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The Elder Scrolls Online Scrying Guide

In Elder Scrolls Online, one of the two mini-games in the Antiquity system, Scrying involves revealing the information concealed in a lead so that you can find antiquities dig sites in a zone. When Scrying, you use a strange artifact called the Antiquarian's Eye to determine the precise location of an antique.

How can I get started with Scrying?

Enter your Journal and select the Antiquities tab to start Scrying. To find out which artifacts you have Leads for and the appropriate talents to scry for the area you're in, choose "Scryable."

You'll either require the Western Skyrim DLC or ESO+ to get started. When you reach Western Skyrim, proceed to Solitude and turn south toward the Antiquarian Circle. It is located in the northwest direction concerning Blue Palace and southeast of Bard's College.

If necessary, you can find the "Calling All Antiquarians" scroll hung up on the docks of Dragonbridge, Morthal, the Bottomless Pit in Leyawiin Blackwood, and Dusktown Blackreach. In any case, you can head straight to the Antiquarian Circle and talk to Verita Numida.

Elder Scrolls Online Scrying

The Antiques Circle

The "Antiquarian Circle" mission from Verita will earn you the Antiquarian's Eye as a prize. But, if players skim over the language in quests, they may not know how essential this item is to Scrying. When you're close to your next Antiquity, the Antiquarian's Eye, which is located in the tool area of your collections, essentially directs you to the location of your next dig site.

Antiquarian's Art

The quest "Antiquarian's Art," which includes instructions on how to find the dig site and unearth the prize linked to each clue, will subsequently be given to you by Verita. Once you've completed that, you will be officially recognized as an Antiquarian Circle member and be able to scry whatever you choose.

Higher rarity leads have level requirements, so you'll need to level it up before you can get the nice stuff. You will be given access to the Scrying skill lines and the Excavation after you unlock this Antiquity feature. In the excavation mini-game, excavation aids in removing the treasure from the ground more rapidly, whereas Scrying aids in finding the objects faster in the connecting facets mini-game.

Elder Scrolls Online Antiquarian's Art

Lead Scrying

You can scry a lead by opening the Antiquities Codex menu (using your zone map or Journal) and playing the mini-game. You must be in the lead's zone to scry it.

Using the Antiquarian's Eye, you can scry a lead by extending your awareness throughout the board to acquire facets and finally engulf the light cells or foci. Starting in the bottom center of the board, you can extend your influence by choosing nearby cells (referred to as facets). You will also claim any nearby facets of the identical type that are denoted with unique markings if the one you choose has them.

To secure the position of an antiquity's excavation site, you must advance throughout the board and seize every focus. By reducing the number of erroneous dig sites on your map as you acquire foci, you can lessen the amount of walking necessary to locate the proper place.

Due to the limited number of moves you have and the variable size of the board, this is no simple feat. But, don't worry, you can use abilities and build up the Scrying Skill Line to more easily move about the board while you play.

Elder Scrolls Online Lead Scrying

Levelling your skill in Scrying

The secret to leveling the scrying proficiency is to perform it in an area convenient for movement. This indicates either a smaller zone or that you've got each of the wayshrines accessible so you may swiftly move about the map. The ideal place to build up your excavation and scrying abilities is Artaeum, the tiny island long since cut off from Summerset.

There are no adversaries that slow you or knock you from your horse, and it is so tiny that you can race to every excavation site with ease. If you're beginning Scrying with a player that doesn't have their horse pace and stamina trained up, doing this will save you a tonne of time.

Elder Scrolls Online Scrying Skills Level Up

What is the purpose of the scrying skill line?

You will advance the Scrying Skill Line, which is located inside the World category, as you unearth artifacts and finish associated Achievements. This enables you to invest Skill Points in various passives, such as those that let you scry tougher leads, unlock unique scrying powers, or make Scrying simpler.

Scrying abilities

Three distinct skills that you can employ when Scrying can be unlocked and improved with Scrying Skill Line:

  • Coalescence: Matches the center facet of a hexagonal group of facets.

  • Farsight: Establish a chain of factors that branch out from your sphere of influence.

  • Dilation: Claims any aspects that match and are adjacent to your region of control that is of the selected type.

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Scrying Rewards

Many players think Scrying to be uninteresting, yet there are some truly great rewards if one works hard enough. A Dwarven Ebon Wolf Mount, the Pearls of Ehlnofey, Malacath's Band of Brutality, and many other items are among them. These may be very helpful for any healer, tank, or DPS in addition to being wonderful to own.

Most of the gear that can be purchased using the Antiquities system falls in the Legendary category and is even marked as Mythic. These Mythic items occasionally appear in the Gold Vendor pool, although they are incredibly uncommon and not worth waiting for.

Other things to remember

XP gain from Scrying can be impacted by the rarity

For Scrying, a particular sequence promotes the highest advancement and XP. Every zone has Green (or uncommon) Leads, and finishing one of them grants access to a Blue Lead (rare), which in turn grants access to the zone's Purple (epic) ultimate lead. Grinding Green Leads till the player achieves level 3 is the ideal method to begin. The player receives 1 XP for green leads, 3 from blue leads, and additionally from purple leads. However, the player may only access the latter two after finishing the preceding tier.

It is recommended to finish them in order before moving on to the following zone. This enables the player to gain experience points from Purple and Blue leads together to maximize it. The player will gain the most experience and remain relatively sane by following this order as they travel through Tamriel.

Rushing is not a good option

Due to its lucrative reward structure and puzzle-based gameplay, Scrying in Elder Scrolls Online might be among the most entertaining side activities in the MMO. Low levels aren't precisely brainteasers, but Gold and Purple leads can test a player's ability to solve puzzles. Therefore, unless you can Scry for Legendary or Epic leads, don't worry about spending too much time on the Scrying or Excavation trees. It would be a waste of Skill Points to do so.

Leads cannot be transferred between characters; thus, if you find a Legendary Lead but lack the talent to Scry for it, there is no other way to get paid, as it were. Additionally, in Elder Scrolls Online, there are no Skill Books for said Excavation or Scrying Skill Lines, necessitating manual levelling instead of bookshelf spamming.

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