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《The ESO: Morrowind 》is online - a new career coming

As early as before,there is news that "The Elder Scrolls OL: Morrowind" will have a new career : Warden.Players have also expressed their expectations.Recently, the latest game DLC has released by official.And the new occupation of the game came to the players unconsciously.In addition to the new job, this time DLC also brought in new PvP mode and new content for players which could play about 30 hours.

In addition to the Adventurers ' package:the digital edition version also have the following props:
1.Collection version of the Gray bear.
When the player plays the new role "Warden", you can use the limited pet "gray War Bear" to fight for you
2. Mounts-Armored Steed
3.Pet-Dwarf Spider
4.Use the unique outfit style of Morag Tong
5.Gain additional role expression

In this expansion pack will be a new career - Warden,he can use the powerful natural magic power to join the fight.

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