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Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree - Release Date, New Features, Preparation and Other Details

Elden Ring has been among the most popular games for the past ten years. The distinctive gameplay, complex characters, amazing plot, and tremendously powerful combat. The game's enthusiasts would do anything to replay their initial experience with it. Well, their wishes have been kind of answered as the game is coming in hot with a DLC. 

In his acceptance statement after the game won the Game of the Year Award, Hidetaka Miyazaki alluded to further plans for Elden Ring. Fans of Elden Ring are hankering after more after his incredible success. The gaming world is eagerly awaiting FromSoftware's upcoming action, which might be similar to their prior significant DLC releases. Fans have been anticipating Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree's release date since they captured the kingdom and turned into the Elden Lord.

Although Elden Ring can be played for hundreds of hours, the most ardent fans have been requesting an expansion for some months. In this guide, we will summarise what we know about the further expansion and more details about the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC release. 

Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree - Release Date

Some rumours on social media platforms like Reddit appear to believe that the DLC might be released as early as February 25th 2024 to celebrate the release of the controllers and the collaboration between Elden Ring and Thrustmaster controllers.

In honour of the DLC release, they announced on a live stream that the controllers would be released on February 25, Elden Ring's birthday. However, all of these are still regarded as rumours as nothing has been officially confirmed by the studio. We have to wait a bit more for more concrete information. 


Examining historical records is not a novel idea for FromSoftware. The DLC might be related to going back in time and Although Elden Ring does not now depict time travel, it is possible that it will in the future. The teaser image for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC features a blonde person climbing Torrent and making her way toward the charred remains of Erdtree. Although this person is difficult to identify, based on their presence in the image, it appears that they are significant.

It is possible that the expansion will occur within Miquella's dream. The protagonist is making his way through a large field that seems to be overflowing with wheat that may be harvested. The general consensus is that Miquella is more likely to be the character riding the Torrent-like horse since, in addition to being surrounded by abundance, this character's haircut exactly matches Miquella's as seen in the opening cinematics. This has happened previously in Fia's questline, which is one of the best Elden Ring quests and gives you the opportunity to battle a formidable dragon in Fia's dream. 

Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree New Features 

The DLC is expected to be as big as a brand-new game and has been referred to as a full-fledged expansion. As a result of data mining and thorough community members going over the game files, we should anticipate seeing new gameplay components. It's anticipated that the Elden Ring DLC will cost money, even if this hasn't been confirmed. Given that Shadow of the Erdtree is referred to as an expansion, we anticipate remarkable things from the DLC, which will not be free. The new DLC might include. 

New Storyline: This DLC will introduce the fans to a potential new storyline surrounding pre-existing characters or completely new ones. 

New Armor and Weaponry: The DLC might include new armour sets and weapons that players can use to further customise their characters and improve gameplay.

New Magic and Abilities: The DLC might provide players access to new magic spells and abilities to use in battle in addition to new weaponry. The gameplay will become more intricate and strategic with these new powers. New SitesNew Bosses and much more. 

However, in the event that it falls short, it does so while bearing the entire weight of the fans' expectations. But we can expect the best from the studio considering their past games and their DLCs. Examples: Dark Souls, Sekiro etc. 


It’s extremely difficult to anticipate where the new DLC might take place, but we can guess a few things after watching the teaser. As of this writing, FromSoftware has not verified any story details.

The phrase "Let us walk a new road together" also implies that we will be exploring new territory in the Lands Between. 

We may infer that Shadow of the Erdtree will feature completely new regions to explore based on the description and teaser image. At the very least, the image appears different from other places in the original game. 

What more to come?

If there is ever a sequel to the game, it will typically be released two to three years after the original release, giving any DLCs a limited window of time. This is because the game is still in development. In essence, this suggests that either the game will receive a sequel and Shadow of the Erdtree will be its only DLC; as a result, its size may be similar to or even larger than the DLC for Bloodborne, or it won't receive a sequel and Shadow of the Erdtree will only be the first of several DLCs to come.

Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree Details


In order to get ready for ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ players can go back and fulfil any outstanding tasks or missions in the Elden Ring main game. They will be able to recall the game's mechanics and possibly even unlock additional DLC material by doing this. To increase their chances of success in the DLC, players can also level up their character and learn new fighting skills.


Shadow of the Erdtree's release will make Elden Ring an even more difficult and engaging game. Enthusiasts are eager to set off on this new journey and solve the Erdtree's mysteries. The DLC is certain to be a hit among players and keep them immersed in the world of Elden Ring for even longer thanks to its excellent release date, new features, and preparation advice.

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