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Lost Ark Life Skills Guide

Akin to real life, you can learn many skills in the game of Lost Ark, which can be used further for gameplay experience. In addition, they can be helpful in the grind for new gear sets, as those sets can be very time-consuming and mentally tiresome. There are 6 life skills, each with pros and cons, and learning about them gives you and your account a tremendous boost.


There are 6 life skills present in the game: Logging, Gathering, Fishing, Excavating, Mining, and Hunting. These skills also have inbuilt passives that are unlocked once you reach specific levels, so make sure to aim for them. 

Skill #1 – Logging

Logging, or lumbering, is a skill that involves the procurement of wood. There are many types of wood scattered across the map. Wood is a very important material primarily used to upgrade your stronghold. You can also procure Vernese Crafting Material from Vernese lumber, used in activities such as honing.

A tree can be used for logging by 2-4 people at the same time (depending on the size of the tree), making it a very resourceful activity. This is why having a friend to help log trees with you can maximize efficiency.

Logging can be very profitable, as you can sell white tier lumber, in batches of a hundred, for a good amount of money. In addition, since it is always in high demand (due to it being a stronghold upgrading component), it can be sold pretty fast, making it a steady source of income.

Lost Ark Logging

Skill #2 – Gathering

Gathering, or harvesting, is a skill that involves picking flora, mainly flowers and mushrooms. Each spot can be harvested twice and seen on the map with a leaf icon.

Why should you invest time in gathering? First, the gathering is integral in potion making, an important skill in your endgame. There are two types of potions: common use and battle potions.

Battle potions are the potions you’ll be needing more, as they help you clear dungeons, raids, etc. In addition, they help you instantly heal, as compared to the overtime healing common potions provide. The gathering provides the ingredients to craft such potions, making it a very important life skill. You can also create a battle grenade using gathering.

There are three categories of potions, which are – Green (Heals 30%), Blue (Heals 45%), and Purple (Heals 60%). The higher you level this skill up, the higher the rarity of items you can craft, which is profitable if you sell them on the market and help you clear hard content.

Gold is a valuable resource that can be obtained from grinding life skills and is used in various gameplay activities, including trade, purchasing new equipment, life skill gear aspects, and more. But occasionally, it might or might not be sufficient. To keep up with your peers, you must grind for gold nonstop for hours on end, even though you might not feel like it.

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Skill #3 – Fishing

Most MMOs have a skill that relates to fishing, and this game isn’t one to deter away from that. Fishing is a skill that can be done around water bodies on fishing grounds. Once you arrive at the desired location, throw your fishing rod, wait for a fish to catch your bait, and voila, you have understood the basics of fishing!

This skill requires minimal concentration and is generally pretty easy. The rewards, however, aren’t that great. Fish are mainly used in cooking items, which aren’t very important. The main point of fishing is to procure pearls and green-tier items. You should be grinding for brown pearls and tricolor pearls.

Lost Ark Fishing

Skill #4 – Excavation

Excavation, also called archaeology, is very much similar to treasure hunting. However, it is a high-risk, high-reward activity, which can get you heaps of gold or circling the same area with no luck.

The idea is simple, you have a sensor that you turn on, and depending on the beeps of the sensor, you adjust your movement accordingly and pray to the RNG Gods, hoping you dig up a treasure map. It is much like a lottery system, where you must be quite lucky.

It requires a lot of concentration, and you must focus on the beeps. Using this skill, you can find crafting kits. Crafting kits craft life skills gear, such as fishing rods, archaeology sets, etc. Finding Red/Orange kits can be very profitable in the long run. These crafting kits can be repaired using silver, although make sure that it reduces your max durability every time you perform this action. They can also be sharpened using crystals.

Lost Ark Excavation

Skill #5 – Mining

s skill is similar to logging, where your main goal is hoarding heaps of white tier rocks. These rocks help you upgrade your stronghold and can be sold for a solid profit. Rocks like copper and steel should hold priority too. You can mine a spot twice, similar to gathering. Level up this skill a lot, and you’ll have access to Speda Island, a good island for mining.

Lost Ark Mining

Skill #6 – Hunting

Hunting, or trapping, is a skill that requires the chase of animals. You’ll be hunting these animals typically for their hide and meat. Meat is used in cooking, providing dishes that temporarily boost your stats for an hour or so. It can also be sold for money.

The skin is the real catch. Green-tier skin is a very useful ingredient in upgrade materials and battle potions. In addition, there are various hideouts for rabbits to look around, which can be a great source if you struggle to look for rabbits.

If you have mining level 10, a passive makes rabbits spawn next to rocks. This can be a great source of rabbits while making them easy to spot and hunt.

Lost Ark Hunting

Why should I focus my time on these skills?

First and foremost, you can upgrade your gear to a higher quality, which helps you clear endgame content, as you require the highest gear to beat the toughest bosses. Grinding for skills gives you access to various materials, which you can then sell on the market for gold. Money helps you in many aspects of the game as you can participate in various commercial activities. Gathering items from life skilling also gives you materials for crafting special materials, which can be rare.

You can only perform certain life skills in an area on the map. Open your map, and the icons on the top right corner show how many life skill activities can be performed.

Life skills can help a ton, whether in late or early game grinding. So make sure to level up the skills you feel help you the most, fit your playstyle, and most importantly, make you have fun.

That being said, we hope to see you on the map of Lost Ark, leveling up your life skills. Happy Gaming!

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