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Unlocking the Inferno Magic Shop in Lords of the Fallen

How To Unlock The Inferno Shop In Lords of The Fallen

Discover the world of magic in Lords of the Fallen, where players can explore different playstyles and magical schools to personalize their characters. One key magic branch is Inferno, but accessing the Inferno spells and gear sold by the Tortured Prisoner can be easily overlooked.

To fully embrace Inferno magic, players must secure a specialized catalyst and a variety of Inferno spells. While there are alternative methods to acquire these, the Tortured Prisoner provides the most extensive selection. 

Let’s learn how to unlock her as your go-to merchant for all things Inferno:

Finding the Tortured Prisoner in Skyrest

How to free the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen

  1. Start by fast traveling to the Sanctuary Vestige.

  2. Proceed through the main archway, take a right, and leap onto the wooden platforms below.

  3. Navigate past enemies to the right, jumping across floating platforms until you reach a ladder leading up.

  4. Ascend the ladder and continue until you discover a metal lever; pull it to summon an elevator.

  5. Ride the elevator to the top and follow the path to a large, arching stone bridge that ends in a dead-end.

  6. Activate your Umbral Lamp at the end of the bridge and locate an Umbral Bridge to the right.

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Securing the Skyrest Bridge Key

How to get the Skyrest Bridge Key in Lords of the Fallen - Dot Esports

  1. Traverse the Umbral Bridge until you're at its center, then deactivate the Lamp to descend to a platform below with a Faithful Bludgeon.

  2. Look back at the stone bridge, identify a small alcove accessible through another Umbral Bridge.

  3. Enter the Umbral completely, use the platform on the other side to cross over.

  4. Ascend the stairway to find a larger Umbral Bridge arching over to the other side.

  5. Defeat the Umbral entity in the middle of the bridge and loot the Skyrest Bridge Key.

Unlocking the Tortured Prisoner's Cell

Tortured Prisoner | Lords of the Fallen Wiki

  1. Cross the bridge, turn left, and locate another alcove with a locked door.

  2. Utilize the Skyrest Bridge Key to unlock the door.

  3. Ascend through the stairway to circle back to Skyrest Bridge.

Locating the Tortured Prisoner with Skyrest Bridge Key

How to free the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen

After securing the Skyrest Bridge Key, proceed to the Skyrest Bridge hub area. Take a moment to rest at the Vestige and align yourself with the direction it is facing. Traverse down the path leading to the previously unlocked door, creating a circular route back to Skyrest.

Navigating to the Tortured Prisoner

Within the room, navigate to the far end on the left side of the prison. It is in this location that you will find the Tortured Prisoner. Engage in a conversation with her, and she will explain her inability to talk due to a headcage.

Freeing the Tortured Prisoner for Inferno Magic Services

To unlock the Inferno Magic services provided by the Tortured Prisoner, your first task is to liberate her from the headcage. Explore the prison environment to discover a method of releasing her, which may involve solving a puzzle, finding a key, or overcoming a challenge.

Freeing the Tortured Prisoner 

How To Free The Tortured Prisoner In Lords of The Fallen

To liberate the Tortured Prisoner and unlock the Inferno Shop, you'll need to acquire the Searing Accusation catalyst hidden behind an Umbral Tumor in the depths of Skyrest. Follow these detailed steps:

Locating the Umbral Nodes

From the Tortured Prisoner's location, descend the stairs into the depths using the stairway on the right. At the landing, you'll encounter an inferno church illuminated by fire torches leading to the center. Enter the Umbral Realm and identify Umbral nodes accessible through the Soulflay ability. There are three nodes in total.

  • First Node: Find the Umbral Tumor using the ladder on the right side of the room. Face the wall with the tumor, look to the right, and spot an Umbral Entity protruding from the wall – this is the first node.

  • Second Node: Behind the torches on the left side of the room, summon a platform using Soulflay. Jump down to find the second node just behind you.

  • Third Node: Located directly above the entrance to the Church, find this node above the staircase entrance leading back to the Tortured Prisoner.

Unlocking the Umbral Door

Once you've interacted with the three nodes, the Umbral Door will unlock. Behind it, another Umbral entity awaits. Use Soulflay to defeat the entity and collect the Searing Accusation catalyst.

