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NBA 2K23 MyTeam Triple Threat: Tips and Strategies

NBA 2K23 offers you a variety of game modes filled with challenges and exciting rewards along with multiple rewards and in-game currency and Triple Threat is one of them. Triple Threat offers you challenging and rewarding gameplay. Triple Threat is a 3-on-3 Basketball game mode where you have to build a team of three players and compete against your opponent's team having three players as well. It starts with selecting your players having high skills, ratings, and key attributes. While Playing Triple Threat, your goal is to score the maximum points than your opponents before the time runs out keeping an on the timer.

Winning in Triple Threat offers you a variety of rewards including player cards that you can use in your further gameplay to proceed through the game accessing challenges and hurdles to defeating your opponent. As it’s a Basketball game, it is very important to focus on your planning and management throughout the game and play wisely to maximize the chances of your winning this mode. Planning and managing could be hard at first if you’re playing this mode for the first time because it takes a lot of understanding of the rules and game mechanics.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks including better strategies and approaches towards the Triple Threat mode in MyTeam to help you understand the game better and plan your moves wisely including choosing your players and coaches to win the maximum number of matches. With the tips and tricks given below, you can start your journey to the challenging and rewarding mode of MyTeam.

Selecting Your Line-up

In NBA 2K23, line-up in MyTeam Triple Threat means selecting the player cards that you’ll use in your game. It is very important to know about a player’s stats, skills, abilities, and attributes before adding that card to your list because in triple threat you can only add three players for the match. Each player is different and has a different playstyle and position in the game and understanding a player’s role and capabilities will help you to select the best out of many cards. 

These cards will be from your collection that you can either purchase using the in-game currency or just win them by scoring points and winning matches as rewards. There are multiple cards each representing a real-world Basketball player and his playing style. The more you are acquainted with a player’s style, the easier it will be for you to play and defeat your opponents.

The key element to winning the triple threat is by forming a well-balanced and strategically planned team of players. Whether it’s a shooter, defender, or rebounder role that you want to play, you have to be very well careful with each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Understand each player before adding it in your team because each player plays differently and demands a unique playstyle.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Triple Threat

Understand Player’s Grades

As every player represents a real-world player and is completely different from the other, it is very important to know about a player’s attributes and qualities. Before selecting any player for your team for Triple Threat, you can look at the grades of each player.

Each player has a different grading system and is graded accordingly. Every player is different and has different skills like, inside scoring, Mid-range scoring, playmaking, perimeter defense, post defense, rebounding, basketball IQ, and many other qualities. You can look at all those qualities of a particular player card before adding it to your team. Comparison is best here because it will allow you to select the best player for your team. Make sure you end up choosing the best players for your team because, in triple threat, only three players are allowed in a team. Comparison not just helps you to select the best player for your team but it also helps you in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

Understand Your Position

Selecting the top-most players isn’t sufficient in winning Triple Threat, you also need to strategize your moves along with a better position of your players on the court to play well and use their skills to the maximum advantage. If you are a Point Guard (PG) then your responsibilities revolve around handling the ball, setting up plays, and distributing the ball to other players making the overall game experience smooth and fair. 

If you are a Shooting Guard (SG) then your responsibilities revolve around being the outsider on the court and playing as a scorer for your team. As a Small Forward (SF) your role and responsibilities revolve around being versatile and managing & playing both outside and inside during the match. The better you position yourself the better you will serve the game maximizing the chances of your victory. So, understand each player’s role, position them, and play accordingly so that you can take maximum advantage of their stats and abilities.

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Coaching Settings

In the coaching setting of MyTeam, you can change your coach, understand coach game plan, adjust minutes, and change coach settings. In the coach gameplan option, you can see and get a better understanding of the gameplan of your coach which will help you to play better in your matches.

You can check the defense or offense rating of your coach and defenders or offenders you will defend and offend according to the user defend or offend settings. Each set has its own positives and negatives and it is better to know both the positive and negative sides of the game plan so that you can adjust the settings according to your needs and play wisely.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Triple Threat Guide

Play Balanced

While playing, you have the choice to either play as a defensive player or offensive, or a mixture of both. As an offensive player, your role and responsibility is to primarily focus on making shots, setting up pick-and-roll plays, and driving to the basket. You have to use various offensive tactics, stats, skills, and abilities to make some pressure on your opponents. Speeding and shooting abilities of your player’s cards will help you to serve the role of offender well on the basketball court.

While playing defensive, your role and responsibilities revolve around stopping your opponent team’s players to score during the match by using multiple defensive tactics, skills, attributes, and abilities. You can also force and make your opponents commit big mistakes while playing that will fall in the favor of your team. To win, play balanced.

Use Upgraded Player Cards

Whether it is Triple Threat or any other mode of gaming in NBA 2K23, it is very important to use upgraded player cards in your team and keep upgrading them to get the maximum performance from all your players. There are various ways you can upgrade your player cards that include completing challenges, playing games, and applying badges. Upgrade your cards to their fullest to ensure you’re having skilled players on your team.

Know The Line-ups of Your Opponents

Knowing your opponents and their line-up is equally important as planning and managing your line-up. When you’re well acquainted with every player card it becomes fairly easy for you to understand the possible moves, strategies, and gameplay of your opponent’s team. 

If you know each and every player's card well and have a fair idea about how a player plays, you can use their skills, tactics, abilities, and attributes for your favor and purpose. You can have an idea about the players of your opponent’s team. Knowing your opponents is very important to elevate the chances of your winning.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Guide

Don’t Repeat Your Moves

The better way to play MyTeam Triple Threat is by mixing up all your moves and not repeating only one or a few moves. If you keep repeating your moves then it will become easy for your opponent to understand your playing strategies and use them against you during the match.

Don’t be predictable and keep experimenting with your moves making your opponent perplexed so that you can play better and not get defeated very easily. Similarly, you can also have an eye on your opponent’s moves to see if they’re repeating them so that you can use that against them during the match.

Keep Your Eyes on the Timer

While Playing Triple Threat, don’t get too busy with the gameplay that you forget to check on the timer or the time left. Keep your eyes on the remaining time and manage your time strategically maximizing the chances of your victory.


NBA 2K23 is a game of experimenting with things and practicing continuously to get a strong hold and grip over your gameplay and playing style. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn the game mechanics and how each player plays. Practicing continuously and learning from your past mistakes will help you to perform better during matches. Practicing will help you to get acquainted with certain tips and tricks that a particular player uses during matches. Also, keep in check for updates because the game keeps introducing new players.

Some More Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t be predictable. Perplex your enemies with your skills and mix up your playstyles.

  • Don’t be rigid to a position, keep changing your positions to avoid being caught.

  • Upgrade your player cards and keep evolving throughout the game.

  • Look for rewards and tokens because Triple Threat offers you a variety of exciting rewards.

  • Learn from your mistakes.

  • Maintain a balance between all your three players.

  • Keep an eye on your player’s stamina.

  • Play Strategically and manage your time well.

  • Make a perfectly balanced team and use the attributes of each player wisely.

  • Stay focused and consistent.


Triple Threat mode is not just challenging but is also rewarding so winning more matches will reward you with multiple bonuses, rewards, and tokens. Starting at first might be difficult but as you keep going through the mode and keep playing, you’ll surely learn the mechanics and gameplay.

With the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can start your journey to the Triple Threat and can get an edge over other players in NBA 2K23. The above guide is not just for beginners but also for players who are playing for a long time and need some strategies to come ahead and beat their high performances. Happy Gaming!

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