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Albion Online Silver Spending Guide

Albion online is an amazing role-playing multiplayer game. In this game, all the transactions occur through the in-game currency which is silver. Silver makes the base of Albion’s civilization and is used as a medium of exchange. Hence it becomes very important to earn and spend silver efficiently. Well, earning silver in the game can be a daunting task in itself, using it judiciously and prioritizing your expenditure can become a headache for some players. It is necessary to prioritize what will you spend your silver on first as it will determine your progress and how you perceive the game. Hence in this article we will list down how to spend your silver in the best manner possible.

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In Albion Online Gear becomes a necessity as it will not only determine the pace at which you will progress in the game but also your survival. Hence investing in gear becomes very important, However, not all gears are important you have to prioritize which kind of gear is perfect for you and suits your build and playing style. For example, if you are a tank then you should try to prioritize your silver in upgrading and equipping defensive gear and improving health stats. 

You should also try to balance out your offensive and defensive gears as spending too much on one type of gear can be harmful. While it is important to have high attacking capabilities it is also important to survive enemy attacks. Therefore make sure to invest in both types of gear and maintain a good balance between them. Purchasing new gear is very important however upgrading the existing one is also crucial. Try to spend your silver in upgrading the existing gear as it can give a boost to your skills and abilities and enhance your power.


Players in Albion Online have access to mounts, that are actually animals. The stats of the mount are available to players who are mounted. Depending on the type and rank of the mount, certain metrics may alter, including resistance, speed, hit points, weight load, and hit points regeneration. A player may utilize that mount once they've unlocked the matching Explorer Node on a Destiny Board. They have access to more advanced mounts as they advance via the Adventurer Node levels. For example, if you are a Tier 5 adventurer, you can use mounts which are Tier 5 or lower yet not Tier 6 or above.

All mounts, with the exception of transport and war mounts, now grant the Carry Weight Bonus simply by being equipped. Even if you dismount or leave the mount circle, the benefit still applies. This implies that players retain the load boost while moving around on foot, after dismounting, when going inside a dungeon, etc. Hence investing silver on Mount can give you an additional benefit in the game and improve your stats.

Albion Online Mounts


Player Islands are beneficial in many different ways. Farming can only be done on Player Islands or Hideouts, but they give the player the ability to breed animals, refine materials, and make armor all without having to go somewhere else. The player can plant seeds and grow crops by engaging in farming. Animals might be raised in a pasture or a kennel. Islands can be Tier 6 upgraded for Silver. It requires two minutes to finish each upgrade. A player's island cannot be accessed until its improvements are finished. Players should go to the Island Merchant in the major cities to upgrade an island. Player Islands can accommodate structures of up to Tier 8. Spending a little on your island can help you go a long way as they become your home base in the game. It is also the place where you will spend most of your time. Hence spending silver to make it a comfortable and efficient place to live can help you a lot.

Also try to regularly upgrade your island as you progress in the game, as it can provide you with additional perks like more building spaces, an increase in resource generation capacity, etc. Lastly, remember to spend on maintenance of your island as well by repairing damaged buildings and collecting resources regularly, as a well maintained island will benefit hugely in the game.

Learning Points

You can utilize Learning Points (also known as LP) to complete the levels on Destiny Board nodes. Players that have 30-day Premium activated on their avatar will get an additional reward of 200 Learning Points once, and they will passively continue to earn Learning Points at an average of 30 each day. Learning Points are not distributed at a predetermined time of day but rather over the course of a 24-hour period. You can complete a task more quickly and easily by using Learning Points. You will just need to achieve 20% renown rather than 100%, and with sufficient LP you can accomplish the level.

It's vital to remember that regardless of Learning Points, all players may advance in the game. The sole purpose of Learning Points is to expedite the procedure. All normal characters will gain 10 Learning Points per day after the Free to Play feature launches on April 10 as long as they finish the daily assignments. If a character's Premium is active, individuals cannot get the 10 Learning Points for that character. Players in Albion Online advance through the game by accumulating skill points, which are obtained by engaging in various activities like PvP fighting, resource collection, and item creation. You can advance even further by using these skill points to access new abilities, gear, and other resources. Hence learning points are important in improving your crafting and gathering skills. You should invest silver in Learning points to speed up your skill progression.

Albion Online Learning Points


Buildings are essential constructions that players use to craft equipment and things, refine materials obtained during resource gathering, and increase item storage capacity. All major cities have pre-built buildings, but if given permission, players can also build in some specific locations.

The main places to locate player-made buildings are Player Islands and Guild Islands. Players may own buildings, both pre-built and player-made. By default, the person who laid down the building's blueprints will be the owner of the structure. Players can also give up control of a building, making it available for anybody nearby to occupy. You can invest your silver in building on your island or in the game's cities.


There are numerous varieties of food, and there are two main use for it: player enhancements and nutrition.

Nutrition: Crafting stations and guild lands both require nutrition to remain operational. A guild forfeits control of a region if it runs out of food. Players won't be able to use a crafting building if it runs out of food unless more food is added. Depending on the type and tier of the meal provided, a certain amount of nutrition is given. Every block has a favorite food, and when that item is provided, the Nutrition intake is increased twofold. Food additions are made in a building's Management Panel. Nutrition is utilized while using the building's assistance and overtime guild region.

Buff: When a player eats, they receive a bonus that lasts for 30 minutes. The kind and quality of the food consumed determine the kind and strength of the buff. On their Inventory screen, players can "equip" food for easy access from the spell bar.

Hence spending your silver on food items can turn out to be beneficial as it will provide you with capabilities to complete different quest and missions.

Albion Online Food


In Albion Online, guilds have a big role. The game Albion Online offers a variety of guild-based activities. Guilds have the power to invade the land and cities of other guilds as well as conquer nearby regions. Only 300 people can join a guild, and they can formally ally with other guilds. Additionally, guilds have the option of purchasing a single guild island that can accommodate buildings and is accessible to all guild members. Hence silver becomes an important part in managing these guilds.


Albion Online has multiple aspects which are crucial to the overall game and are dependent on the silver. Hence players should try to use their silver in an effective manner and prioritize their spending on important items. By this, the player can enjoy the game to its fullest and can also speed up the progress in the game. Feel free to use this guide for a better understanding of spending silver in Albion Online.

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