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Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build Guide

Ranger is one of the most complex classes in Dark and Darker, coming with various strategies to utilize and different play styles. So, we went ahead and compiled this Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build Guide to help you make the class even stronger.

There are a total of 6 classes in the game that you can play with and out of them there are only two Ranged Classes that can attack from distance. One of those is the Ranger Class and the other one is Wizard.

The latter one doesn’t require ammo because he is basically using spells, while the Ranger Class has one basic problem, which is ammo and you get out of it more occasionally than you might predict.

In the December 2022 Playtest of the Dark and Darker, there was a poll that pointed to Ranger as the strongest class. Archers aren’t that strong in the games but here, things are quite different.

To further utilize the Ranger Class to its maximum potential, we compiled this Build Guide so that you don’t have issues like getting out of ammo often and not being able to kill harder enemies. Let’s get started!

Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build Guide

Pros and Cons of Archer

Out of the 6 Classes, nearly 3 to 4 Classes are quite tanky or you can call them durable. While a few classes are those that enemies will have no trouble putting to sleep. Barbarian, Cleric, and Fighter are the bulky boys that can take a beating, while Ranger, Wizard, and Rogue are quite opposite.

But, that doesn’t mean these classes don’t have extra magic up their sleeves. A Ranger can attack from range, a rogue can utilize the art of stealth, and a wizard… well, he is kind of overpowered if you want me to be honest here.

So, in the realm of ranged combat, typically from medium to long range, there isn’t any competition with Ranger. Still, there are some good and bad with every class out there, and below, we have those sorted out for you.

Pros of Ranger

  • You can fight with PvE monsters controlled by AI without having to get in their attack range. The distant attacks are the main reason for that.

  • If you have a proper setup or an accurate aim, you can simply kill enemies without them reacting or getting second chances.

  • You can utilize the traps from Ranger Class to simply distract the enemies who are chasing after you. Furthermore, you twist things around with the Traps as well.

  • Using the Field Ration Skill, you can enjoy that good old passive healing. That is something that you will need in Dark and Darker more often.

  • Ranger is faster… simply faster! This further means that your interaction with other things like shrines, doors, campfires, traps, and revival is going to be much faster here. Quite amazing!

  • Somehow there is a way to go Melee here with Ranger which is its only weakness.

  • With the right team, you are invincible because the enemy Human Teams can’t even hit you unless they have a range as well.

Cons of Ranger

  • Same as before, Ranger is one of the most fluffy Classes in Dark and Darker. If you are caught, you are dead.

  • You have Ammo, which means you have to reload and during that time you are again vulnerable. If caught, you are again dead.

  • Archery isn’t that interesting and some players even said it is the most boring class due to the skills. There are no poison, fire, or elemental arrows. We might get them when the game officially launches.

  • Ranger has no means of decreasing the enemy's movement speed or increasing theirs. So, it basically means, if the enemy can come closer, you can’t do anything.

  • If you have a bad aim, then this class is not for you. The whole base of Ranger Class in Dark and Darker is revolving around aim or headshots.

  • In tight spaces, this class is the worst you will ever play with.

  • The hitboxes for this class are quite low, meaning you have to be precise with your aim. Unlike Wizard, who has a wider hitbox, the Ranger has to be accurate.

  • Ammo… Yes, you get out of the ammo more often than you know and that’s the worst thing about this Class.

Best Skills for Ranger Build

One particularly unique thing about Ranger Build is that there isn’t any particular skill that you can call useful when compared to another. All the skills are worth using for the player.

But, just like everything else in the Universe, there are still good and bad here, but there aren’t any worse. So, with that being said, the Best Skills that we are going to mention here in our Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build Guide are;

  • Quick Shot - It will enhance the shots fired by Ranger, but only for 5 seconds straight. In the game, fights don’t last long so it is quite helpful if you are able to hit each shot precisely.

  • Quick Fire - When active, Ranger will fire three arrows one by one quickly. You can utilize this skill to insta-kill enemies or opponents, but you have to keep the aim towards the head.

  • Field Ration - You start the game with a food item that will get you back 25 heaths, only after you use it.

  • True Shot - Arrows get faster and quicker. They will be much faster and when they are in the air, their reach time is less. It will give less time for the enemies to react towards your shots or get back to you for revenge.

Best Perks for Ranger Build

Now that you know which Skills to pick for the Best Ranger Build, let’s talk about the Perks you are going to use here.

When it comes to the Perks, Ranger has some good and some bad, but nearly all of them are useful if you adjust the play style accordingly. 

Out of all the Perks (nearly 9), there are 7 that you can pick with your eyes closed. In simple words, this class was classified as OP because of this same reason. You can only miss out on 2 perks, while all others are exceptionally powerful. 

Below, we are going to mention 4 Sharpe Perks that you can simply Pick for the Best Ranger Build.

  • Nimble Hands - It will increase your shooting animation to a large extent. Around a 15 percent increase in the animation takes place with Nimble Hands, which makes your Ranger the strongest class in Dark and Darker.

  • Ranged Weapons Expert - It is a kind of Damage Buff activated only when you are using Bows in the class. You are going to use bows all the time so why not make a buff out of it?

  • Sharpshooter - If your aim is exceptional and you are a precise player, then this one is a must-pick. The headshots you do will become more deadly after the Sharpshooter Perk.

  • Kinesthesia - Ranger is quite fluffy and using this perk, you will be able to avoid the attacks and when you aim, you will be able to reposition. 

You can go with any other perk you know would fit perfectly with your play style here. From our Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build Guide, you might have guessed that every Ranger Skill or Perk that can increase the speed or reduce the animation time is basically a must-pick.

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Ranger as PvE and PvP Class

Should you Pick Ranger as a Solo Class?

