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NBA 2K23 Best MyPlayer Builds Guide

NBA 2K23 is the latest instalment to the iconic basketball video game franchise, and it provides a plethora of new features and upgrades to its gameplay. The game's MyPlayer option, which lets players design their own basketball player and advance them through the league until they become an NBA superstar, is one of its most thrilling features. The appropriate build must be selected, though, in order to develop a dominant player, which may be a difficult challenge for rookie players. We'll give you a thorough overview of the finest MyPlayer setups in NBA 2K23 in this post so you can rule the court.

Point Guard

As he is in charge of directing the offence and setting up his teammates for scoring opportunities, the point guard is generally seen as the team's captain. This build is a diverse threat on the court because to its solid combination of shooting, ball handling, and playmaking abilities.

The point guard organises the offence and sets up their teammates as the team's primary ball handler and playmaker. The best point guard build in NBA 2K23 is the Playmaking Shot Maker, which provides the ideal mix of playmaking and scoring abilities. You can make accurate passes to your teammates while using this build to effortlessly go past opponents and produce your own shots.

To create a Playmaking Shot Creator, you should choose the playmaking and shooting attributes as your primary focus, with driving and finishing as your secondary focus. Your height should be around 6'3" to 6'6", with a weight between 180 and 200 lbs. The wingspan should be default or slightly lower, as this will increase your shooting ability.


  • Ball Handling: 95

  • Passing Accuracy: 90

  • Shooting: 86

  • Layups and Dunks: 85

  • Defense: 70

NBA 2K23 Point Guard

Shooting Guard

The shooting guard is often in charge of scoring points beyond the paint, either through three-pointers or mid-range jump shots. This construct can make its own shots and pose a danger from a distance thanks to its superb shooting and ball-handling skills.

The shooting guard serves as the team's secondary scorer and is in charge of making their own shots off the dribble and converting jumpers from the outside. The Pure Sharpshooter shooting guard build in NBA 2K23 is the finest shooting guard build since it is exclusively focused on shooting and can make shots from everywhere on the floor.

To create a Pure Sharpshooter, you should choose shooting as your primary focus, with playmaking and driving and finishing as your secondary focus. Your height should be around 6'4" to 6'8", with a weight between 175 and 195 lbs. The wingspan should be default or slightly longer, as this will increase your shooting range and make it harder for defenders to contest your shots.


  • Shooting: 95

  • Ball Handling: 88

  • Layups and Dunks: 85

  • Defense: 70

  • Passing Accuracy: 75

NBA 2K23 Shooting Guard

Small Forward Builds

Small forwards are adaptable athletes who can play a variety of positions and possess both offensive and defensive skills. This build is a danger from all areas of the court because to its combination of shooting, ball handling, and finishing skills.

A versatile player, the small forward can play both inside and outside and contribute to all facets of the game. The Two-Way Finisher, which provides a balanced mix of scoring, defence, and rebounding talents, is the finest small forward construct in NBA 2K23.

To create a Two-Way Finisher, you should choose defense and driving and finishing as your primary focus, with rebounding and shooting as your secondary focus. Your height should be around 6'7" to 6'9", with a weight between 210 and 230 lbs. The wingspan should be default or slightly longer, as this will increase your defensive abilities and allow you to grab more rebounds.


  • Shooting: 88

  • Ball Handling: 80

  • Layups and Dunks: 90

  • Defense: 75

  • Rebounding: 70

NBA 2K23 Small Forward

Power Forward Build

Typically, in basketball, the power forward position is responsible for securing rebounds and scoring near the basket. In the video game NBA 2K23, a powerful build for this position is called the Paint Beast. This build focuses on dominating inside the paint by playing strong defense, grabbing rebounds, and scoring up close. To achieve this, players should equip their character with specific badges like Rise Up, Rebound Chaser, Pogo Stick, and Anchor.

It's important to note that this build has a weakness in shooting, so it's not recommended to attempt shots from mid or long-range. The character should stick to playing close to the basket on both offense and defense.

To create the best possible Paint Beast build, we suggest setting the character's height to 6'11", weight to 248lbs, and wingspan to 7'7". Body shape can be customized according to personal preference. For takeovers, we recommend selecting Paint Intimidation as the primary takeover and See the Future as the secondary takeover.

In terms of attributes and stats, it's important to prioritize Finishing with high ratings in close shot, driving layup, driving dunk, standing dunk, and post control. For shooting, mid-range shot, three-point shot, and free throw should be kept low. Playmaking should have a pass accuracy, ball handle, and speed with ball rating of 70 or above. Defense and rebounding attributes should include high ratings in interior defense, perimeter defense, steal, block, offensive rebound, and defensive rebound. Finally, for physical attributes, speed, acceleration, strength, vertical, and stamina should be given priority.

Center Build

The center is typically the tallest and most dominant player on the team, responsible for protecting the rim, rebounding, and scoring in the paint. In NBA 2K23, the best center build is the Two-Way Stretch Five, The Two-Way Stretch Five build combines dominant defensive and rebounding abilities with strong shooting skills, making it a versatile and effective build for the center position.

To create a Two-Way Stretch Five, you should choose defense and shooting as your primary focus, with rebounding and playmaking as your secondary focus. Your height should be around 7'0" to 7'3", with a weight between 250 and 290 lbs. The wingspan should be default or slightly longer, as this will increase your defensive and rebounding abilities, as well as your shooting range.

Selecting a build that fits both your playstyle and the demands of your squad is crucial overall. Think about the position you want to play, the skills you want to work on, and the sort of player you want to be while you're out there. Try out many builds to discover which one suits you the best. Don't be scared to change your build as you play and gain experience.

NBA 2K23 Center Build

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies to keep in mind when building your MyPlayer in NBA 2K23:

Know your play style: Consider the kind of player you want to be on the court before building your MyPlayer. Do you want to be a playmaking point guard, a tenacious defender, or a powerful scorer? You may pick the appropriate build and attribute distribution using this information.

Balance your attributes: To be efficient on both ends of the court, your player's numbers must be balanced, despite the temptation to max out particular traits. A player who can score and play solid defence, for instance, will be more valued than one who can only score.

Utilize badges: Badges can make a big difference in how effective your player is on the court. Make sure to choose badges that fit your play style and make the most of them during games.

Practice and improve: Building a great MyPlayer takes time and practice. Take advantage of training drills and practice games to improve your skills and earn VC to upgrade your player.

Play with your team: Basketball is a team sport, and it's important to work with your teammates to be successful. Focus on setting screens, passing the ball, and playing good defense to help your team win games.

Overall, NBA 2K23 demands a combination of ability, strategy, and practise to become a strong MyPlayer. You'll soon be ruling the court if you keep these pointers in mind while you design and train your player.

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Focusing on improving your player's abilities and qualities is just as crucial as picking the ideal build. Use your skill points carefully by concentrating on areas where you can improve or desire to shine. And don't forget to train and hone your abilities on the field, in both competitive and instructional formats.


NBA 2K23 gives you a tonne of customization choices for your MyPlayer, but picking the perfect build may make all the difference in how well you perform on the court. There is a build that may enable you to dominate your position and guide your team to success whether you play the point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, or centre.

You may construct a MyPlayer that reflects your playstyle and has the skills and talents to compete at the top levels of the game by following the advice and instructions provided in this tutorial. So go forth, take the court, and prove your mettle to the world!

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