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NBA 2K23 MyCareer Free Agency: How to Choose a Team

Over the past years, NBA 2K's MyCareer mode has become increasingly well-liked among players all over the world. In NBA 2k23 MyCareer, players attempt to choose the best teams to join right away in order to provide themselves with the most straightforward or challenging career progression. Others prefer to choose teams depending on a variety of other factors, while many players select a team they love and support and chisel out a career as a star at their preferred franchise. Naturally, your personal preferences will determine which NBA team you choose. After all, it is ultimately your tale. However, it makes sense to surround yourself with as much talent on the floor as you can if you want to lessen your grind for attribute upgrades and Badges. The position you play in and a variety of other factors determine which club is best for you. Following the goals you set for your MyCareer game, this article will include some of the best teams you can pick. 

Factors to consider 

Evaluate your Current Team

It's crucial to assess your existing circumstances before opting to leave your current team. Your, playing time, team camaraderie, and general success should all be included in this assessment. If you are getting enough opportunities to grow and explore your current team, then leaving it might not be the best choice. It can be a smart idea to stick with your present squad if you are receiving a lot of playing time and getting along well with your teammates. Other than the on-court factors other factors such as fan base and support can also be considered. Overall whether you can build a solid team around yourself in your current franchise or not is the question. On the other hand, it might be time to go if you are not getting enough playing time or if you think the team chemistry is poor.

Determining Priorities

Once you've made the decision to move to a different team by becoming a free agent, you should decide what matters most to you. What aspects had the biggest role in your choice, Is it money, location, team success, or playing time, these factors impact your journey in the MyCareer mode. Your alternatives will be more limited and you will be able to make a better-educated choice if you know what your priorities are. Most players request a free agent for a starting position in the team or for more playing time as these are the factors that are considered more important. By setting your priorities straight you can clear out your options and make a good decision.

Team Research

You need to do a lot of study before making a decision during free agency. This study should cover the rosters, playing styles, performance history, and location of the teams. By researching a squad, you can gain a greater understanding of their advantages & disadvantages as well as how they complement your playing style. Whether you will be a good fit in the team or not, how will you affect the team chemistry? Another factor which appeals most to the players looking for a change in the team is big names & star players. Some players also dream of playing with their favourite players, hence it is also a major factor among players. Additionally, research the group's accomplishments and potential. A squad with a successful championship record may appeal to players who aspire to earn a ring.

NBA 2K23 Team Research

Playing time

One of the most important factors for players during free agency is playing time. How much time you spend on the floor will determine your success and rate of progress. Consider joining a team that requires your position if you wish to play more often. By looking at the roster and depth chart of the team, you may also determine whether there are any other players at your position who might be vouching for playing time. If you choose a team that needs your position, your chances of seeing significant playing time increase. As a result, you will be able to form a team around yourself. Hence playing time is an important consideration while making a free-agent deal.

Team Chemistry

When selecting a team, team chemistry is a crucial factor to take into account. A team may perform better on the court if they have good team chemistry. Check the team's roster to see if there are any players whose personalities or playing styles might conflict with yours. You might also take into consideration players you might have beef or rivalry with, and avoid those teams as it could degrade the team chemistry. Also, take into account the team's leadership and their approach to handling conflict and overall management of the team.


The team you choose may depend on the team's location. If you have a love for a particular city or area, It might be worthwhile to take teams from that area into consideration. Take into account the fan base of the team as well as how devoted they are. The overall NBA experience can be enhanced by playing for a team with a passionate fan base. Famous franchises like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors serve you with the perfect base and their fan base is also very loyal.


When picking a team, money is another crucial consideration. Different contracts with varying sums of money may be offered by various teams. The team's salary cap condition and capacity to offer you a lucrative contract should also be taken into account. However, in the MyCareer mode money is not considered an important factor by the players because most of the players are looking for growth opportunities rather than a fat cheque. But still it makes a lot of impact on your gameplay. If you are falling short of MT Coins, the in-game currency of the game then the bet way to get them is for real money.

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Teams suited best for which Position

We have compiled a list of teams which is best suited for a free agent deal depending on the position of your player. So, instead of spending hours on the internet researching different aspects of the teams, you can refer to the list below for making better decisions.

