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What's New in COD Mobile Season 4 - Fool's Gold

The Season 4 - Fool's Gold features many new items including new Battle pass, rank series, lucky draws, Strong boxes, seasonal rewards, and more. Season 4 is based on Jungle-like theme that is offering a greenery colors. The new MG42 LMG, Dropkick mode, and RC-XD Scorestreak is also added in this season. There are also many weapons which are nerfed and buffed in this season. So, this article will tell you What's New added in Season 4 - Fool's Gold and what's changed.

1. MG42 LMG Weapon:

The MG42 is a LMG weapon that features a long-barrel design and low recoil in the game. The default optic is pretty decent, but using Optic attachment can further enhance its aiming view. It's available at Tier 21 for free in the Season 4 - Fool's Gold Battle Pass. Its epic version "Epic MG42 – Rubble Maker" is available at Tier 50 for paid BP users.

In this season, the "Eternal Honor Mythic Draw" will feature the mythic skin of MG42 LMG along with the Wicht Warden - Final Siege male character. This weapon offers a great fire rate than all other LMGs, but has low damage.

Standoff - Remastered:

Standoff is one of the best fan-favorite map in COD Mobile, which is finally remastered in this Season 4. The remastered version of Standoff map offers a enhanced graphics and great visuals. Also, this map offers some different things such as Car on B (Search and Destroy).

RC-XD Scorestreak:

The RC-XD is a remote control car that explodes on collision with enemies. This scorestreak is great for close-quarter combat, because the collision blast damage of a car can also kill multiple enemies if they're nearer the explosion.

It's great for domination and hardpoint matches because the RC-XD scorestreak can kill multiple enemies if they're in the capturing point. It's available at Tier 14 in Season 4 battle pass and it unlocks at reaching 420 score in the game, which is great.


Dropkick is a new Multiplayer mode that is added in MP Playlist for a limited time. In this mode, your teamate needs to pick a briefcase to increase the team points, and it is located inside the map. The player who picks up the briefcase will get a MW11 Pistol, and he need to kill the enemies with this gun or knife. If this player gets killed by an enemy, then the briefcase drops in the map.

There is another twist, when your teammate picks up the briefcase, and your team member gets killed by an enemy, will not respwan until the briefcase gets down from his teammate. The enemies can also see your teammate location who has picked up a briefcase via Red icon. The Nuketown, Express, and Diesel maps are allowed for Dropkick mode.

Season 4 Ranked Map Pool Updates:

1. Search and Destroy:

  • Removed: Meltdown / Hacienda.

2. Domination:

  • Added: Arsenal.
  • Removed: Hacienda.

3. Hardpoint:

  • Added: Arsenal.
  • Removed: Hacienda.

New Rank Series 2:

In season 4, the Rank Series 2 is started, featuring a rank reset and different rewards on each rank.

The main Multiplayer rank rewards include:

  1. Chopper - Rusted Riches (Rookie II).
  2. SP-R 208 - Rusted Riches (Rookie V).
  3. Molotov Cocktail - Rusted Riches (Veteran II).
  4. QXR - Rusted Riches (Veteran V).
  5. HVK-30 - Rusted Riches (Elite IV).
  6. JAK-12 - Rusted Riches (Pro II).
  7. Katana - Rusted Riches (Master V).
  8. LW3-Tundra - Rusted Riches (Grand Master III).
  9. Frame - Immortal Stone (Legendary).

The main Multiplayer rank rewards include:

  1. ORV - Rusted Riches (Rookie III).
  2. Tank - Rusted Riches (Veteran V).
  3. Spotter - Rusted Riches (Elite I).
  4. Helicopter - Rusted Riches (Elite II).
  5. Rusted Riches Avatar (Pro I).
  6. General's Command Calling Card (Master III).
  7. Sheperd - General's Command (Grand Master III).
  8. General's Command Frame (Legendary).

The conclusion of Series 2 rank will happen on 26th June 2024.

Season 4 - Fool's Gold Battle Pass:

The Season 4 - Fool's Gold Battle Pass offers a jungle-theme, so the items offers a green and brown color. The Characters include Zoe - Jungle Diva female, David Mason - Ruin Ranger male,  Strongarm - Floral Fatality female, and Sims - Gunner male character.

The Epic weapons include LK24 - Envenomed, FR .556 - Unburied Treasure, CX-9 - Glorious Plumage, Arctic .50 - Jungle Maw, and MG42 - Rubble Maker. The regular battle pass costs 220 CP, but the Battle Pass Bundle offers exclusive rewards and 12 Tiers free, which costs 520 CP.

The Ground Forces include D-Day - Bushranger Male character, Holger 26 - Serpent's Gold, and Backpack 4 - Serpent's Gold exclusive rewards. So, you can buy Ground Forces if you're interested in it.

Lucky Draws in Season 4 - Fool's Gold:

There are 5 new lucky draw that you'll see in Season 4:

1. Eternal Honor Mythic Drop:

  1. MG42 - The Campaign.
  2. Wicht Warden - Final Siege male skin.

2. Diamond Traitor Draw:

  1. Type 25 - Laser's Edge.
  2. Dusk - Last Light female skin.

3. Mystic Dunes Draw:

  1. HBRA3 - Lucid Sands.
  2. Klepto - Ageless Sands female skin.

4. Ancient Guardian Draw:

  1. SKS - Watcher.
  2. Synaptic - Ancient Guardian male skin.

5. Gator Traitor Draw:

  1. CBR4 - Gator Gulp.
  2. Bulldozer - Crocodilian male skin.

In all of these lucky draws, the Bulldozer - Crocodilian male skin in the Gator Traitor Draw is interesting. It offers a crocodile face and dressing which can add a dangerous feeling among the enemies.

Season 4: Fool's Gold Balance Changes:

Here are all the buff and nerf items that happen after the Season 4 update in COD Mobile:

Buffs (+):

1. Tec-9 SMG:

  • Damage is Increased in MP Only.
  • Range is Increased.
  • Hip-Fire Accuracy is Increased in BR Only.

2. Mac-10 SMG:

  • Range is Increased.

3. Swordfish Assault:

  • Damage is Increased in MP Only.

4. CBR4 SMG:

  • Movement Speed on Ads is Increased.

5. Type 19:

  • Accuracy on Ads is Increased.

6. S36 LMG:

  • Damage is Increased.
  • MP Damage is Increased.


  • Damage is Increased in MP Only.
  • Hip-Fire Accuracy is Increased.


  • Damage is Increased in MP Only.
  • Ads Accuracy is Increased.

9. EMP:

  • Charge Time is significantly reduced.

10. Tempest:

  • Charge Time is Reduced.

11. VTOL:

  • Score Requirement is reduced.

12. Guardian:

  • HP is Increased.

13. Alert:

  • Detection range is increased.

Nerfs (-):

1. Grau 5.56:

  • Movement Speed on Ads is decreased.

2. Man-O-War:

  • Thermite Ammo Damage is decreased.

Playlists in Season 4 - Fool's Gold:

There are total 16 multiplayer playlists coming to this Season 4 - Fool's Gold. See this image that tells the release and time duration of each multiplayer playlists:


The Season 4 - Fool's Gold comes with many new items and changes. It's based on jungle-like theme, which offers a greeny colors on the assets. The World Championship 2024 is also started from this Season. The New RC-XD Scorestreak, Dropkick mode, MG42 LMG, and Remastered Standoff map is added in this Season. There is also Ranked Map Pool Updates happened where Meltdown and Hacienda removed from Search and Destroy, Arsenal added in Dom and HP, and Hacienda removed from Dom and HP.

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