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Top 3 Best Elden Ring PvP Madness Build

It is not always about the power when making an Elden Ring Build. It needs to be something that is quite fun to play with, as well as strong in nature. Sometimes the build is based on strategies and combinations as well. Here is our guide, we will be sharing with you the Top 3 Best Elden Ring PvP Madness Build. 

Madness Builds are included in the category of builds that are both crazy strong and fun to play with. Consider it a fellow sister of Bleed Build if you like because the concept is fairly the same here. 

The one thing to consider here is that the Madness Effect isn’t good with the PvE scenario when fighting bosses and enemies controlled by a computer. On the other hand, it is exceptionally great for the PvP scenario, where you have to fight with fellow Human Beings.

  • The First Build we are going to mention here is One-Shot Madness Build in Elden Ring (Balanced)

  • Moving onwards, the second one is the combination of Frenzy and Madness together (Attack - Weapon)

  • The Third and final one is a Faith Madness Build in Elden Ring that staggers the foes and takes down their health (Magic - Incantations)

One Shot Elden Ring Madness Build

Best Elden Ring PvP Madness Build - Balanced

So, here is the first build we are going to mention. The one-shot Madness Build, just as the name suggests, one-shots enemies in their way. Here, you can pick the armor of your choice, which seems fit.

Either it could be something tanky, then our recommendation is to stick with the Bull Goat Armor. On top, you can go for the Fingerprint Stone Shield because there is nothing better than that in the game as of now (for Madness). 

Coming to the stats side, you need to put points in the slots of Strength and Endurance more than the others. 

Altogether, the thing would be to get Maliketh’s Armor and have the War Spear as a final way to build the one-shot Madness. 


  • Flock’s Canvas Talisman - It will enhance the incantation potency and you can get it through the quest of Millicent, where you have to kill her.

  • Radagon Icon Talisman - Used to shorten the time it actually takes you to cast the incantations. You can fit it at the Lucaria Academy inside the chest on the second floor. It is quite near the Site of Grace Debate Parlor.

  • Shard of Alexander - Boosts the weapons skill power overall. Get it through the quest of Alexander Warrior Jar.

  • Erdtree Favor - Get the +2 one that enhances your health, stamina, and equipment load. Get it from the Forbidden Lands.


  • 60 Vigor

  • 42 Dexterity and Faith

  • 18 Mind

  • 16 Strength

  • 10 Arcane

  • 9 Endurance

  • 7 Intelligence


  • Frenzied Flame Seal on Right Hand

  • Vyke’s War Spear on Left Hand

  • Maliketh’s Armor


  • Inescapable Frenzy

  • Unendurable Frenzy

  • Frenzied Burst

  • Howl of Shabriri

  • The Flame of Frenzy

Madness and Frenzy PvP Madness Build

Best Elden Ring PvP Madness Build - Dual War Spear

In order to make the most effective PvP Madness Build in Elden Ring, you will have to utilize both Frenzy and Madness together. This build is quite like the previous one with the exception of stats and playstyle

You will be using the Vyke’s War Spear which is known as the best weapon for causing Madness Effect on the enemies. You will have to make contact with them in order to inflict damage, as well as Madness. 

There are 65 Madness and its stats take effect only after three or five hits, even if they have an armor that is somewhat resistant to the Madness effect.

Here, you will be exchanging your left-hand seals and shield with another Vyke’s War Spear. You already get the idea of how incredibly OP this build is. You are exchanging everything else and replacing it with another damaged stat.

There are further two paths here after getting your hand on the War Spear. It can either be Dexterity or it can be Faith. 

The first one (Dexterity) is great for the physical weapon attack, but the second one (Faith) is great for the Ash of War. We recommend you stick with Dexterity here because of how well-suited it actually is with this build. Just go all-out damage and forget everything else.

Incantations here will remain the same as the first one.


  • Claw Talisman

  • Bull Goat’s Talisman

  • Great Jar’s Arsenal Talisman

  • Green Turtle Talisman


  • 60 Vigor

  • 42 Dexterity

  • 31 Faith

  • 25 Endurance and Mind

  • 16 Strength

  • 9 Intelligence and Arcane


  • Vyke’s War Spear and Frenzied Flame Seal +10 on Right Hand

  • Vyke’s War Spear, Frenzied Flame Seal +10, and Iron Round Shield on Left Hand

  • Night’s Cavalry Gauntlets, and Armor

  • Fire Prelate Greaves

  • Fingerprint Helm

To make the actual build, you will require a ton of runes. Well, don’t worry about that because here at MMOPixel.com you can Buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes and Items.

Faith Madness Build

Best Elden Ring PvP Madness Build - Incantation Build

The final Elden Ring PvP Madness Build we are going to mention here is totally around Faith. Yes, it is just faith here because you are using Incantations and Spells most of the time. 

While making this build, you need to be quite aware of the Madness Build on yourself because when using the Incantations of Madness, you will also get affected. 

You will be using the Frenzied Flame Seal for the most part and there are no requirements here for that. It will, on the other hand, enhance the incantations related to the Frenzied Flame. 

Put some points in Vigor, while making your way to the Mind, Endurance, and Faith. In the end, your main focus should be Faith, and pumping it is the only way. 

The second Seal you are going to use there is none other than the Legendary Erdtree Seal. You will be casting all other spells through the Erdtree Seal because of the Faith Scaling. 

In a Faith Build, there is nothing better than having everything scaling off of your Faith Attribute. The Faith Madness PvP Build has spells and incantations that scale with the Faith attribute. 

So, using them beside your Physical Attack Weapon is always preferred or only using Incantations to win the game is also a thing here. 

The reason for having the Seal on the Right Main Hand is because of the Coded Sword. There are times when the enemies have blocking ability and in that case, having an unblockable blade is much preferred.

But, you don’t have to focus too much on that part because this build is focused mainly on the incantations and spells. You can put in any physical weapon you like here. Incantations here will remain the same as the first one.


  • Faithful’s Canvas Talisman

  • Primal Glintstone Blade Talisman

  • Flock’s Canvas Talisman

  • Godfrey Icon Talisman


  • 93 Faith

  • 40 Vigor and Mind

  • 30 Endurance

  • 16 Dexterity

  • 14 Strength

  • 9 Intelligence

  • 7 Arcane


  • Frenzied Flame Seal and Coded Sword on your Right Hand

  • Erdtree Seal on your Left Hand

  • Bull Goat Gauntlets and Greaves

  • Champion’s Pauldrons

  • Okina Mask


There are a ton of Builds in Elden Ring, but none of them can beat the Madness and Bleed Builds. Here in this guide, we got you the Top 3 Best Elden Ring PvP Madness Builds that you can enjoy. The first one is based on a balanced use of Incantations and Weapons. The second one is based on Attack Power, utilizing dual Vyke’s War Spear, and finally, we have the Incantation-based Faith Madness Build. 

You can change things around as much as you like because the best build is actually the one that you feel comfortable with. 

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