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 Endwalker - Vanaspati Dungeon Guide
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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Vanaspati Dungeon Guide

In Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, the level 85 dungeon is called Vanaspati. You and your comrades are tasked with defending the Thavnairian forest of Vanaspati as the Final Days get underway. Battle the unholy monsters of the Final Days as you go through the dungeon.

There are many scary foes in Vanaspati that might cause you trouble. If you want to reach the depths of this forest, you'll need to make the necessary preparations. Let's discuss each of Vanaspati's bosses and how to defeat them.

How to access the Vanaspati Dungeon?

    • The next quest opens up Vanaspati in the Main Scenario.

    • Accept the "Skies Aflame" Main Scenario Quest.

    • NPC Location: Old Sharlayan in Tataru (x:9.1, y:11.3)

Insight into the Vanaspati Dungeon

Three bosses, each of intermediate challenge, await you in Vanaspati. Several trash entities between each boss should be gathered and eliminated utilizing AoE rotations. Watch your pals intently to observe where they move with each assault if you clear this dungeon using Trusts. This is an effective technique for understanding the mechanics independently. The three monsters you will encounter in this dungeon are described here, along with their attacks and mechanics.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Vanaspati Dungeon

Terminus Snatcher

The first boss that you will be encountering is the Terminus Snatcher. The battle stats are as follows:

Last Grip: Significantly damages the tank. Utilize defensive cooldowns to lessen this harm. All party members suffer damage from the Note of Despair. The healer should use AoE to prepare.

Mouth Off: Five untargetable mouths will be sent out into the arena by the Terminus Snatcher. There will be a speech bubble around each of the five mouths; three of them will speak, while the other two will be mute (indicated by "..."). After a little wait, the three talking mouths will emit a sizable AoE focused on themselves, but the quiet mouths won't. To evade this assault, go to the mouths with "..."

What Left/Right Means: The boss will inflict damage on the arena's left or right side. So before heading to the secure side of the arena, keep an eye out for the boss' casting bar.

Lost Hope: Causes Acute Confusion to affect all players, puzzling their movement inputs. Each player's head will have a whirling finger that points in the direction they will travel when they push the movement button. Getting to the secure region will be more challenging because this attack will occur during Mouth Off.

Wallow: Red AoE marking is applied to all players by wallowing. To prevent these AoEs from touching, distance yourself from other players. You should also be cautious when avoiding the mechanics What is Left/Right or Mouth Off because these attacks will happen during those moves.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Vanaspati Dungeon Gameplay

Terminus Wrecker

The second boss of Vanaspati is Terminus Wrecker. This boss's mechanics, which include fire and water attacks, is mentioned below.

Total Wreck: The tank receives significant damage. Whenever required, reduce.

Damage is done to every party member by Meaningless Destruction. Heal as required.

Poison Heart: Terminus Wrecker will randomly mark a player's stack with a marker. To spread the damage of this assault, congregate around the player being attacked.

Unholy Water: Six water orbs are summoned by Unholy Water throughout the arena. Once within one of these spheres, you'll experience fetters that prevent you from moving, reduce your water resistance, and render you resistant to fire damage.

Aether Siphon: The monster will use his ability to suck aether from the lake or the burning buildings, infusing them with either fire or water aether, depending on which is burning. Then, depending on the kind of aether that was sucked, it will unleash one of the following two assaults.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Vanaspati Dungeon Details


Svarbhanu is Vanaspati's last boss. Be ready for a range of challenging techniques used in this Blasphemy. Avoid coming close to the arena's edge since it will cause blood loss and minor damage to players who enter and approach the boss. Below is a list of all the attacks the boss makes.

High damage is dealt to the tank by the clenching of teeth. Utilize defensive cooldowns to reduce, as you have been.

All party members take damage from Flames of Decay. Apply shields and AoE healing as appropriate.

The boss's primary mechanic, Aetherial Disruption, will be used repeatedly during the battle. The arena will be divided into four lanes by Svarbhanu, who will paint each lane either red or blue. A red circle or blue triangle will then quickly appear across your screen. Which two of the four lanes would blow up and cause the sign's color to indicate damage. For instance, to prevent an assault, relocate to one of the blue lanes if a red circle appears on your screen. After the initial use of this strike, Aetherial Disruption is invariably followed by Crumbling Sky.

One or both consequences happen due to Crumbling Sky during Aetherial Disruption. First, all players are pushed back from the middle of the arena when this happens. During Aetherial Disruption, make certain to be pushed into the appropriate lane.

AoE: Aetherial Disruption places an AoE marker on every player who will explode at the same moment as the lanes. Make careful to stay in the appropriate color lane and spread out to prevent overlapping this AoE with the rest of your group.

Svarbhanu will launch himself into the air and launch a barrage of missiles. The boss will first call out a variety of meteor designs. These meteors will emerge in lanes, similar to Aetherial Disruption, and three meteors will appear at once. To evade the initial phase of this attack, locate the gap in the meteor pattern and move appropriately.

Then at random, circular AoEs will start to appear throughout the arena. So along with avoiding the previous meteors, you will also need to dodge these AoEs.

The boss will execute this series of assaults three times before flying back to the arena.

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