It shouldn’t be even a debate because Ranger is an exceptional Class for solo players in Dark and Darker. Ranger is a class that isn’t even a point towards the support role, as he is all for himself here. In the Solo journey, you don’t have to worry about pleasing your teammates and others, which makes the Class so unique in the first place for the Solo journey.

At the start of your path, you will be killing those Goblins found in the famous Goblin Cave Mode. It is a bit tricky with the Range Class because they can tank away your arrows like they are nothing. 

If you have the right gear by your side, you will be able to make things work. Adding a spear to your inventory is the first step that you can take because Goblins are poor against the Melee attacks done by the Spear.

Should you Pick Ranger as a Team Class?

Yes, you should because Ranger is quite powerful in the Team PvP play as well. There are times when you will be stuck with a 1v1 play against another Human Being and it is a blast. 

Make sure you are hitting your Headshots and not missing the arrows and you will have a guaranteed victory. But in a Team, you have to make sure that there isn’t a Wizard around because he is the only one who can catch up to a Ranger with Haste.

Be careful about the Spring of Fighter, as well as the Berserker ability because these things can catch up to you and then there is nothing that you can do here.

Best Equipment pick for Ranger Build Guide

Best Equipment pick for Ranger Build Guide

Below, we will be sharing with you the equipment that you need with your Ranger Build to make the ultimate Ranger anyone has ever seen.


Ranger might be a squishy class in Dark and Darker, but that doesn’t mean you start putting points on the defense here, or rather, go for the defensive armor. It is quite the opposite here because you aren’t really dependent on armor.

Yes, it also goes against the typical laws of Dungeon Run Games but that’s the actual beauty of Dark and Darker. Also, you can’t senselessly pick the armor you deem fit for the Ranger because there are only a few picks that are precisely for this class.

You can go with any armor that has the highest defense and minimum movement speed. But, if you want our recommendation, the best Armor for the Ranger Build in Dark and Darker is going to be;

  • Warden Outfit

  • Doublets that you get for Fighter and Rogue

  • Ranger Hoods

That’s it! You will be needing these things only here.


Not that hard to guess but Ranger is all about those Bows. There are different types of Bows here that you are using with the Ranger Build in Dark and Darker. There are regular ones and then there are crossbows here. You can also use a Spear that makes the Ranger a melee class in the game, which is quite fascinating.

Don’t go with the Crossbows because they are not worth it before the game is officially released or the next playtest launches. Stick with the regular bows, but some of them are just sweet to use with this class like;

  • Longbows

  • Rapier

  • Survival Bow

  • Spear

  • Recurve Bow

  • Crossbows

Yes, we know that there is a Crossbow mentioned above, but there is a reason for that. In the beginning, you have to stick with the typical Bow and once you come across a Crossbow, you just have to pick it up and put it as the Secondary Weapon. 

Crossbows are exceptional for the scenario when you need a big burst of immediate damage to be done and you want the enemies to be afraid of you.

Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build Guide Tips

Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build Guide Tips

There isn’t anything complex with the Ranger Class here. You just have to aim at the head and shoot your arrows. Don’t get too close to the enemies, keep your distance, and always have an exit plan in case the enemies catch up to you. 

Alongside this, we have mentioned the Best Skills and Perks you need to equip to make the Best Ranger Build in Dark and Darker. You have traps here as well, so don’t forget to put them in various places and remember them afterward.

All in one, it all depends on the player and the style he chooses. You can either go with the Spear Build or the Crossbow Build or you can also stick with the Bows. It’s all up to you.

When you are picking the stats, always have your focus on the gear that buffs the damage, health, speed, and agility. Besides this, we have some important tips you need to know about the Ranger Build below;

Always have a Sneaky Angle

The main theme with Ranger and quite the fun part is shooting your arrows to the head and taking angles that the opponents don’t expect you to take. In case they know your location, the angle should be in a way that you can react faster than them. 

Most of the players take the ladder to the top of the library area and then snipe from there because no one looks at that angle.

Two Traps Side by Side

You might not like the fact that there are two traps side by side or in rows, but that is an incredible strategy that players utilize. When you are running away, this thing will annoy the enemies because they don’t expect two traps only by one, but rather only one. 

You should also be leaving the traps and putting them in a place where the enemies typically don’t expect them. Humans are sure to do some silly stuff that makes this quite fun, but PvE monsters will always try to follow the same predictable pattern.

So, always remember to put one trap and then put another one afterward. Enemies will activate the first trap and will surely step on the second trap as well.

Using Zones for Escapes

A basic playstyle with the Ranger Class in PvP is to kite the opponents, meaning hitting them and running away. It is quite an annoying thing and disturbs the balance of the enemies. But, when you are doing that, you have to make sure zones are being utilized. 

The enemies will try to target you because you are the main damage dealer in the group. One simple way to run away from them is to get into the Zone and escape. After a successful attempt, the enemies will try to run away from the Zone as soon as possible.

They won’t look at corners or check angles because Zone Escape is all they care about. At that time you can simply take out your trusty Bow and start attacking them. Most of the time they will die, but even if they don’t the panic will make their Run a living nightmare.

Utilize NPC Enemies

Most of the Ranger players forget about the NPCs because of extensive solo progression. Nearly all the other classes are melee, which means you can run around the enemies and fire at them in the process. 

You can also involve other NPC enemies in the process as well, hitting them and activating their aggro. When the Human Enemies chase you, the NPC Enemies will interfere, which is quite a spectacular strategy to utilize with Rager.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all the details in our Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build Guide. Make sure that you don’t get hit by enemies and neither gets in their attack range. Keep your distance and utilize various strategies to get an upper hand. That’s it! Ranger isn’t a hard class, you just have to use your brain more often than others. Don’t forget to Buy Cheap Dark and Darker Gold Coins when you need them for the build.

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