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Dark and Darker Fighter Class Guide

The Fighter in Dark and Darker is the classic hero, able to employ a variety of weapons, plate armor, and a substantial shield to protect themselves from any potential lethal harm. Although the Fighter is often viewed as a general-purpose, shield-wielding adventurer, this class has a very high skill ceiling. Due to the depth of the Fighter, there is a substantial difference between a skilled fighter with a strategic build and someone who relies solely on the game's decision-making. A guide to the Fighter Build in Dark and Darker is provided below with all the necessary information you need to know.

Fighter: Overview

For beginner players, the Fighter is a great class. You are free to concentrate solely on learning the game's basics - how to scavenge, how to defend oneself, and how to extract - without having to worry about having any real advantages or drawbacks.


  • A well-rounded class

  • Has the ability to sprint

  • Can serve as a tank in a team environment


  • Relies on weapons to increase performance

  • Unable to cast spells

  • May become extremely sluggish when wearing heavy armor

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Best perks for Fighter in Dark and Darker

The idea is rather simple, you want to use your shield as much as possible while maintaining a swift and powerful attack against all other threats. For this, we suggest the following 4 perks in the following order:


Swift reduces your armor's limitation on movement by 20%. Given that you usually put on armor as soon as it is discovered in a dungeon, the movement penalty might add up quickly, making you vulnerable to both rogues and wizards. The movement penalty won't be completely eliminated by this, but it will be considerably less severe.

Shield Expert

While keeping your shield up with the right click, Shield Expert grants an added 10% movement speed. Hold your shield up whilst your attacker attacks, but attempt to strafe through it so you have a chance to strike back. Combat with a Fighter revolves around this since the shield serves as a safeguard in the event that your strafing is failing.

Counter Attack

The Counter Attack perk speeds up both your movement and attack for three seconds if an attacker strikes your shield. This gives you sufficient time to counter-strafe, deliver your own damage, and possibly complete a full combination depending on the weaponry you are using. This bonus, combined with Shield Expert, makes the Fighter a terrifying class.

Combo Attack

Your attack power rises by 10% for 3 seconds each time you successfully deal damage to an adversary. Most foes that are naive enough to attempt to stand toe-to-toe with the Fighter can be defeated with Combo Attack if you are capable of executing full combos with Counter Attack. They won't ever understand what hit them.

Best Gear for the Fighter

The Heater Shield is simply the most effective shield available for a Fighter. It is big enough to consistently deflect penetrating weapons like spears, but not so big that it obscures your vision. Choose any one-handed weapon besides the Falchion because of its unique horizontal swings, which leave you far too susceptible to being cut down, and get the largest armor you can, especially once Swift is slotted. While choosing gear based on available stats, try to concentrate on Strength and Agility. Strength makes the Fighter a little bit more ‘tanky’ by increasing attack power and health pool. Contrarily, agility boosts mobility and attack speed, causing your perks to activate much more frequently.

Best Skills for the Fighter

The Fighter has six available skills, however, the majority are specialized options that call for a shift in playstyle. Second Wind, as well as Victory Strike, are the Fighter's two most important skills, and removing them requires a radical change in strategy.

Second Wind

Once per dungeon run, the Fighter can use Second Wind to repair 50% of their Health. No other character can equal this immense power, but the cleric theoretically comes close to self-healing. Warning: This is not the clutch you can rely on in the thick of a heated melee. It is a heal-over-time.

Victory Strike

Victory Strike increases your next attack's damage by 20%; if it eliminates an enemy, you immediately heal for 5% more total health. The fact that you can use this power every 22 seconds makes it a pretty reliable way to maintain your health if someone or anything manages to hit you.

Best Weapons for the Fighter

The Fighter has the greatest possibilities when compared to weapon choices for any other class. Granted, several of these weapons' physical damage will be reduced by 20% when used by a Fighter with the Weapon Mastery perk is applied, but they're still so helpful that it's still worth mentioning:


Although any bow could be used, the longbow appears to provide the best damage for draw time and other factors. When a fighter has a bow in their secondary slot, they are always ready for anything.


The move set, damage, and overall swing speed of the Halberd are all rather impressive. Moreover, because it is a fighter weapon, it is not subject to Weapon Mastery's damage decrease.


When it comes to swapping out their default sword, players should always be on the lookout for the Falchion. The same features and moves are there, but the damage each swing is significantly more.


The Spear is one among the less popular options, but it is unquestionably a good choice for fighter gamers that prefer to poke from the cover. The Spear has a long reach, nearly never hits the walls of any hallway, and is generally quite dependable.

The Fighter as a Solo class

The Fighter's exceptional survivability makes it a fairly dependable single class. You not only have a shield to deflect adversaries' obvious strikes and telegraphed attacks, but you also have the possibility to recover HP thanks to your Second Wind ability. Fighters are still among the best classes to handle with goblins because you can block many of their attacks, regardless of the nerfs to goblins in the solo queue Goblin Cave. 

Perks for a Max Level Fighter

You can choose from a total of four perks when you reach level 20. For a late-game Fighter, we've prepared a prototype four-perk build, but you can certainly experiment with other setups. Adrenaline Rush can be a better option for fighting adversaries if you are running with a Cleric than Second Wind. The adaptability of the Fighter is evident when it comes to perks, and depending on your playstyle, you may choose a different set of perks.


The rule of the road is speed. There is no way, in our opinion, to get rid of this bonus from the build.

Projectile Resistance

In Dark And Darker, both enemy Rangers and skeleton archers deliver significant ranged damage. Extra defense can be very beneficial.

Combo Attack

The Fighter's main focus is on squeezing in close to adversaries. For close-quarters combat, this combo attack can aid stack attack speed.

Defense Expert

10% extra AR is definitely an element, particularly if you're wearing some good armor sets.

Tips and Tricks for the Fighter

  • Fighting in Dark And Darker is directional, thus you must direct your shield block in the direction of the attack. This holds true for skeletons and other creatures as well as opposing players. Just something to be aware of.
    Even though the Fighter has a stronger defense than other classes, unless you are really certain, you shouldn't clash with several people at once.

  • The spear is considered one of the best weapons for the fighter. You may easily avoid Barbarians with this weapon, catch up to Rogues & Rangers, and even duck past a Fighter's shield because it deals tremendous damage from a medium range. Although the Halberd is a distant weapon as well, you can't push with it, therefore the Spear is a better option.

  • To escape tight situations or close the distance on weak adversaries like Wizards and Rangers, utilize your Sprint or Adrenaline Rush.

  • Since it essentially grants you a second chance with full HP, Second Wind is often the most popular skill among novice players.


And that's pretty much all the information that players really ought to know about the Fighter. Beginners can play any of the alternative classes that are more suited to their preferred aspect of the Fighter after determining which aspects of this class they appreciate the most.

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