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NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Guard Builds

The basketball thirst that fans have experienced throughout the offseason will finally be over with the release of NBA 2K23. Every year in September, when NBA fans are impatiently awaiting the start of the latest season, the games sells like anything. This time, a number of teams have gone abroad and play exhibition games to formally begin the 2022–23 campaign. Fans are scrambling to make the upcoming greatest player on the MyCareer in the contest to make the best build in NBA 2K23. A significant enhancement has been made to the MyPlayer mode. Unlike NBA 2K22, when the "Physical Profile" option was a distinct pie chart, it is now a component of the characteristic list. New badges & takeovers have also been implemented, which will undoubtedly improve the user experience.

Shooting Guard

Among the most entertaining positions to play in NBA 2K is shooting guard. They are amongst the league's top scorers throughout the years. Popular shooting guards with high scoring rates include Tracy McGradyKobe BryantJames HardenAllen Iverson, as well as Michael Jordan. Many will assist you in stopping the opponent’s backcourt since they are also strong perimeter defenders. In NBA 2K, who wouldn't want to take on the role of a 2001 Lakers or perhaps the 1996 Bulls? Bryant and Jordan's 99-rated All-Time performances are essentially cheat codes. We'll examine the top NBA 2K23 shooting guard builds in this post.

NBA 2K23 Shooting Guard

2-Way 3PT Shot Creator

This NBA 2K23 build will effectively turn you into a two-way unstoppable force that can both stop the other team's best guard and provide offensive opportunities for the squad.

Body Parameters:

  • 6'6" height

  • 207 lb weight

  • 6'10" wingspan

  • Built body type

You must give up some of your finishing skills in order to have better shooting, playmaking, and defence ratings if you want to be a two-way shot maker. You may set the close shot as well as driving layup to 55 & 76, respectively. Post ControlDriving Dunk, but also Standing Dunk may be left alone. You should maximize the three-point statistic under "Shooting," while the free throw and mid-range categories may also be set at 75. Raise pass accuracy near 70 in the playmaking section, max up Ball Handle, and leave Speed with Ball at 84.

Configure Interior Defense on 35 while maximising Steal and Perimeter Defense under "Defense/Rebounding." Block & Offensive Rebound remain unaffected, however Defensive Rebound is raised to 47. Then, maximise Stamina and adjust Speed and Acceleration at 85 each under "Physicals." Strength and Vertical may both be 57 & 74, respectively. Use any remaining characteristics to improve your free throw, pass accuracy, or mid-range shot.


In this version, you'll get about 68 Badge Upgrades for NBA 2K23, which comprise of 22 Playmaking Badge Upgrades, 16 Defense/Rebounding Badge Upgrades, 6 Finishing Badge Upgrades, and 24 Shooting Badge Upgrades. In "Playmaking" and "Shooting," players can select Hall of Fame badges like Quick First Step as well as Circus Threes, respectively.


  • Limitless Range & Perimeter Badge Drop

  • Joe Dumars and Tyler Herro immediately spring to mind while forming this build

NBA 2K23 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator

3 & D Two Guard

In NBA 2K23, the off-guard build will make 3-pointers from way beyond the arc and play life-saving defence. Three-and-D players are essential on either sides of the floor, therefore every team needs them.

Body Parameters:

  • Height: 6'6"

  • Weight: 205 lbs

  • Wingspan: 6'7"

  • Body Type as Built

In order to concentrate just on 3-point shooting & defense in this construction, we will make a compromise with the 'Finishing' traits. Consequently, retain Driving Layup and Close Shot at 51 apiece, and increase Driving Dunk to 70. Post Control as well as Standing Dunk, the other two qualities, can remain unchanged. You may peak out the Three-Point Shot under "Shooting" and set both Mid-Range Shot & Free Throw at 80 apiece. Set Pass Accuracy on 83 under "Playmaking," and leave Ball Handle & Speed with Ball at 70.

Adjust Interior Defense on 55, Block to 71, as well as Defensive Rebound at 44 under "Defense/Rebounding." While Offensive Rebound may be ignored, Perimeter Defense & Steal can both be maxed out. Finally, maximize Acceleration, Stamina, and Speed under "Physicals," keeping Strength and Vertical at a mid-sixty level. Use your remaining characteristics to boost your mid-range, close shot, or strength.


