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Elden Ring Hero Class Guide - How to Build a Barbarian (Beginner Guide)

Who wouldn’t like to build a ruthless killing machine in Elden Ring from start? Hey, it isn’t a secret that Elden Ring is one of the most difficult games out there, so no need to worry, you are not alone in this. But, somehow you can make the difficulty easy by making a good build.

Here we have a Barbarian Build which is one of the best beginners builds out there for you. It deals enormous damage in single strikes, while even killing enemies with 2 to 3 blows max. This build works on the Hero Class while focusing mostly on the Strength Attribute.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s hop into the details of Elden Ring Barbarian Build.

Class Selection

Your future depends on the Class your pick in Elden Ring. Things might go scary for you or they might be better in the future. For the Barbarian Build, you have two choices, either the Hero class or the Vagabond class.

Why not Vagabond?

Well, the Vagabond class does seem like a good candidate for Barbarian Build but it is an overall balanced class that focuses on Sword and Shield style. We need a class that focuses more on strength and less on dexterity which is perfect for Barbarian Build.

Why Hero Class?

The Hero class is perfect for this build becuase it has an amazing attribute point spread. It focuses mostly on strength, then vigor, and Endurance. While, you don’t need Dexterity that much in this build, the Hero class also doesn’t come with Dexterity.

How to Build an Elden Ring Barbarian

To make an Elden Ring Barbarian you just need to focus on your weaponry, something heavy or damage dealing to be precise. Then, you need to go for the Ashes of War to pump that character, some talisman and a Strength attribute focus.

Barbarian Build Weapons

Zweihender: One of the most iconic Heavy weapons in all of Souls series, Zweihender is the one you need in Barbarian Build. Though the requirement for this weapon is insane early on in the game, you need to farm a bit to use the weapon.

You need around 19 on the Strength side and on the Dexterity side, you need 11 points. While the scaling for this weapon is only associated with Strength and comes at around B on that. In simple words, it means the more strength your character has, the better this weapon will perform.

So, where to get this weapon? It is fairly simple becuase you have to purchase it from an Isolated Merchant in the Western Weeping Peninsula. The merchant asks for 3500 runes in exchange for this weapon.

Whetstone Knife: Besides the heavy weapon, you do need a knife. No, it is not for attacking but rather a simple buff to enhance your Barbarian Build which we will discuss afterward

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Barbarian Build Ash of War

Ash of War (War Cry): One of the building blocks of barbarian in Elden Ring, the War Cry Ash increases the attack power of your character while also turning the strong attack to charge attack. You can get this at the Warmaster’s Shack for around 800 runes.

Barbarian Build Talisman

Talismans here are used to enhance certain aspects of your build like reducing stamina, enhancing HP, increasing Load, and so on. For this build you will need;

Green Turtle Talisman: This talisman increases the recovery speed of your stamina. You are using heavy weapons early on in the game so it is essential to equip.

Axe Talisman: Increases the damage of charge attacks. You are charging onto enemies to start a fight, so make it worth your sacrifice with Axe Talisman. Axe Talisman is a bit unique for most beginners, so you can find it in the Mistwood Ruins on the East of Limgrave.

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Champion Build


Being a Strength Build, you need to focus most on the Strength of your character. Besides this, you also need to pump the Dexterity around the requirement of a weapon. Alongside this, as you are a berserker you need to have more health with Vigor, more stamina with Endurance, and some Arcane for Ash of War

Attribute Points

























 How to Play with Elden RIng Barbarian Build

There is nothing complex here, just spam the Zweiheinder and use the charge attack to get the enemies on your first meetup. Remember the knife that we talked about earlier in this guide? Use that knife for Ash of War on yourself.

The moveset of Zwiheinder is exceptional, you have a larger angle and exceptional attack power. Just don’t forget to save a bit of stamina to dodge the attack or make a fair distance from enemies.

Remember to pump Endurance because it is a stamina-hungry build, no need to pump the FP anytime soon and you are good to go with the build.

Barbarian Build Final Verdict

Barbarian Build has the most focus on attack. Being a beginner you need to get the enemies in minimum strikes possible and this build gets you to that spot. Furthermore, you can add different heavy weapons, add armor to make this build work out in the future.

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