Point Guards

Milwaukee Bucks: In the early stages of your journey, when your scoring stats aren't the best, assists will make up a large portion of a point guard's value. Choosing a team with powerful power forwards might be a terrific alternative if you want to make sure you get lots of assists during the time you spend on the floor. With the Milwaukee Bucks, you can collaborate with undeniable All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo (overall rating 97), and if he gets hurt, you can use Khris Middleton (overall rating 86). Since Jrue Holiday (overall rating 85), who plays as a guard, is your opponent, minutes may be harder to come by, but when you are on the floor, the plays become a little bit simpler.

Washington Wizards: You will have a hard time finding a team that is better fitted for your player's position as a guard than the Wizards. The team has excellent players, including Bradley Beal as a shooting guard (overall rating 87) & centre Kristaps Porzingis (overall rating 86). The Wizards aren't very good in that department, so you'll have lots of skills to use as a point guard & little competition for playing time.

NBA 2K23 Washington Wizards

Shooting Guards

Brooklyn Nets: Even though the Brooklyn Nets have an abundance of elite talent, none of them play shooting guard. You will get the opportunity to play a lot of minutes with some of the best players in the NBA, including Ben Simmons (OVR 84), Kyrie Irving (OVR 92), and Kevin Durant (OVR 96) if you choose to adopt a shooting guard build and wear a Brooklyn Nets jersey. With this much offensive weaponry, there will undoubtedly be many high-scoring games and many chances for your player to advance swiftly.

Denver Nuggets: For guards who enjoy shooting, the Nuggets is also a great team. With a 77 rating, replacing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as the starter is simple. After then, the team's remaining players with a rating of 82+ are more than capable of earning a title with the MyPlayer in that position. The team have great passers like Murray and Jokic. Your Shot accuracy will increase thanks to all those bonuses. While Murray searches for available targets, two-time MVP Nikola Jokic will be taking rebounds and looking for someone to pass the ball to. Make sure to invest in high-quality shooting badges because Denver may be the best place for a two-guard to be leading the league in scoring.

Small Forward

Minnesota Timberwolves: The Timberwolves have strengthened their team in a number of areas over the off-season, but the small forward position stands out as one of those areas. The Minnesota Timberwolves could be a terrific choice if you want to make a MyPlayer who plays as a small forward to ensure that you establish yourself soon. The squad does have several strong players, notably Karl-Anthony Towns (overall rating 89) and Rudy Gobert (overall rating 88), in other positions despite lacking firepower at the position of a small forward. As a result, you'll have lots of resources to make things happen with the team.

Orlando Magic: Another team best suited for small forward is the Magics. Gary Harris, the only player on the roster with a sub-80 rating, can be temporarily replaced. After that, players have the opportunity to flaunt their impressive defensive badges, score points, and help the supporting cast of players all while being acknowledged as Orlando's indisputable star.

Power Forward

Golden State Warriors: The Golden State Warriors present a highly intriguing option for those who are interested in joining one of the greatest teams in the recent past. You will be playing with Steph Curry (Overall rating 96), who currently has a rating of 99 in three-point shooting, to start. If you are a forward, you can effortlessly adjust your strategy to make sure Stephen receives the ball frequently beyond the three-point arc. Although the Warriors are undoubtedly not as solid as they once were, the team still has a large number of players who can contribute to their success in the season. Not to forget that you will have more chances to leave your imprint on the organization as a result of this.

Philadelphia 76ers: 76ers offer the best opportunity for Power forwards you will get to play along with starts like Joel Embiid and James Harden who can make your task easy at both ends of the court. On top of that the existing Power forward P.J. Tucker has an overall rating of 75 and you can easily replace him as a starter.

NBA 2K23 Philadelphia 76ers


New York Knicks: Players who want to start under the rim should join the New York Knicks. Those dunk-happy Jordan-style finishers who can jump high and grab rebounds. The centre is genuinely terrible, but players who want to start will benefit from a centre that is below average at this position. Get some fantastic finishing badges and take in some amazing jams while in New York. The team won't lose any games on their own, but they'll have a tough time winning any either. Someone needs to assume command at the rack.

Dallas Mavericks: It is also one of the teams which offer the most promising aspects for players playing at the Center position. You will get to play with All-Stars like Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic who can help you with overall development. Replacing the existing Center Dwight Powell who has a rating of 77 is also easy.


The team you select to be a part of in NBA 2K23 will entirely depend on your circumstances. Your goals, the things you want your franchise to accomplish, the players you want in your team, and your position of playing will all greatly affect the team you choose for your career. Hence it is very important to consider all the relevant factors and circumstances before making a choice. Feel free to refer to this guide for a better understanding and a better selection.

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