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Lost Ark Leveling Guide - Reach Max Level Fast!

Complete all the quests in Lost Ark fast! Focus on what’s important with our world changing Lost Ark guide! Check out more content at MMOPixel!

Lost Ark took the gaming industry by storm with incredible World Quests, side quests and main quests! Because of that, people start wondering - what can I do to become even greater warrior? Should I be completing dungeons or maybe just the main quest is ok?

Well, we’ve got your back! With our MMOPixel leveling guide, you will reach the endgame content in seconds!

There are many ways to go about leveling, and we sure can help you reach the level 50 that all the kids are talking about, and even level 60 for some endgame bruising and cruising! 

Basic Info

 Lost Ark lets you progress fast if you know how to do it! Unlock your favourite ability and grind it to the ground!

In Lost Ark there is a lot of you can do when it comes to leveling. The first thing you need to accomplish is to choose a neat class for your neat Lost Ark-related activities! There are two things you need to know before heading out the wilderness.

Firstly - all characters start with the basic combat level 10. Your Roster level though applies to all of your characters. You can raise your Roster level by doing achievements and collecting, well, collectibles, that will help you give boost to all of your characters! It’s mostly a background thing to be honest. Like those Xbox achievements, such as - You Have Slayed 30 Monsters - Monster Slayer - or something like that.

You can also influence this roster experience grind and make it a little quicker by collecting Mokoko seeds! They just lay around, so make sure to check your surroundings wherever you go, whatever you do, Mokoko seeds are still waiting for you!

Here are some mega-awesome-incredible tips from yours truly to make you and your alt characters achieve the ultimate power lever quicker and with less hassle!

Main Story Quests

After you’ve completed the dungeon, do not go back! There is a lot to explore on your horse for example! In Lost Ark, leaving your horse may be a challenge, but it’s a welcoming one.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You just need to do what you’re told. Our gods from Amazon Games were kind enough to make it quite easy and nice to reach the highest combat levels and gain better gear through the main storyline. Is it as exciting as it seems?

To save some time - remember to skip the prologue to gain some momentum! (You will not receive the Arthetinean Engineer’s Goggles, but you can trade it between characters of the same class archetype through different playthroughs, so it’s all right).

Nothing can really beat the main story, it’s a normal mode after all as the game intended. Main story quests, in most games, are the best way to level up quickly, but there are side quests, sudden quests, and more lost ark content to be enjoyed!

Fast Travel

Lost Ark is a free MMO with one objective in mind - to gain the most power in the shortest amount of time! Don’t kill all the mobs, focus on the main villain!

Get to the point quickly and make sure your character does not waste time exploring popular rainforests or deserts! Access and unlock spots to fast travel to many places in Areksia (I’ve heard that East Luterra is beautiful this time of the month). 

The faster you get to different regions, generally, the more locations you can farm. Questing is hard, but with friends on the map’s horizon, you can get everywhere quicker and explore everything in the best way possible. Walking just takes too much time.

To unlock fast travel you need to reach Prideholme, the first big city in Lost Ark. After doing some quests in the city, you can active the Triport stone that allows you to Fast Travel. You can active different Triports stones around the map. Activate them by pressing G.

Change Difficulty…Not?

Hop on the adventure train and ignore useless classes - Lost Ark allows you to level fast. Check out our Lost Ark guide for more tips!

Well, in most games you can get more experience by killing enemies on the higher difficulty. You know, you gain more skill points when you play one character and explore the popular journey. But, in this guide, we’re training you to be the fastest, not the most sensible one!

Always choose the normal difficulty. Why? Well, you don’t want to be stalled on some big bad orc or something, right? Claim the reward as quickly as possible and traverse your stick into a magic stick or something. It’s especially important in dungeons, where you get the same amount of experience in normal difficulty, as you get in hard mode

Also - the loot doesn’t really change, so just do it once and get over it. It’s an easy way to level up quicker, so start working on your torch game!

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