In NBA 2K23, you will receive around 67 badge upgrades with this build: 16 for playmaking, 20 for defense/rebounding, 6 for finishing, with 25 for shooting. In "Shooting" and "Defense," you can select Hall of Fame badges such as Pick Dodger, Claymore, Menace, Catch and Shoot, as well as Menace.


  • Unconstrained RangeShot Up Accuracy.

  • Klay Thompson and Desmond Bane come to mind while forming this build

NBA 2K23 3 & D Two Guard

3-Level Scorer

This build may be modified to produce a player with traits of Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant by adding more defence and reducing playmaking. With this setup, your team's primary objective is to obtain a bucket, which the player will achieve in a number of different methods.

Body Parameters:

  • Height: 6'6"

  • Weight: 205 lbs

  • Wingspan: 6'11"

  • Body Type as Built

In this construct, close shot should be maxed out while driving layup as well as driving dunk should remain at 75 & 85, respectively. Post Control may be ignored, and Standing Dunk should remain at 32. Adjust Three Point Shot & Mid-Range Shot to 80 apiece under "Shooting," and leave Free Throw at 77. Maintain Pass Accuracy on 75 with Ball Handle on 83 in the "Playmaking" column, then set Speed with Ball to its maximum.

Change Perimeter Defense, Steal, and Interior Defense to 80 each under "Defense/Rebounding," but maintaining Defensive Rebound at 55. Block and Offensive Rebound are unaffected. Last but not least, maximize Speed and Stamina whilst maintaining the values of Acceleration, Vertical, and Strength at 77, 60, & 75, respectively, under "Physicals." Use any remaining traits, notably the 3-point shot, to improve any shooting as well as finishing qualities.


When using this setup, you will receive over 70 Badge Upgrades for NBA 2K23, including 20 for Playmaking, 13 for Defense/Rebounding, 17 for Finishing, with 20 for Shooting. In "Shooting" and "Finishing," you may select Hall of Fame badges like Agent 3, Fearless Finisher, and Catch and Shoot.


  • Spot Up Shooter and Slasher takeover

  • Bradley Beal and Jalen Green come to mind

NBA 2K23 3-Level Scorer

Best Teams for Shooting Guards

Are you trying to decide which NBA franchise to choose for your shooting guards? After selecting your Shooting Guard build, users must decide which NBA team they want to be picked by in order to start your MyCareer. While you are free to choose your favourite team if you like, the following suggestions are based on current rosters but also how you may best add to them:

Boston Celtics

If you can break in, you'll be playing with Power Forward Jayson Tatum & Small Forward Jaylen Brown — proven players who will have no trouble getting you to the playoffs. Marcus Smart will be your main rival for the starting Shooting Guard position, and while he may prove difficult to replace, you'll be playing with him if you can.

LA Lakers

The Lakers have an excess of shooting guards, but again not particularly good ones. You fill that role, of course! LeBron James, a small forward, is an excellent passer who will easily get you the ball, letting you to concentrate on making clutch baskets and leading this storied team to success.

Milwaukee Bucks

Who would not want to play with the Greek Freak? Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo, the finest power forward in the NBA, will welcome your three-point attempts. Additionally, you get Point Guard Jrue Holiday in your squad, who is a solid assister in general and will aid in your ability to generate high totals.

In the end, the squad you choose is entirely up to you, but in order to increase your progress and get your Badges as fast as possible, you need take into account the talent around. You'll want to record high statistics as a shooting guard, most likely from a distance. Seek for teams with strong assisters who can place the ball in your hands when you need it so you can concentrate on making baskets.

NBA 2K23 offers a number of in-game purchases that can be made by using the bundled VC 2K. For those who might find it difficult to earn the cash, we suggest buying it from MMOPixel at extremely low pricing.

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Therefore, creating the perfect player for NBA 2K23 requires considerations that are just as, if not more, crucial than balancing attributes - much less min-maxing them to place greater emphasis on your strong points. Cost must also be taken into account. Spending money on pricey qualities that don't add much to your player's overall rating (OVR) or that don't grant access to useful Badges and Jump Shot animations is pointless.With this we conclude our NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Guard Builds.

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