn. The Combo skills can be very powerful, so having too many Agent Cards can be detrimental in a game for you and your opponent. The defeated agents are sent to the cooldown pile. 

Contract Action Cards: They get used as soon as they come up without going to the cooldown pile. The played Contract Action Cards get sent to the Tavern's discard pile after their action is complete.

Contract Agent Cards: Similar to Contract Action Cards, Contract Agent Cards, are playable as soon as they come into play without going to the cooldown pile and are sent to the Tavern's discard pile after they are knocked out.

Patrons in Tales of Tribute: 

All Patrons have their decks. The four card decks/Patrons chosen at the start of the game make the common pool of cards; they will be shuffled and placed in the Tavern along with the Treasury-related cards.

Sl. No.



Ansei Frander Hunding


Duke of Crows


Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu


Psijic Loremaster Celarus


Rajhin The Purring Liar


Red Eagle, King of the Reach 


Saint Pelin


Sorcerer- King Orgnum



You can interact with the Patrons once per your turn to change their favorability from neutral to favorable towards you. Though you can interact further with the now favored Patrons again in the next turn you get, that will not improve favorability any further. And, if you can gain favorability from all the onboard Patrons, you can immediately be victorious. 

Decks and Cards in Tales of Tribute:

The Tales of Tribute decks are made with lots of cards and a Patron. These cards include one starter card, a few standard cards, and a few upgradable cards. The upgradable cards benefit both parties in a match-up as the decks of both sides are shuffled and mixed. 

Master Razhamad gifts the starting four decks to all players. More decks can be acquired by doing Tales of Tribute activities, completing specific quests, or earning achievements on the High Isle chapter. You can try looking at hints of the Tales of Tribute card collection menu to upgrade the cards.

The Turn Timer

Players are given 90 seconds to complete all the action in their turn, 90 seconds marking the duration limit of one turn. If a player remains ideal the whole duration of his turn, his next turn will be 20 seconds longer. Still, remaining ideal for three turns continuously, he will automatically forfeit the game, counting as his loss. There is no turn timer when playing against NPCs.

Game Modes:

First, the game can be divided into PvE and PvP matches. PvE matches between Players and NPCs, whereas the PVP matches are Player vs. Player matches. In addition, there are two types of PvP matches: Ranked and Casual matches.

A Ranked match influences the tier and ranking of a player on the Tales of Tribute leaderboard. The wins or the losses of the match decide the rewards that can be acquired from them, but either way, the match counts as the advancement of Tales of Tribute quests.

Casual matches are similar to Ranked matches, except they do not influence the game rankings, though all the matches of this mode also count as completing the Tales of Tribute quests.

Matches against NPCs don't affect the leaderboard rankings but are counted as doing the Tales of Tribute quests. They also reward you according to the difficulty of the PvE matches.

There is also a mode for friendly matches that are played for fun and offer no rewards or quest advancement.

Starting the Matches:

You can challenge others for a Tales of Tribute match using the following methods:

  1. Activity Finder: You can challenge random players for a Tales of Tribute match using this option. You can choose between a ranked and a casual match and will be paired with a player with skills similar to yours.

  2. Challenging NPCs: You can challenge selected NPCs for a Tales of Tribute match after viewing their skill levels.

  3. Random Players: You can challenge random players in your surrounding by clicking on them, then choosing the Tales of Tribute option in the social interaction wheel. The match begins immediately after the invitation is accepted.

  4. Using Friend or Guild Lists: You can challenge your friends using the Friend list or the Guild list.

Take note that both you and your opponent are required to own the High Isle chapter of Elder's Scroll Online and must have completed the quest to unlock the Tales of Tribute game in Gonfalon Bay.

Leaderboards and Ranked Tiers:

This game has four ranking tiers, and the leaderboard is reset monthly. You can participate in the game season by playing five placement matches. First, these matches decide the player's starting tier. Then, each of these matches gives you points that influence the tier and leaderboard ranking. 

After a player reaches the Rubedite Tier, further ranking placements will be decided based on win rates instead of individual wins. The rewards of a Tales of Tribute season are based on tier and leaderboard rankings, where the top 10% and 2% are given special rewards.

Tips for the Game:

  1. It is important to manage the decks efficiently to avoid making the deck bulky with too many cards. It will be more effective to have a smaller number of powerful cards to get these cards more frequently.

  2. Trading one of your cards for a Writ of Coin card from the Treasury Patron can make quite a difference in the game later when you decide to use the card.

  3. You could also use the card, destroying the ability to remove them to make the deck leaner.

  4. You can also use the Oust and Refresh ability. Oust sends one of the drawn cards into the cooldown pile, and Refresh allows you to draw a card from the cooldown pile.

  5. Understanding the order in which combos are resolved can be a powerful skill for the player. The order in which you activate the card will decide the sequence of the activated effects and combos of the cards. Hence, consider what ability you wish to activate first and the following abilities to progress strategically. 

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