Returning to the Tortured Prisoner

Armed with the Searing Accusation Catalyst, return to the Tortured Prisoner's location. Interact with her and provide the Searing Accusation catalyst.

Resting at a Vestige

After giving her the catalyst, rest at any Vestige to solidify the changes.

Talking to Pieta

Return to the arena where you faced Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. Engage in a conversation with her, exhausting her dialogue options.

Discovering the Inferno Shop 

Lords of the Fallen: How To Unlock the Inferno Magic Vendor - Gameranx

Locating the Inferno Shop is a comprehensive process, but the rewards in terms of powerful spells, gear, and catalysts make it well worth the effort. Follow these steps to access the Inferno Shop, where you can Purchase, Sell, and engage in conversation with the shop owner, the Tortured Prisoner.

Unlocking the Tortured Prisoner's Services

Once you have successfully freed the Tortured Prisoner by providing her with the Searing Accusation catalyst, head to any Vestige and rest to solidify the changes.

Returning to the Arena

Revisit the arena where you previously fought Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. Locate and talk to Pieta, exhausting her dialogue options. This interaction is crucial to unlocking the Inferno Shop.

Opening the Inferno Shop

With the necessary dialogues completed, return to the Tortured Prisoner's location. You will now find that the Inferno Shop is accessible for your use.

Exploring Shop Features

Once inside the Inferno Shop, take advantage of the various features it offers:

  • Purchase: Browse through a selection of Inferno spells, gear, and catalysts available for purchase. Invest in items that complement your playstyle and enhance your character's magical abilities.

  • Sell: Offload unwanted items or gear to the Tortured Prisoner for currency. This currency can then be used to acquire more potent Inferno-related items.

  • Talk with the Shop Owner: Engage in conversations with the Tortured Prisoner to learn more about the lore, gain insights, or receive tips related to Inferno magic.

Strategic Planning and Shopping

The Lords of the Fallen dev wants their game to be "Dark Souls 4.5" |  GamesRadar+

Embarking on a journey through the Inferno Shop involves more than just acquiring spells, gear, and catalysts—it's about strategic planning to optimize your magical arsenal. Here's how you can strategically plan your purchases and enhance your character's capabilities in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Assess Your Playstyle

Before delving into the Inferno Shop, evaluate your preferred playstyle. Determine whether you lean towards offensive spells, defensive gear, or a balanced combination. This assessment will guide your purchasing decisions.

  1. Identify Gaps in Your Abilities

Take stock of your current magical abilities and gear. Identify any gaps or weaknesses in your arsenal. The Inferno Shop provides an opportunity to fill these gaps and fortify your character against various challenges.

  1. Prioritize Essential Spells

While browsing through the available Inferno spells, prioritize those that align with your character build and complement your chosen playstyle. Investing in essential spells ensures you have a well-rounded set of magical abilities at your disposal.

  1. Consider Synergies

Explore the synergies between different spells, gear, and catalysts. Some combinations may enhance the effectiveness of your magical attacks or provide added protection. Look for items that synergize well to create a formidable magical synergy.

  1. Allocate Resources Wisely

Since you can sell unwanted items to the Tortured Prisoner, consider allocating your resources wisely. Sell items that don't align with your playstyle to accumulate currency for more valuable purchases.

  1. Explore Unique Catalysts

The Inferno Shop may offer unique catalysts with special effects. Explore these options and consider how they can augment your magical abilities. A well-chosen catalyst can significantly impact the outcome of battles.

  1. Balance Offense and Defense

Achieve a balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. While powerful spells can deal significant damage, having the right gear and defensive spells ensures your character's survival in intense encounters.


In the intricate world of Lords of the Fallen, unlocking the Inferno Shop is not just a journey; it's a strategic odyssey. From liberating the Tortured Prisoner to navigating Umbral realms and engaging in crucial dialogues, each step contributes to the mastery of Inferno magic.

Strategic planning becomes the linchpin as you step into the Inferno Shop. As you engage in dialogue with the Tortured Prisoner and balance offense with defense, the Inferno Shop evolves from a mere marketplace to a nexus of empowerment. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of Lords of the Fallen, adaptability is key. Now armed with newfound knowledge and a carefully crafted strategy, you stand ready to unleash the full force of Inferno magic. 

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