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Diablo IV Guide to Stormclaw Druid Build

Diablo IV is the latest installment in the popular action role-playing game series developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Now, here we have 5 unique and amazing classes of heroes who have their own distinctive designs, skills, styles, and so on. One of those is the Druid which is the shapeshifter and as the name suggests can transform into different beasts. The Druid class offers a lot of versatility and customization options for players who want to experiment with different builds and strategies. Here, we are discussing the Stormclaw build which is an exceptional build for the Druid class as all the focus here is on the claw and storm strike skills. These skills allow the Druid to deal massive damage with lightning and physical attacks while being very tanky and mobile.

Skills and Talents

Now, we are dealing with the 2 basic skills namely the claw and storm strike which are amazingly used at the same time by the player who has the Druid class through a unique item which is the Great Staff of the Crone. Let me explain it a little further, when you do damage with the claw attack then there will be a storm strike as well dealing with even more damage than before i.e. both physical and lightning damage.

As a Druid, you have a variety of skills that make you a formidable fighter in any situation. You can Trample your way through hordes of enemies, knocking them back and stunning them with your mighty hooves. You can unleash a Debilitating Roar that shatters their morale and lowers their defenses, making them easy prey for your claws and teeth. You can surround yourself with a Cyclone Armor that protects you from harm and repels anyone who dares to approach you. You can howl with Blood Howl, restoring your vitality and increasing your attack speed, allowing you to rip through your foes faster. You can summon a Hurricane that engulfs the battlefield in a raging storm, electrocuting and slowing down your enemies, while healing you with every critical strike. And finally, you can unleash your Grizzly Rage, transforming into a fearsome werebear that delivers devastating blows and shrugs off any attempts to stop you.

As a Druid, you can choose from a range of talents that enhance your skills and make you a more versatile and powerful combatant. You can Overcharge your Storm Strike, making it deal more lightning damage and generate more spirits with every hit. You can Envenom your Claw, adding poison damage and weakening your enemy’s armor with each strike. You can be Masochistic, healing yourself whenever you land a critical hit on your foe. You can have Swooping Attacks, increasing your attack speed and spirit generation with Claw. 

Diablo IV Stormclaw Druid Build

Gears and Gems

The gear that suits this build are:

  • Helm: A helm with +X% Basic Skill Attack Speed, +X% Cooldown Reduction, +X% Total Armor

  • Chest: A chest armor with +X% Maximum Life, +X% Total Armor, +X% Damage Reduction from Poisoned, +X% Damage Reduction from Close

  • Gloves: A pair of gloves with +X% Attack Speed, +X% Critical Chance, +X% Lucky Hit, +X% Lightning/Werewolf Critical Damage

  • Legs: A pair of leg armor with +X% Maximum Life, +X% Total Armor, +X% Damage Reduction while Injured, +X% Damage Reduction from Close

  • Boots: A pair of boots with +X% Total Armor while in Werewolf, +X% Damage Reduction while Injured, +X% Movement Speed, +X% Dodge

  • Rings: Two rings with +X% Vulnerable Damage, +X% Critical Chance, +X% Lucky Hit, +X% Maximum Life

The gems that fit this build are:

  • Weapon: A topaz for +% Basic Skill Damage

  • Armor: A ruby for +% Maximum Life

  • Jewelry: A skull for + Armor until you get malignant hearts

Paragon board

Now, this is something interesting! There is this paragon board that you can utilize. If used smartly it can give amazing results. So, what is this thing? Well, this board can help you change and customize the skills and attributes of the Druid. It is like a big puzzle which requiresa bit of understand on which piece to be put where but once you get that combination correct, you will reap enormous benefits.

There are four main pieces: Spirit Animals, Deer, Eagle, Wolf, and Snake. Each one has a different theme and color. So while Deer is more on offensive side, choosing Eagle will give you more offensive abilities. Wolf’s abilities are more related to physical attacks and bonuses and Snake is more about poison and utility ones. So it would be best if you choose some pieces from all these to give a little of all the abilities from speed, strength to poison as well. This way you might be able to surpass all the others.

Malignant hearts 

Malignant hearts are a new feature introduced in Season 1 of Diablo IV. They are special items that can be socketed into infested jewelry sockets to grant the Druid build-altering powers. There are four types of malignant hearts: Vicious (orange), Brutal (blue), Devious (pink), and Wrathful (black). Each type has a different theme and offers different bonuses and options.

The best malignant hearts for this build are:

  • Vicious: The Picana causes critical strikes to electrically charge enemies, dealing lightning damage over time and increasing their vulnerability to lightning damage.

  • Brutal: Inexorable Force, which causes Grizzly Rage to pull enemies toward the Druid when activated.

  • Devious: The Unconstrained Beast, which causes crowd control effects to have a chance to activate Grizzly Rage for 3 seconds.

  • Wrathful: Tempting Fate, which increases the critical damage of the Druid by 50%, but reduces his non-critical damage by 25%.

Diablo 4 Malignant hearts 

Gameplay tips and tricks

The gameplay loop of this build is fairly straightforward. The main idea is to use Claw and Storm Strike to deal massive damage to enemies with lightning and physical attacks, while also being very tanky and mobile.

The basic steps are:

  • While engaging and moving towards enemies, you can use Trample to charge through them, knocking them back and dealing damage.

  • You can roar like a lion with Debilitating Roar, making enemies weaker and easier to kill. 

  • You can protect yourself with Cyclone Armor, creating a windshield that blocks damage and pushes enemies away. 

  • You can heal yourself and attack faster with Blood Howl, boosting your vitality and speed. 

  • You can summon a Hurricane around you, zapping enemies with lightning and slowing them down. 

  • You can transform into a werebear with Grizzly Rage, becoming a powerful beast that can crush enemies with critical hits.

  • You can use Gold to get an edge over other players. So make sure you have enough stock of the same.

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The StormClaw Druid build is a powerful and versatile way to play the Druid class in Diablo IV. By using the unique item Greatstaff of the Crone, the build can unleash both physical and lightning damage with Claw and Storm Strike, two basic skills that work together. The build also enhances its damage, survivability, and mobility with other skills, talents, gems, malignant hearts, and paragon board options. The build can handle any situation and difficulty level, solo or group. And finally, this build has the most important thing you would need as you grow within the game, customizability. Every player needs this as it helps them tune the build to their own playstyle. And that is how you will conquer the game.

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