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July 15, 2020
Gaming News

The Elder Scrolls Online 's update is coming soon

ESO is already planning on releasing another DLC package next month called Stonethorn, which will add on to the "Dark Heart of Skyrim" storylines, according to the ESO website. It will bring along two new dungeons for players to explore and will build upon the tales from the previously released Harrowstorm and Greymoor chapters.

Another big feature coming with the Stonethorn DLC in addition to the new gameplay content and collectibles in the option for Character Pathing. Way back in Skyrim days, The Elder Scrolls series began exploring home building with its Hearthstone DLC release that enabled players to build houses completely from scratch.

With the Stonethorn update, players will be able to enhance their home life a little bit further with the Character Pathing addition. Players can build paths for their residents, including pets, mounts, and assistants, to follow. By utilizing nodes, players will be able to specify locations for each path and even pick walk speed, add delays, and decide if they want the characters to loop or not. All of this will allow players' homes to have a little more livelihood and feel a bit more lived-in than before.

ethesda noted that players will have the option to dive straight into the Stonethorn contents and stories without having to complete Harrowstorm and Greymoor. Since the upcoming DLC is part of the current “The Elder Scrolls Online” theme, expect the dungeons to still be located in areas within Skyrim.

A host of new item sets are released as well. For example, Castle Thorn receives Talfyg’s Treachery (Light), Unleashed Terror (Medium), Crimson Twilight (Heavy), and Lady Thorn (Monster Mask). Stone Garden, meanwhile, receives Elemental Catalyst (Light), Kraglen’s Howl (Medium), Arkasis’s Genius (Heavy), and Stone Husk (Monster Mask).

Per the usual “The Elder Scrolls Online” tradition, the new content will arrive with the gameplay patch that will also change and improve several aspects of the base game. Stonethorn DLC will be released alongside Update 27 “soon.”

For a full list of the very extensive patch notes, you can continue to follow our website: mmopixel or check out the official forum post.

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